Check your batteries. What's going on? If all of this is in working condition, check the wiring and be sure that the right wires are plugged into the right spots on both the machine and the TV. For updated information, see our response to COVID-19. Check the following items: Click here to learn more about motion controls. There's a problem loading this menu right now. A Spotlight is not communicating with other lights. Ive tried to pair and repair. if its not lit up at all press the source button because it was on auxilary source plug into. Take yourself out of the equation. Leave the area for 10 minutes to give the lights time to reset without you triggering them and then return and check the lights. Try a reset. This button may not have been pressed to initiate the display. Mind turned off immediately and is working fine. There are several possibilities. My batteries are dying really quickly. There's a burning smell or smoke coming from my Spotlight. Hi so I did the unplug and replug in thing and funny enough it worked! Press the display button and see if the display works properly. A Spotlight is on and isn't responding to App control. Page 3 SAFETY WARNINGS FCC WARNINGS • WARNING: To prevent fire or shock WARNING: To assure continued operation, hazards, do not expose this unit to rain follow the attached installation instructions and or moisture. For an Android phone, clear your cache by following these instructions: I didn't get a motion alert when my Spotlight triggered. Our Samsung s5 is having the same issues with this unit still looking for a solution, Update. Check the following items. My Armor did the same thing last weekend. If you want general information on Ring Smart Lighting, click here. Apple products such as iPhones, iPods and iPads are limited in terms of their ability to provide fairly standard Bluetooth functionality such as file sharing between devices, especially when the Apple device is connecting to a non-Apple device such as an Android smartphone. Is the device Linked to another? Just hold all 3 buttons down for a few seconds. Both phone and tablet connect fine now. Want to shop for the devices discussed in this question? Make sure your lights are properly Grouped together. Click here to learn more about battery life and how to extend it. If a light can’t be found by the Ring App during setup, check the following for potential causes: Does the light blink twice when the light is powered up? Put a paper clip into the AUX port (not the tiny hole under it). Before the light stopped blinking i pressed the power button 5 times fast holding for about 3 seconds on #5. Other Issues. Still NO SOUND. Just UNPLUG and PLUG back in after a few seconds. Are you able to trobuleshoot by using a different phone to connect so we can determine if its a general reception issue / issue with the iLive or an issue with a specific phone? Hopefully this is of some help. They must not have paid their royalties! So try that and it should shut off. Press the Mode button to manually switch to Aux In mode. During Setup my Smart Light was not found by my Ring App. I've encountered this problem. Cancel. Ungroup all of the lights with the malfunctioning light in it and see if the problem persists. Now it turns on and off and connects properly, I Hope this helps you. After many many trys over 24+ hours my bugani would not shut off i tried every thing that everyone says in these posts, only thing that worked for me. What’s going on? My Bugani would not shut off or connect to Bluetooth, The blue LED continued to flash no matter what I tried.

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