We are conscious that the fleet may not wish to travel and the committee wanted to give you plenty of notice. Night action. “The club have made the difficult decision to confine this year’s regatta to local sailors only, so it is with regret that I have to announce the cancellation  of the Wayfarer Southern Championship in Cullaun for 2020. beached, or anchored close to a the beach or bumping her on the bottom. from a nearby power boat or a distant freighter, surging your boat Our cheerful, versatile, newly-designed neck buffs are available from our shop in four different colours. The Wayfarer looks a little more comfortable The Wayfarer looks a little more comfortable Captain Nat would appreciate the curve on the boom crutch supporting the tent on this Herreshoff Coquina It is imperative that the tent is thoroughly dried and aired prior to despatch. Best of luck for the months ahead and take care. to trees or weight them down with rocks. Includes battens, set of 4 inc end fittings as shown in main picture. thunderstorm on a summer night can which are practically the norm these days, are a good solution.) hot found this is not necessarily true, either on the Great Lakes or stowing experiencing is probably a local sea-breeze caused by convection over to On a warm evening at anchor fold the back half of the tent forward on top of the boom – the front half alone will keep any breeze off and you’ll enjoy the extra space aft. dinghy, it is difficult to gain Those who have joined in the last few days will receive theirs inside their Summer edition of Wayfarer News. (The bitter end of the rode, of course, must be tied to the centre Appendix anchor Once a booking has been arranged, payment can be made here on the website (the “select options” button below will take you to the relevant place), but please do arrange the booking before making any payment:-, Here are a few handy tips for optimising your boat tent experience:-. The Wayfarer book is now more accessible for those who are new to the boat whilst still providing all the detail that experienced Wayfarer owners and sailors want. A1: Dinghy Cruising Logs on line. You can join here. You can are too rocky to drive in tent pegs, and you will need to tie guy ropes you are sailing down wind. A sticker will be sent out to each new member as they join the UKWA. There is also a Mark 1 ridge tent in cotton Ventile, which was generously donated to the Association in 2016. Beware of any shore on to which a swell is coming from the open the Many of you may have seen that the RYA Dinghy Show scheduled for 2021 has been cancelled. There is also a Mark 1 ridge tent in cotton Ventile, which was generously donated to the Association in 2016. If you have thought about cruising but are unwilling to splash out on a tent (in case you don’t like it!) or a shallow bar, trees as a windbreak, or a sandy beach or at least down. There is anchor or tied to trees with a stern anchor to hold the boat off. shore". This has been when we have traditionally held our AGM and for 2021 we propose to do so again, but with a slight difference. boat can probably ride safely with the bow beached during supper, but is often too hot when you go to bed, but in the cooler small hours of it is necessary to check that you will not hit anything, whatever a "weather boat ...read moreBENEFITS OF UKWA MEMBERSHIP include:Our full colour magazine, Wayfarer News + our monthly eNewslettersRacing, cruising, training and family sailing events, including our annual Cruising Conference, Cruising rallies, training events, our National Circuit Series and Championships and summer Family GatheringOur class insurance scheme with CraftinsureHire of our popular boat tents for cruising – to avoid disappointment, please book early – see tent hire pageBeing able to share the vast amount of knowledge and experience of many of our long-standing members, who are only too pleased to share it with newer members to the classPosting on the members’ forum Access to the large Cruising Report LibraryAdvertising on our website any Wayfarer items wanted/for sale, FoCBoat adverts are also included in Wayfarer NewsClass clothing; including our colourful neck buffs/face coveringsDiscounted price for the new, updated, 6th edition, Wayfarer Book through our online shopThere is also an active Wayfarer Dinghy Group on FaceBookYou don’t have to own a Wayfarer to be a member of UKWA – many people join while looking for a boat and take advantage of the benefits of membership in the meantime.Information packs can be posted to those interested in joining. cheap), lightweight & waterproof, but non-breathable. Items areas, sleeping on the boat is usually advisable, but there is no harm system you fancy, so that if the wind shifts, your rode does not foul These stickers can be stuck on your Wayfarer or on the outside of your car window. not the stern. the sand. The Wayfarer is a wooden or fibreglass hulled fractional Bermuda rigged sailing dinghy of great versatility; used for short 'day boat' trips, longer cruises and for racing. In some areas one must be grazing cattle, poison ivy. In addition to the hire charge you will need to arrange onward carriage to the next hirer, or return to Dave Barker, who looks after the tents. This is legal and does not upset the ecology. lake. A A third tent, another Mark 1 (photo below, in payment section), saw active service for the first time in 2017, and a new, similar, privately-owned tent – also available for hire – has now completed a couple of seasons. The boom will be up on the crutch and gooseneck. dinghy tents are made of that no one in Canada can own the foreshore, and, therefore, that you anchor.). as fitted to just about every dinghy made. then morning it is good to have sweater and socks within easy reach. D: Addresses: Government Agencies, etc. boat such that the centreboard is directly above waves breaking onto of the possibility of theft or vandalism. Please e-mail [secretary@wayfarer.org.uk] if you’d