Each week on Deadliest Warrior, a new episode will pit two of the most feared warriors civilization has ever known against each other. ... FILM.TV. And then he fucking did it. Deadliest Warrior S02 - Ep03 Jesse James vs. Al Capone HD Watch. People can go on and on and on for hours or even days about that stuff, without losing interest or moving on. Deadliest Warrior S03 - Ep07 Ivan The Terrible vs. Hernan Cortes HD Wa... 49:16. josiecourtenay76si60. Deadliest Warrior was a show broadcast on Spike between 2009 and 2011 which compared two famous warriors from history (such as Pirates vs Knights, or IRA vs Taliban (yes, it was as tasteless as you'd expect), mainly by analysing their weaponry. You know who's buried in Grant's Tomb? They have no superior physical skills really. I'll-! I am pretty sure alot of you remember Deadliest Warrior. !. X or Y.". It's not legitimate to compare these two people and declare which is the better warrior by simulating a fight against each other (by the way, the dude in charge of the simulator apparently makes PC games, somehow this makes him qualified to make a simulation based on creating accurate results, as opposed to being fun). It can be done." I just remember the spetsnaz guy said something along the lines of "you want me to shoot more targets with less ammo in quicker time? They sliced up dummies with swords and blew shit up. Americans who were essentially the largest viewer base got pissed and complained. There was no real comparing of tactical methods, or overall strategy. After listening to my correction, the guy shrugged his shoulders and then turned into his dressing room in order to wipe off his Dracula make-up for the night. 3 years ago | 30.5K views. Oh, Allemagne-senpai! Deadliest Warrior S02e04 - Aztec Jaguar Vs. Zande Warrior They just assume the horses are basically the same. Sure, you'd think it'd be pretty important, comparing the horses Hannibal's cavalry used against the more pony-like horses of the Mongols, but apparently not. They'll make a ton of plus points for warrior A, a ton of minuses for warrior B, then decide warrior B would win in this situation "because he has the edge" or other such nonsense. So, the flaws here are immediately obvious. All of the data for the vampires was based on a "healthy well fed vampire" and if zombies had become so plentiful already then what are the vampires eating? That videogame was shockingly good for the $10 I paid on xbox live. If you really think about it, the zombie wins anyway. I forget how exactly they determined Washington would win but all they really did was compare weapons. Pretty much told me all i needed to know about what that show was about. This is a really, really terrible show, and is appalling for history. I'm dead serious, that's how they conclude this. I'll admit I've watched a number of episodes (but not all) as it's simply amusing TV. Badhistory is your one-stop shop for casual dissertations on the historicity of everything from bestselling books to zero-budget adult films! See even I am doing it. edit: watched the clip...yeahhhh, as I said--complete speculative history. Not the fraud Grant. There wasn't as much on TV back then. Hannibal, or at least the weapons of Hannibal they focus on, were designed to fight Romans, not Mongols. ", Pop history in and of itself isn't bad history. Always thought it was a little out there, but that was the episode where it jumped the shark in my mind. Just be glad the show got canceled at season 4 it would have gotten way worse since the series finale was Vampires Vs. Zombies and you can only imagine what would have happened if it continued. Humans can defeat zombies with enough preparation. It may be stupid but sun tzu losing to a brute like Vlad Tepes was crossing the line for me. Of course, it is a bit of a problem that some people are dumb enough to take things like these as facts. And then they extrapolate this to compare the two generals right? I feel like they have run out of idea for this show. Everything about it was stupid, but I tuned in for the first two seasons just to roll my eyes at it. Slightly stronger because they have no fear of damaging bone or muscle, but nothing amazing. They do this by taking individual examples, Hannibal's fight at Cannae, and the Mongol's false retreat leading to the defeat of the Rus at Kalka river. I could go on. It was dumb, but the premise was cool, and my little brother and I used to play the videogame they put out based on it. I could talk about how Hannibal is asserted to be the more enduring fighter because he eats better (apparently). Ninja vs Pirate. I really disliked deadliest warrior. It was lacking just amateurish speculation. Zombies are humans without intelligence. entertaining to watch, but in reality this episode is about zombie nerds and vampire nerds competing in a pissing contest... i actually enjoy this show b/c the weapons tests are always entertaining, but i've never really taken the information to heart and a lot of the people on the show are really annoying. Every episode has appalling stuff. All I remember from Napoleon v Washington was that they made a big deal out of Washington being tall, as if in a war these guys would duke it out one on one. الفيلم المغربي الممنوع من العرض الزين لي فيك 3. Playing next. There was no real comparing of tactical methods, or overall strategy. Getting back to the show and the earlier said "American Bias" which happened ALOT which is why people complain about it whenever the show is brought up. Vampires can just throw cars at the zombies until they all