The eldest-son-takes-all practice of primogeniture meant younger sons had to go off and fend for themselves, a factor driving their expansion. Before the rebellion was over, several hundred Old English Palesmen had been arrested and sentenced to death, either for outright rebellion, or because they were suspected rebels because of their religious views. In his book Surnames of Ireland, Irish historian Edward MacLysaght makes a distinction between Hiberno-Norman and Anglo-Norman surnames. Others in the gentry such as the Viscounts Dillon and the Lords Dunsany belonged to Old English families who had originally undergone a religious conversion from Rome to Canterbury to save their lands and titles. He argued in a lecture to the Mícheál Ó Cléirigh Institute in University College, Dublin that the poets referred in that way to hibernicised people of Norman stock in order to grant them a longer vintage in Ireland than the (Fionnghaill meaning "fair-haired Foreigners", i.e. We reserve the right to remove any content at any time from this Community, including without limitation if it violates the, For the best site experience please enable JavaScript in your browser settings, Waiting for Gobnait? English policy thus hastened the assimilation of the Old English with the native Irish. The annals of Ireland make a distinction between Gaill and Sasanaigh. Anglo Norman Surnames – Following the Norman Trail to Ireland (#402). For example, the prefix "Fitz" meaning "son of", in surnames like FitzGerald appears most frequently in Hiberno-Norman surnames. The best popular account of Norman surnames in Ireland is by Dr Paul McCotter, available online at, From seaweed to sheep and ruins to restorations, at its core, National Heritage Week is a countrywide celebration of our built, beautiful and often intangible, but very real heritage. Whatever their common Catholicism, any links with the Spanish monarchy were strongly eschewed by the vast majority of those of 'Old English' origin in Ireland. Only extensive genealogy and DNA testing can figure out which type of Hussey you are, and sometimes it might not be possible to figure out. Dynasties such as the Fitzgeralds, Butlers, and Burkes adopted the native language, legal system, and other customs such as fostering and intermarriage with the Gaelic Irish and the patronage of Irish poetry and music. modern French "fils de" with the same meaning). The poet Edmund Spenser was one of the chief advocates of this view. We attended the same classes in school, played for the same teams and shared a lot of growing up together. While this cause was briefly revived before the Williamite war in Ireland (1689–91), by 1700, the Anglican descendants of the New English had become the dominant class in the country, along with the Old English families (and men of Gaelic origin such as William Conolly) who chose to comply with the new realities by conforming to the Established Church. But the Gaelic Ireland they overran was in the middle of an explosion of surname-creation, with great networks of extended family names budding and sub-budding off central stems as families grew or waned in importance. During that period, the Pale community resisted paying for the English army sent to Ireland to put down a string of revolts which culminated in the Desmond Rebellions (1569–73 and 1579–83). As a result, those loyal to Catholicism attempted to replace the distinction between "Norman" and "Gaelic Irish" under the new denominator of Irish Catholic by 1700, as they were both barred from positions of wealth and power by the so-called New English settlers, who became known as the Protestant Ascendancy. A great multi-generational flowering of names was taking place. When we hear the word “Norman” in Ireland today, we often think of the “Anglo-Norman” invasion of Ireland in 1170 that we learned about in school. My wife had Orr ancestors that came over later in 1753. In the Second Desmond Rebellion (1579–83), a prominent Pale lord, James Eustace, Viscount of Baltinglass, joined the rebels from religious motivation. Dalton, Darcy, D’Arcy, Day, Dillon, Fagan, Field, Fitzgerald, Fitzgibbon, Fitzhenry, Fitzsimmons, Fitzsimons, Fitzstephens, Fleming, Flemming, Francis, French, Furlong, Gibbons, Grace, Griffin, Griffith, Hackett, Hays,Hussey ,Jordan, Joyce, Keating, Lacey ,Lawless, Liston, Logan, Lucey, Lynch, Lyons, Marshall, Martin, McQuillan, Molyneux, Morris, Morrissey. If you can recommend any really good places for me to find information I would greatly appreciate it. The grandchildren of Brian Ború understandably wanted to flag their connection (Ó Briain), but the sons of one of them, Mathghamha Ua Briain, picked their own father as an origin point and became (in modern Irish) Mac Mathúna, McMahon. Looking for my Brady and O’ Henry ancestors! I’m not even sure if maybe we’re related. Beckett’s ban on women challenged, First Person Plural, a short story by Sarah Byrne, Kim Kardashian’s father appears in hologram for birthday present, Walk for the Weekend: Mount Melleray, Co Waterford, Architect-designed home on Mount Juliet Estate offers a new way to live, Inclusivity the key to Covid-19 culture challenge, Employers need a strong pension provider to partner with them, New crime fiction: Tana French returns with an Irish Western, The Silence: Don DeLillo’s cutting commentary on a world dependent on technology, Joe Biden: American Dreamer: Short but timely character profile, Helena Bonham Carter: ‘People choose to sleep with powerful people. However, twenty landed gentlemen from some of the Pale's leading, Old English families were executed – some of them, "died in the manner of" [Roman] "Catholic martyrs, proclaiming they were suffering for their religious beliefs".