I utilize a couple of VPN clients without any issues. EDIT:  June 25, 2018 - After receiving a Teksavvy modem and testing the internet speed, I have observed a new all time high of 120 Mbps. Had the same issue with an ISP in the Middle East ... switched to UDP 53 (typically used for DNS traffic) and I am now maxing out my 50Mbps conn, specifically with NL, DE, SE servers (mainly European servers). If you can, try your own router (or borrow one from someone), put the XB6 into bridge mode, and see if you can connect then.

Is there any Teksavvy DSL customer here achieving higher speeds here in Canada?   You cannot paste images directly. So just to bring this up to date, I have had the router replaced again, I have also invested in new Lynksys EA8300 Tri channel router with VPN passthrough. But, AirVPN speed increased to an all time observed high of 50 Mbps. Anyone else having the same issue? All I am using is my laptop to access resources at my employer’s data centre. Hence I chose Shaw since the at home service visit is carried out by a Shaw employee. Troubleshooting VPN session timeout and lockout issues should focus first on isolating where the root of the problem lies -- be it the internet connection, the VPN vendor or the user device. And the same device works if I am connecting with our internet provider. The Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router was around $250.00 on sale when I bought it. Having a VPN client's connection rejected is perhaps the most common VPN problem. See Amalano comment below. Curious - Why do you still have a TV subscription ? Have been on the phone for the last hour and the tech is telling me they "Don't do DNS stuff" It seems the only way to get around this is to use BlueCurve in Bridge mode, and buy a 3rd party router. At this time, if I connect to AirVPN through Canadian or U.S. servers, the speed test results in 1-5 Mbps. the other could and both received mail okay,  When investigating this I used https://whatsmyip.org and was surprised to find they had different external ip addresses, one had, I believe the external ip of my Shaw router, while the other traced to a VPN site in the USA that I had never heard of. EDIT:  June 24, 2018 - At this stage, my speed without VPN has not improved. What kind/type of VPN does your work server use?

At this time I subscribed to a Shaw 150 Mbps offering in my area.

Since bridging the modem and the edition of the router the VPN does not disconnect and reconnect. Having said that O lead to believe that the XB6 Gateway doesn't support VPN passthrough even though ports were forwarded. The only wierd thing I have noticed on the Shaw network (at least in my area) is that I cannot use the default port5500 used by VNC. This is happening to … It will be going back. My only conclusion from this is that Shaw is deliberately throttling customer speeds and making any excuse conceivable. Keep getting the Error 806. Is your VPN client forcing other DNS servers? Clear editor. I recently upgraded my Shaw internet to BlueCurve 300. My Daughter was also having the same problem with her work just trying to remotely communicate with her PC using some of the shareware. The Hitron modem is in very very high demand. This should work regardless. Go back to your regular stand alone modems and let people just deal with their own tech. I have the new shaw modem installed last week, and everything is fine except cannot connect to my company's VPN, and it's a deal killer .   Pasted as rich text. My internet plan is for 50Mbps of which I get roughly 48Mbps on speedtest.net while connected via UDP or TCP VPN to Canadian/USA servers or any countries for that matter i'm locked at 3.5Mbps consistently some times 4Mbps. I added a pic of my error that I keep getting.

I have no VPN issues connecting to SHAW go Wi-Fi or my network at my work office. I'm using TekSavvy DSL in Toronto (15 Mbps plan) and just got 13.44 Mbps on SpeedTest.net while connected to the VPN. ©2020 Shaw Communications. Any tips on what to do? I can take my laptop to neighbors house who has Shaw and it connects with no issues everytime. I need to connect to my clients VPN's from home. So you still have to rent their useless modem because you can'd connect directly to Shaw. By the way I resolved this issue by Bridging the Modem and purchasing a Linksys EA8300 Router.

Would fit in perfectly over there. Hi, Just upgraded from a RV320 to a RV340, and I'm having the following problems setting up the VPN (firmware ver. It took 4 days for delivery due to the pickup offices being closed due to COVID.

As of this writing, Teksavvy has won CRTC battles enabling customers who wish to switch to simply change modems instead of necessitating a technician to visit the residence.

Troublesome VPN issues with XB6 Gateway - Constant disconnecting and reconnecting. If you are running a VPN for business purposes, I'd recommend touching base with our Business team to better support your needs.

Her IT guys looked into it as well. There is something wrong with the Arris SBG6782.

Same thing here. The only solution I was able to find was a service that seems only few VPN providers offer ( AirVPN being one of them ) is SSL Tunneling, after using SSL Tunneling I was able to get 20 - 30Mbps ( of which I find acceptable as download managers can improve this ). Passthrough features were originally put in to routers as a workaround for not having a NAT translation standard for VPN's, but there has been such a standard for the past decade. I am trying to VPN TO my works server. Once I have a VPN up, the stream becomes much better. Had this issue with BT in the UK too, SSL fixed it though, fast. It's been reported and I can confirm as I am also experiencing this issue now that this device throttles VPN.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I understand this is a 2 year old thread, but I feel that it is appropriate that I provide my input here. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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