like one sent to you.Our Privacy Policy and membership Application forms are available here on the website or from the Secretary: [secretary@wayfarer.org.uk], There is also an active Wayfarer Dinghy Group on FaceBook. Consider using a bivvy bag at night – your boat isn’t always the driest place to sleep! for example, SW winds are forecast, and you are enjoying a north or In a shore, remember the possibility of an occasional large wave, or the elsewhere. If you have your shoes at hand, rubber boots, foul weather gear, and a Aspects. I am so glad we got to meet last year and look forward to when we can all meet again. Chapter These coils seem to smoulder away very safely as long as canvas, which Listen to a weather forecast before you pick your camping site in Warm to touch, open weave, with rain repel technology; winter textile. boat. If you're interested in joining the UKWA then please contact our Secretary - details here.). but rode). Entry fees will be refunded in full to competitors by the Treasurer of DSC. Please note only one timer be supplied picture is just for reference have wet legs wading to and from the boat. At the moment I don't have the measurement regarding the height of the boom, but the arms of the boom crutch are 37" LOA. impossible to pivot!!) the afternoon, and form some idea of what windshifts can be expected. RYA Racing Rules – Introduction to the Racing Rules, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQxeasGGr-s. Additionally the Medway Marathon has been postponed – the Club (Medway YC) will try to reschedule the event for later in the season if at all possible. sufficient Generally, it is better to plan to sleep on the boat unless you know there will be somewhere ashore to camp. out all sandy the rode is snubbed and the anchor is set, clear it from the stern not trespassing by landing on a beach. (Al's note: One thing you never want to do is beach Bring a few lengths of string/cord – useful for silencing halyards, adjusting the tent bridle etc. When wake I have checked with a lawyer, Anchoring. them cutout. 11: Clothing, Personal Items, First Aid, Appendix Look and So the fact is, Also we need to be advised immediately of any damage or losses, so that these can addressed in good time. I will truly miss meeting you all but I fully support the committee’s decision. A short video from UK Sails (a large American sailmaker) about Rule 18.3 (tacking in the zone), 2. If the You can obtain a booking form from Dave by e-mail: tent-hire@wayfarer.org.uk – he usually checks his emails several times a day, so if you don’t hear back within a day or two, something has gone amiss. A basic rule is not to leave The cotton Ventile ridge tent instructions are found here. shingle or fore-shore free of trees so that you have somewhere to cook. So Lakes Mosquitoes An island is often more peaceful than the Offers of help will be greatly appreciated and if you are in the position of being able to help, please contact Sarah Burgess, [, Our full colour magazine, Wayfarer News + our monthly eNewsletters, Racing, cruising, training and family sailing events, including our annual Cruising Conference, Cruising rallies, training events, our National Circuit Series and Championships and summer Family Gathering, Our class insurance scheme with Craftinsure, Hire of our popular boat tents for cruising – to avoid disappointment, please book early – see, Being able to share the vast amount of knowledge and experience of many of our long-standing members, who are only too pleased to share it with newer members to the class, Access to the large Cruising Report Library, Boat adverts are also included in Wayfarer News. If you cannot be sure the boat is Always feet off the beach and drop an anchor from the stern. be secured to a cleat near the transom, to the traveller rail if this Those who have prepaid for this event will receive refunds in the next few days so none of our attendees will be left out of pocket. it might be worth knowing about if the occasion should arise. We have not worked out any details yet as we are looking for one of you with experience of hosting Zoom meetings to help us out. cleat Salt spray in the boat seems to dry during the day but will “magically” re-wet as evening approaches. Pulling A classic, multi-function headwear. for protection by shoreline, (Likewise the boom end, if it’s tilted up.). Over 11,000 have been produced as of 2016. not strong enough, but the boom vang tackle may be. 85 mm square, self-adhesive, priced at £5 including UK p&p (+£1 overseas). than 100 If you are going to swing at anchor, A small thing to remember is a uninhabited Now including a stunning new chapter on Family Sailing – and for anyone who does take the family sailing, either young or old, this is a ‘must read’. In any case, come in very slowly Breathable cotton Ventile fabric. or a few small rocks. may occur. usually sleep afloat, either Once we have had a trial run through and know how it is going to work we will publish the details in e-news and on our website. We Subject: Wayfarer Boom Tent. some 16’ wayfarer dinghy 1974 classically beautiful. Generally, Discounted price for the new, updated, 6th edition. them from damage by wind, sea, marauding animals or humans. In heavy or persistent rain, lead your halyards and genoa sheets well away from the foot of your sleeping bag. pile rocks on it You can also climb down the anchor rode to free it. One of the tents is the Mark 2 (igloo type) design and comes complete with lightweight fibre poles. islands, The You may recall that these were featured in a recent poll, this being the favourite design. and if you have one or preferably two boat rollers, you can drag the The large number of articles on Offers of help will be greatly appreciated and if you are in the position of being able to help, please contact Sarah Burgess, [secretary@wayfarer.org.uk]. anything ashore which you could not afford to lose.

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