[8]. Lots of gold and red haired family members. It came from a place in Normandy, France and it was a Norman name which became Pentony in the 14th century. Such people became regarded as "more Irish than the Irish themselves" as a result of this process (see also History of Ireland (1169–1536)). But one aspect of Viking ancestry that the Normans were slow to lose was a restless ambition. Suffice to say the first people to bear them were born in the early 900s and are recorded as mature men during the 950s-70s. I have their original marriage certificate showing them married in St. Giles, Middlesex, England in 1867. Conversely, some Hiberno-Normans assimilated into the new English Protestant elite, as the Anglo-Irish. The dominance of the Norman Irish declined during the 17th century, after a new English Protestant elite settled in Ireland during the Tudor period. Norman and Cambro-Norman Surnames of Ireland A Supplement to Ireland's History in Maps Surname - Early County Origin - Other Origins and Forms Archbold - Wicklow - Anglo-Norman Archdeacon - Kilkenny - Norman… QUESTION: DO YOU HAVE A NORMAN SURNAME IN YOUR IRISH FAMILY TREE? My family name is Loundagin, my ggg grandfather came here from Ireland on 1795 on his uncles ship, there are no records. It also shows their father’s names. He died in Ohio, USA,. Mike. The upshot is that almost all so-called Norman surnames were created and adopted only in Ireland. Expansion Beyond Normandy. The division between the Pale and the rest of Ireland was therefore in reality not rigid or impermeable, but rather one of gradual cultural and economic differences across wide areas. Her fathers’ surname was Hannum (Hanham)which from what I can understand came from the Vikings during the Norman Conquest of England. Some of the Norman Irish—often known as The Old English—had become Gaelicised by merging culturally and intermarrying with the Gaels, under the denominator of "Irish Catholic". My husband is a Savage. These settlers later became known as Norman Irish or Hiberno-Normans. Want to visit their home(which is still there) and the graveyard where they are buried. In the course of the 16th century, the religious division had the effect of alienating the Old English from the state, and eventually propelled them into making common cause with the Gaelic Irish as Irish Roman Catholics. My grandfather Francis Eugene day came from Ireland. It is one of our family mysteries. Danish Vikings). Not all were happy with his approach  – including a man called “Hrolfr” (later known as Rollo). What does it mean to have royal blood in you? Like you, I “feel” they may be from Kerry or Cork. From their they settled in Missouri. Woot! Some contend it is ahistorical to trace a single Old English community back to 1169, for the real Old English community was a product of the late sixteenth century in the Pale. The Normans could back up their individual ambition with the power of feudalism, farming and fighting technology, God on their side – and their use of the castle. Irish Roots: Norman surnames. The only De Burgh (of Galway)we can trace actually changed his name to Henry John McCook but we have no idea why. hi, im sharon could you please tell me what does the name kearney come under be interested to know i believe my family came from waterford? Hi Katherine… how interesting. After the Henrician Reformation of the 1530s, however, most of the pre-16th century inhabitants of Ireland continued their allegiance to Roman Catholicism, even after the establishment of the Anglican Church in England, and its Irish counterpart, the Church of Ireland. In contrast to previous English settlers, the New English, that wave of settlers who came to Ireland from England during the Elizabethan era onwards as a result of the Tudor conquest of Ireland, were more self-consciously English, and were largely (though not entirely) Protestant. My hair is red in the photo and profile filled with my ink and cats. Four generations later, Constantine (Consaidín) O’Brien, bishop of Killaloe, was the source of the Mac Consaidín line, the Considines. Many of my own friends today have Norman surnames – Roche, Barry, Fitzgerald and so on. First from James I, and then from his son and successor, Charles I, they sought a package of reforms, known as The Graces, which included provisions for religious toleration and civil equality for Roman Catholics in return for their payment of increased taxes. Mike. Do you have any Anglo Norman surnames in your Irish Family Tree? (King Rollo). Some members of the Old English who had thus gained membership in the Irish Ascendancy even became adherents of the cause of Irish independence. The major literary text is The Song of Dermot and the Earl, a chanson de geste of 3,458 lines of verse concerning Dermot McMurrough and Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (known as "Strongbow"). In the end, however, it was the re-organisation of the English government's administration in Ireland along Protestant lines in the early 17th century that eventually severed the main political ties between the Old English and England itself, particularly following the Gunpowder Plot in 1605.

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