Maybe you can try this one instead! My hands are cramping from having my fingers crossed for so long. Thank you so much for your time and contest. Everyone wins something because I have a lot to share! :)I AM ALMOST OUT OF ITEMS SO HURRY UP, Still broski129but i want : Free membership light pink headdress and black long, Ok My username:Worn38 Pass:wornblanketI am sooooo not rareStauts:Nonmember, Hello I'm a an user my user and password is user: moneycar pass: mycarisgreat and I'm a nm but imma get a membership pls don't take anything, and I'd like everything except party hats, tysm!! Hi there, we are always a completely free website. User: floatingcottoncandyPassword: westvanWanted items: lphd, mag cat ears, silver party, and solid.I got hacked, so i have no more good items :c i really want them back, this works, OMG I JUST GOT A RED LONG FROM EMAILING ANIMALJAMGENERATOR2020@GMAIL.COM ALL I HAD TO DO WAS GIVE THEM MY USER AND PASS AND THEN I GOT THE ITEM AND CHANGED THE PASS AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED OMG!! I got hacked/scammed from it! If we don't hear back from winners after two weeks, we pick a new winner. Puzzle; Add Tags. This petition starter stood up and took action. Unsubscribe. :). :), user ;arielbruh567pass ;12345678i want the magneta items ,and cupple of spikes ,ty if u can do this :), this is so fake guys if you want free stuff all of those "generators are fake but i have one that isnt because people who are quitting donated their items to me to give away so plz use it, nom tenpetdesneige et oui ses un N passe 1357910 je vaut une queue de paon long noir une plume de tete noir et jaune, user ; arielbruh567pass; 12345678i want the magneta items and cupple of spikes ,ty :)my email is, my username is minouche0016 my password is 19771210 i want 10 black long collars,5 blue long collars, 5red long collars,5 yellow long collars,5 green long collars,5orange long long collars, all long wrists and short wrists and all headresses with all colors, username- exøskeletønpassword- wowjustwowajItems- 5x all varieties of hds, 5x all party hats, 5x all long collars and all magenta Check out this video! I trust you. -AJHQ, To the one above the Jambassador thing: OMG TYSVM WHO EVER RECOMMENDED THIS!!!!!!! You're welcome!, i want a pink headdress. :). i ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR SITE AND ALL OF THE GIVEAWAYS. But i gained all my items back by emailing this person! YOU ARE THE BEST WHO EVER YOU ARE! Prize Fiesta online cheat and Packung 400 Gems hack. hello! Free Giveaways from AllFreeDIYWeddingCrafts, Free Giveaways from AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns, Free Giveaways from AllFreeChristmasCrafts, Color Outside the Lines Adult Coloring Page, Quilted Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern, 11 Crochet Shawl Patterns: Crochet Poncho Patterns, Free Easy Crochet Patterns and More, 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners, 14 Free Crochet Patterns for Babies and Toddlers, 16 Free Crochet Hat Patterns, Scarves, and Gloves, 22 Free Crochet Patterns: Afghan Patterns, Crochet Hats, and More, Quick & Easy Decoupage: 12 Fabulous Mod Podge Projects for Your Home. The project was added to your Craft Projects. It only uses your old spare accounts and let's you tranfer out items to keep them safe! You just gotta say stuff and try to be as cooperative as you can. You may leave this page if you do not wish to take part in any offers. Bonus: Get our newsletter & special offers for free. Please understand that does not set these restrictions. Im bringing your account back to life!!!! Thanks for your comment. PEOPLE WHO READ THIS, DONT LISTEN TO THE GENERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a lph and 10 solids from this sheet! user: galaxymoonx4password: Munyika2009gmail: gabrielmunyika@gmail.comitems wanted: 2 light pink headdresses, 2 black longs, magenta socks and magenta cloak), hey don't use this! actually know how to generate items and they don’t need your password! Keep smiling! - Improved performance.- Minor bug fixed. We provide a wide range of offers including online promo codes & deals, promotions & sales, and in-store printable coupons. If you wish to donate tell me that you wish to donate and I'll tell you how to do the process. I hope that helps! Thank you for taking the time to improve the content on our site. All of the options for entering giveaways are totally optional. I was at Level 7 and somehow ended back to the beginning of level 3 even after I bought gems to continue playing. |, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK. Best par, you can trust them. