This is a big deal as you won’t get that kind of service on kits ordered from AliExpress. I am useless at any DIY, so my local cycle mechanic fitted the kit (i did not even attempt it). Mostly, I can do well enough traveling around with the lowest level - only in the very steepest road I've had to use the highest level, only once. You may need to change the position and orientation for your bicycle, but just make sure that the flats are engaged in your fork properly before tightening the axle nuts. I think it’s a small concession for a system that’s overwhelmingly well thought through and you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. The long cable needs to find its way down to meet the motor cable on your fork. Swytch found a unique two-piece solution that you can snap around the spindle without tools. Just useless. The pedal sensor cable ends with a protruding yellow cylindar which only mates to the connector shown on the right. It makes perfect sense in dense cities where having a car may not be practical. I see all types around the bay area too; kid carriers, commuters, big bike … There are 39 customers that Swytch Bike, rating them as excellent. The instructions were easy to follow. You can adjust speed range on the battery but you end up reaching your top gear range at any setting. Would I just install the disc using those six screws? Thank you.

For riders with a short commute, or featuring a particularly hated hill, it could be a legitimate #gamechanger. The kit I received was extremely well packaged. It is absolutely amazing.Hopefully the throttle will arrive soon. The kit exceeded my expectations. I opted for the Pro version as I wanted a bit more range. Following on the heels of their first Indiegogo campaign, Swytch has introduced a new universal kit that promises to dramatically simplify all of that. You’ll need to know your existing wheel size when you order. Here’s a shot of where it goes and what it looks like snapped together into place. Here are the new Baby Yoda (The Child) LEGO sets you’re looking for, Mounting accessories: zipties and adhesive strips, Rain covers for battery and handlebar mount, Swytch Power Pack – This is the larger capacity pack for long range. I used my bike stand, but you can just flip your bike upside down onto the seat and handlebars so you have access to the wheels. I ordered the 700c wheel knowing that it would work with the v-brakes on the Bianchi. From the top, you can power the system on and off, check the battery level and adjust the amount of assist you would like.

The indicator on the right side will show you which of the 6 levels (including off) you’re set to. This means you can adjust the maximum speed available for those private road excursions, tailor the assist levels, and tune how rapidly the power is applied upon turning the pedals. Regarding the Brompton conversion....the kit is excellent and far exceeded my expectations. Last week I ordered a twist throttle, which arrived within 5 days, I fitted it yesterday and it has made cycling even more enjoyable and safer. With the wheel removed, let the air out and then remove the tire and inner tube as you’ll want to move these to your new wheel. For us, that’s a bargain. Providing power assistance up to 24kmh - as allowed in the EU, or 32kmh which you can play around with on private roads - it also includes an easy to fit cadence sensor. I understand the delays due to Covid-19.

It installs onto your down tube and fork and provides some steering resistance through a covered spring. Have had Swytch ebike now for 2 months, and we are extremely pleased with its performance so far. Wheel Size: 16″, 20″, 26″, 27.5″ and 28/700c are available I had the file down the axle as per the kit instructions. On an electric bicycle they’re a bit different and serve a different purpose.

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