die. Press J to jump to the feed. I think this show is if anything far more insidious and damaging that a dozen Ancient Aliens. I should also point out that this show stems from and reinforces the same attitude that leads to the same attitude as the countless people that come on AskHistorians and think that because they do, say, archery on the weekends they can comment on Medieval militaries, or because they enjoy woodcarving as a hobby they are experts on ancient woodworking. /r/Zombies' raison de la mort is to host submissions regarding gatherings, movies, books, music, theater, speculative science, and games featuring the flesh (and/or brain) eating dead. Sun tsu is for sure the better strategist, but uninformed me is assuming the average soldier that Vlad had would be bigger and stronger than Sun Tsus men, which is very significant. The A-Team. This is like comparing a battering ram and a gun by seeing if you can knock a gun over with the ram. All Spike did was take that directionless passion and commercialize it. Yet some immature part of me cannot help but be hugely entertained by the sight of a bunch of meat-heads and 'scientists' seriously debating whether a pirate could beat up a samurai in a pub car park. I did enjoy this episode regardless of all the problems it may have, so thanks for posting. The history is GodVolcano-awful and the science is so soft that you can spread it on a bagel but I've always enjoyed it as good "dumb TV". They compare the tactics and strategy of the leaders. The fact this show got a lot of hate yet people still came back to watch it even if their favorite warriors did not win is kinda funny. I wouldn't even credit them with that much. Instead they just say they think Genghis' tactic was better, so clearly he's a better general. They don't talk about how the Mongols would have shot from horseback, or really talk about the fear factor of the elephants, or how elephants can alarm horses, or how the bow could have been used against more than fucking elephants. Also, although I realize that these are both fictional (we hope) characters, I thought that giving the zombies a B+(88) on their feeding instincts a little ridiculous; zombies only want to eat and have no other instinct. For example, Hannibal's most famous campaigns were against the Roman legions, who are very different from the highly mobile Mongols. I am pretty sure other peoples opinions are the same but I want to ask what others think about Deadliest Warrior looking back on it now. ;). I'm Bernardito. Because they weren't specialised for fighting each other! Hello everyone! Deadliest Warrior has always kind of been a guilty pleasure of mine. I met the guy who played the Vlad expert backstage at the theater where I worked. I liked the idea but I felt like they used the most badass vampires against the weakest form of zombie. I watched a few episodes of the show. I've always enjoyed it as good "dumb TV". Probably because any such comparison would lead to one definitive conclusion: Napoleon was the better general. I liked the idea but I felt like they used the most badass vampires against the weakest form of zombie. 3sk TV. Hannibal wins because elephants can step on people, but the recurve bow can't kill an elephant in one shot. The worse part was even when it came to the Non-American match ups the show was utterly bad a Ninja loses a Spartan yet a Spartan loses vs a Samurai? Were u me? The A-Team. It's an incredibly guilty pleasure. I mean, there are a million arguments like this already on the internet that get a lot of attention even though they’re unresolvable: Goku vs Superman. 40:50. If you have doubts, or are just wondering whether your nascent question has been ridden into the ground already, check out our FAQ. I am re watching some episodes and this stuff is laughably bad looking back on it. Let's look at a specific episode, Genghis Khan vs Hannibal. While I understand what people are saying here, that it is just "trash TV" and I certainly find the idea of pitting Sun Tzu against Vlad the Impaler almost indescribably funny, we can't ignore the real damage it does to the field of experimental archaeology, which doesn't get the respect it deserves in general and doesn't need pop shows perverting it further. Also, they showed Sun Tzu fighting Vlad the Impaler? The production quality of the show is amazingly cheap and bad its like these guys just sit around in a warehouse and cut meat/ballistic gel all day the "tests" they do is all over the place for example they are comparing explosive projectiles and one test has a grenade be thrown around some dummies in the middle of a field while the next one has a Molotov cocktail be thrown into a car . But then I found out it was on Spike channel where it is home to other top notch shows like Manswers and 1000 Ways to Die. Speaking of horses, they don't talk about them. I am not even sure half of the people on this show are qualified professionals to do this kind of thing same goes for the people they get to "represent" the warriors. Yeah as long as you're not watching it for any historical value you're fine. Also, although I realize that these are both fictional (we hope) characters, I thought that giving the zombies a B+(88) on their feeding instincts a little ridiculous; zombies only want to eat and have no other instinct. Ripping stuff apart superhuman strength. Deadliest Warrior is the greatest show ever and if you disagree I will send a ninja spestnaz elephant to kill you with a trunk-mounted railgun.

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