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. And remember to jam on and be wild! IM TELLING AJHQ ABOUT U "free item generators" YAS THAT MEANS U ANIMAL JAM GENERATOR 2020. Earn enough points and you can claim free gift cards or cash. Go to free hack! It goes against my Christian beliefs to even think of doing such a thing!! You can recieve unlimited amount of Packung 400 Gems for Prize Fiesta. Full Game Ahead : Return all the money stolen & remove Prize Fiesta game from Facebook, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Stay safe jammers! We are adding the craft to your Craft Projects. Just because we are from Quebec, WE ARE NOT separated from the rest of Canada!!!! If you don’t have gems, then it will ask you if you want to continue without collecting mushrooms. I’ve had hundreds of mushrooms and tokens and over $300 in my piggy bank and twice now it went from all that to zero! i want to be the rarest jammer on earth! Name: areadfPassword: leomic2009 (add an @ in the middle (between 2 and c) if it dosent work)Items: Pink headress, Pink longPlease do it! You still enter without doing the things that pop-up. Please don't take this as an advantage because if I find out I'll close this method on getting items. Why is it/the giveaway only for us or Canada,why isn't it ww cause I am from India and I want to participate in the giveaway. Once you click 'Submit' on the official giveaway entry form, you have entered the giveaway. What a lovely comment! I did NOT appreciate all those entries. DONT FALL FOR THIS. never post your info in the comments. THANKS, i want a lphd and two magenta shorts user bricksam pass 554433 i am mn and the email is, I Want To know why do we need to put our pass? The first 100 people will even be first in line for any new rare aj items!, Hello fellow jammers! Guys! How does one find the winners? So I messaged them once again and now my account is disabled all cause I wanted someone to look into my account and see what happened! Terms of Service :) Hope it works for you! Glad I could Help! It's locked to your organization. If you close the app without choosing, the game will automatically send you back to the beginning of the prior level you are on. They will be a beautiful addition to my room! I got hacked on your generator! At that time the lady who reported the cheating was banned from the game loosing all the money she had invested in the game totaling close to $100.00. i used a real generator that actually worked and i got a red long! User: Bigcatlover50PW: KateythecougarThis account has NO items on it so shame on u I'm looking for a Magenta Furry HatThank you! Also the free item generator (link is below this) is having the first 100 people get a free glitched, forever lasting membership, and you will get a magenta furry as a extra! Now the vote list is a list where we, AJHQ , vote on who should become a Jambassador. Give us the username and password of the account you have been scammed or hacked from, for verification that it is your account, your parent email and password, also for verification that it is your account, and then us at Wild Works will look over your case. also why is it in espanol lmao. i am coming from belgium can i also do for the contest? AND THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK. This Generator allows you to request 5 items of your choice without phishing, scamming, or commenting, and it only takes 7-10 Business days to generate your items check it out! E-mail: did the deadline get extended? user: blackpetalzpass:FlowerzzzItems: mag socks, mag cloak, mag cat ears, 2 lphd, hey don't use this generator they're trying to hack you :( i used a real generator that worked and i got a red long :D. Hey Jammers, this is a big scam. The only items that we are generating are: Headdresses: Spikes: Party Hats: Magenta items: RULES - Account must be at LEAST 2 weeks old. What is finished size and how much yarn do I need? They offer things from watches to cars. It will be flagged for our moderators to take action. thanks, THIS ACTUALLY WORKS DUDE. Bro, AJHQ doesn't use Gmail :I This is a scam, you have to find the REAL email, AJHQ uses @animaljam.comNOTHING ELSE. I was gonna do that but your inventory cant hold all that space...sorry! give back my stuff! user:raydarkwolfpass:lovelykitten4725max black longs(at least 5)3 pet phantoms,10 blue spikes7red spikesmy account got hacked and it doesn't have anything so please don't hack me there's no point. !THEY DO NOT SCAM/ HACK YOUR ACCOUNT!jamgenerator@gmail.comContact them and get as many items as you want!!! T. Because of COVID I cannot go out and purchase items for financial reasons. !Email, Free generator:), my user: getalifehackermy pass: lolasifimgonnagiveyoumypassword, ok, my user: jessyplayzxxmy pass: runotgonnahackmecuziamnotamemberaccountandyouwannarecylealloftheirrareslol. :D, Hey guys I found a way to hack other people's accounts and take their stuff for free! If you waited a week after the due date change your password IMMEDIATELY! User chrislah25 Pass Miriam Item 25 spike collar 25 headdresses pls! I hope that helps clarify. I just hope its not going to be like the rest when yes they start off free then ...haha not no longer. Afterwards, additional optional advertising information will appear from our clients. Process will take up to 48 hours so BE PATIENT okay? Thank you for your interest! I tried it and i hope it is not a hack i am using an account that i made yesterday so to be safe :). Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. to GET REAL RARES FROM A REAL PLAYER THAT HAS REAL RARES SEND YOUR AJ USERNAME AND AJ PASSWORD

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