What are the differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite? I am a professional PC and Mobile gamer, Loves to Share information about gaming and gaming setups. On the upper right, click on your account’s name, then select. Tencent will investigate and unblock soon if everything looks good. Let’s check out. Sorry to hear that, you are supposed to not give your account details to any one in any case. PUBG banned me for no reason? Required fields are marked *. Your account will be banned for 3650 days”. I played pubg for 3 seasons with royal pass and now i have recovered my social media account and when i open pubg that shows my pubg account is banned for 10 years. Banning should always be the last resort, in order to be taken seriously and to be effective in deterring offenders. Like seriously?

Swayam is a professional tech blogger with Masters Degree in Computer Applications and also has experience with Android development. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Coming home from a long day of work, I needed my favorite game to relax.

Hackers would easily hack via their guest accounts.

You may use some kind of anti-ban script, but a video proof of your gameplay will make the case go against you. You should try submitting contact us form. More so, any and each successful PUBG unban is done only by submitting a ticket (thus, submitting a PUBG ban appeal), so if you’ve heard from someone “that has a friend”, who knows “someone who works there” or something among those lines, don’t fall for it, because it’s false. In this guide, I have outlined what one gamer should refrain from doing in PUBG.

However, when people are playing a popular game like that, the unsettling thirst for fame can throw them down into the ‘cheaters’ pit. This violates the terms and conditions of tencent policies. Being a Hardcore PUBG mobile and PUBG PC lover I am here to share the PUBG updates and Tricks with all the peoples. Besides the ban, there can also be legal consequences in some cases. There will be no sign that you were hacking on your global version of PUBG.

Keep Sharing. Input your correct email address, Steam Account Name and PUBG nickname; Select the preferred support language, which should be the same language as the one you’re appealing the ban in (such as English); Input a concise yet relevant subject, such as, As for the “Description”, regarding your PUBG unban appeal, that’s where we come in handy, should you require our professional and customized. Where to find the location of the Raccoon Police Department in PUBG Mobile?

Doom Eternal X Animal Crossing Meme: The Craziest 10! Related | How to Use the VSS Sniper Rifle in PUBG. I got a friend request from a random guy and I accepted it and I played with him in duo matches he was at silver 2 so I thaught of playing with a low tier guy will be a good thing while rank pushing bcoz the enimies will also easy to take down but I got banned for playing with a cheater it said but he didn’t done any suspicious activities while playing or haven’t even got more than 8 kills but I’ve been banned for 7 days.

If you do, you are breaking the regulations set by the gaming brand and you are liable for penalization.

Please wait while we investigate further. Apparently, he was playing the game fair and square, but midway through the game, he logs in on to the game with the second smartphone. Respect to customer support, please help me! If you don’t have any idea of why your account get banned. If you want to reactivate your banned account.

Hello I have been banned my account without reason in the game please remove urban, Heya! Normally, PUBG will give a short term ban of a week or 10 days when their automated system detects that you are using some kind of plugins in the game. More so, if you choose to give our account unban services a shot, you can further increase your chances to get unbanned from PUBG!

... - Cheats, macros, etc. My name is atef I used VPN services to play the game or buy any free item. It may be a short or long term ban.

yes, i accept , i hacked ,but you doesn’t give any warning ,sorry for that.i need my account back , i’ll pay fine, You agreed to our policies. Plz cheak this and give me backmy id..

So, if their offense is proved, it will result in a prompt ban. If someone report the pubg administrators, your account will get banned. Check this article .. Why you are banned? If you want to remove ban on pubg mobile or pubg pc or pubg pc lite here are some pubg mobile banned error fix. I ambye rp last 2 seasons.Today my id was ban .

input your account’s registered email address and in-game nickname; select the platform on which you play the game; under “Describe your problem here”, that’s where you’ll need to write your appeal; attach any relevant files or screenshots, if any, then complete the captcha test. However, there is much more to it. Banned for no reason? Then disconnect the apps after the game to remove all aspects of hacking. pubg mobile banned for no reason Last updated on 10th November 2019 by pubgmobile 0 Comment Share Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook Google+ Pinterest If you got a PUBG mobile ban for no reason you need first to check out the reasons why that will help you gain access to your account but if you did nothing wrong and still were banned don’t worry you will get your account back. COPYRIGHT © UNBANSTER.COM. Once they get reported, they come under the radar of the Tencent. PUBG Banned Me For No Reason! How To Enable 2FA On Facebook Without A Phone Number? Before going into the ban appeal guide, let’s first check out some of the most common reasons for which a player can get banned from PUBG Mobile. I wish to unban my account.

Personally, I have come across hackers in the past few seasons. Banned without any reason.. How To Use PayPal On Amazon To Shop Safely? If someone report the pubg administrators, your account will get banned. A PUBG mobile player got banned for ten years for using a sly trick to cheat during his PUBG mobile live stream. Good News for PUBG Mobile Players! What do I do?

Thats all about article “Pubg Account Banned? Here are some ways to unban your pubg account. Several PUBG players are recognized around the world for showing their skills in the battle royale game. There is more chances that your account will get banned temporarily. Visit his Gaming Channel. Those who play PUBG via emulator experience hackers in good numbers.

Some players experience error that their pubg account banned for 3650 days. Also, do not think that, by using strange in-game user names, you will escape. Getting them upset with vulgarities and threats only eliminates your chances for a successful appeal. PUBG mobile Downloading Resources error (updated APK).

In order to appeal your PUBG Mobile ban through the website, you must first get on their official Support website here, then click on the top right red “Contact Us” button. Once that’s done, simply press the bottom right buttom and your PUBG Mobile unban appeal will be sent to Support for a review. Animal Crossing New Horizon Review: Belly Good! PUBG banned me for no reason? Normally, depending upon what the offense is or whether it is a repeated offender, the ban timeline varies. Indian Govt.

There are so many possible reasons will is responsible for ban in your PUBG account. Old, Gold, and Speckled with Platinum If you want to remove ban on pubg mobile keep reading below. Hopefully this post has helped you to get in touch with Support and helped you get unbanned from PUBG or PUBG Mobile, but if not, let us know, and maybe we can help you out! Some that are skilled, some that are noob, some that hack, and some that get you banned as collateral damage. How To Download YouTube Videos For Free And Legally?

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