This cage is spacious, allows for plenty of ventilation, and is easily assembled. Creating your own fake rock platform is easier than you think. Your cage doesn't need to look like the beautiful enclosure on the right, but if you are capable of making this, I would suggest going for it, as to make your cage both enriching for the animal and as eye candy for the human. You may not consider a hammock a piece of decor or even an essential item for your iguana’s enclosure but I would urge you to reconsider. have to worry about your iguana escaping! Some models can be flushed out (with a drain on the bottom) or even hooked up to the plumbing. As we’ve learned, iguanas have specific needs when it comes to their cages. You can make a fancy skull like this person did. The 'phone booth' design is confining and should be avoided if possible. Thank you! No, this doesn’t mean you have to use actual ladders (although you could). The idea of decorating your iguana’s cage revolves around the functional setup. They seem to have a few great options for large arboreals. Paint it, seal it, etc. The smaller the cage, the smaller the picture and ultimately the less money you have to spend to buy one. The first and foremost is exactly what you would expect for a cage backdrop; some random stock photo of a picturesque sunset over a desert, a waterfall or whatever; you name it. This forces the iguana to bask in one area, even if it is too hot or cold. JWorld's cages are customized, beautiful, and have many exciting features that can be added to your pleasure such as waterfalls and ponds, misters, and splendid décor. More often than not, such a shape does not even accommodate the size of the iguana, providing inches of room for the animal's body, and this can cause trauma to the tail overtime when the iguana tries to turn. Iguanas originate from the high jungle trees of South America, so no one should be fooled into thinking any iguana cage in the world will simulate this existence. While an open air-design is ideal for ventilation, you may need to pick a cage with one or two plexiglass sides to help maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels in the cage. First off, to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, let's review what the ideal iguana enclosure looks like. It is perhaps a 'reasonable' size for young iguanas or those which have reached adult size, but they are too small (for various reasons). A collage of personal pictures is a background your iguana could care less about but it might be meaningful to you. A hammock is another type of platform your pet can utilize for moving from one space to another or simply basking. From multiple cage size requirements to considering humidity and heat regulation, there are many factors to consider before clicking “Buy Now.”. Below I’ve listed a few ideas that can liven up your iguana’s basking areas! We don’t want you to make this mistake, so we’re devoting an entire section to cage height! Custom Reptile Habitats has complete kits and everything else to create the perfect home for your reptile. Creating 2 – 3 platforms at different elevations in the enclosure allows your iguana to bask in the different temperature zones. Creative Ideas for Iguana Cage Decorations. Thick branches or logs can be used as the main structure that leads from one level to the next. Consider adding plexiglass panels to one or two sides of your iguana’s cage (this keeps humidity inside the cage better), keep a deep layer (3″ inch) of a porous substrate like Exo Terra Plantation soil in the bottom of the cage, mist your tank frequently (2-3 times a day), increase your water dish bowl size, get an accurate thermometer and hydrometer to gauge heat and humidity levels, and make sure your cage is not under or near a heating/AC vent. Decorating your iguana’s cage doesn’t have to consist of buying fake plants and trees. and what their adult-size cage requirements are. choose to use the cage inside), the roof makes it difficult and potentially I can’t help but imagine all the possibilities. 4 feet is a good length for a shorter lizard like a water dragon, even though it will take on that upward rectangle shape. The Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium is a reptile terrarium cage available in 18 different models. Retailers have answered the call to the widespread keeping of iguanas being bought as pets from conventional chain pet stores with affordable but inappropriate enclosures supposedly designed for large lizards. Listed below you will find ideas for decorating these items as well as many additional items you can add to make your iguana cage look good. high, (not high enough to adequately accommodate an adult iguana’s climbing needs). amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Sizes range from the medium terrarium measuring 24″ inches long by 18″ inches deep by 18″ inches high to the giant deep extra-tall terrarium measuring 72″ inches long by 24″ inches deep by 36″ inches high. For baby iguanas, aquariums do hold humidity very well with a glass lid and are somewhat easy to clean. Remember to utilize the space wisely by decorating the items the cage requires: Finally, find a good way to tie it all together by adding small decorations. (: Hi there. I’ll go ahead and state the obvious; Use platforms as a means to decorate their cage. iguanas need in a cage, share some common mistakes pet owners make when buying This is because iguanas are arboreal creatures, meaning they are tree-dwellers. Keep in mind; however, the top of the cage should never be plexiglass (or any other solid material), and preferably only one side is plexiglass with the remaining sides and top made of a breathable wire mesh. Poor humidity should also be considered). The cage also comes with a removable basking shelf and an enclosed wire heat cage to protect your iguana from burning itself on heat lamp bulbs. These new Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums are very easy to assemble and come in 18 different models. non-tempered (drillable) glass, and include key-lock security, so you don’t Your pet needs a way to get from top to bottom. Before I discuss the few adequate commercially sold cages for adult iguanas, it cannot be emphasized enough how beneficial it is for iguana owners to make their own cages. Nearly all commercial cages are nowhere near the size that they should be for adult iguanas. It’s made with a corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum screen mesh. I did, however, find a great tutorial on Instructables and you can learn more by clicking here. Next on the list are platforms; the lounging areas in between various ramps that ultimately lead to the top. These cages are $4000+, without the cage furniture, of which each suspended rock shelf is $50 each (larger sizes are more). long by 8′ feet. This material is ideal for iguana cages as it is strong and can support climbing branches, allows for plenty of ventilation, and also protects your iguana’s feet while climbing and … Use these items as decorations too, then add some complimentary decorations. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Smaller branches can be used to decorate and be used as a ramp for your iguana to climb from one platform to another. While it might be tempting to utilize such expansive cages to house more than one lizard, even 8'x8' caging is not large enough for an iguana to escape an aggressive encounter with another iguana.

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