A simple question can offer tons of support pic.twitter.com/KyhByezRKF, Over 100 People Were Killed by Police in March. It makes me depressed, because its all negative BS. At least on FB i can isolate myself into my own corner with a few friends and family. Clark: So, in 2010, as I was wrapping up my job at the Tallahassee Democrat, I found an article from Slate that had the headline, "How Black People Use Twitter." #YouOKSis raises awareness for street harassment, #IAmJada calls for solidarity for victims of sexual assault, #BringBackOurGirls forces attention to the abduction of nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, and #BlackLivesMatter gives voice to the ongoing movement to reform police practices. And that in and of itself is a powerful resource—but it doesn’t change the fact that the platforms that have the widest reach are still virtually ignoring a wealth of black talent and creativity while pilfering from that very same well. And that kind of refutes what you've seen in terms of news media coverage, because if it's there's not a hashtag, if it's not easily indexed then they tend to pass over it. Black folks can speak for ourselves. Close. His Campbell Communications is a member of Multicultural Marketing Resources, a web directory for advertisers to connect with minorities in the advertising industry. NPR is biased and it's bullshit taxpayers still have to fund it. Good news for those subjecting themselves to the toxic atmosphere on Twitter and lamenting the downfall of civilization. As more extreme voices have taken to Twitter to troll people and espouse hateful rhetoric, Twitter has done little to add protections or filters - looking wistfully in the rear view mirror when the site was all about free expression - and before it was a global broadcast platform. I told someone last night, "We don't believe you, you need more people." The ultimate objective isn’t always going to be “more black faces in white spaces” as it pertains to mainstream media, but black content is being used to drive up everything from television ratings to page views, so no one can rest easy believing that black people should only be grateful for an online space to congregate. And it's directly from the Jay Z song, but if you don't know Jay Z and if you don't know that that's a rap lyric, you're going to miss it. What do you mean by that? Black Twitter’s capacity to influence may be recognized, but it’s clear that media giants still prefer to pontificate on it from a distance without investing in that influence directly. “And we see these articles that are really poorly written and some of us say, ‘You can take my tweets and put it up on CNN, but you’re not really talking about the problem.’”, “[Writers/editors] will submit a resume and not even get a response,” she shares.

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