In the meantime, Hrithik and his relatives joke around about ghosts being in the haveli but Yamini interrupts their ... A pandit blesses Sesha to carry out the destruction of Raheja family. Telecast Date: 4th November 2020 Video Source: Vkspeed Distributed By: Colors Tv / Voot, Bigg Boss 14 4th November 2020 Today Video Episode 33, Shakti 4th November 2020 Video Episode 1109, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 4th November 2020 Video Episode 60, Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th November 2020 Video Episode 104, Barrister Babu 4th November 2020 Video Episode 131, Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Video Episode 307, Shubhaarambh 4th November 2020 Video Episode 175, Naagin 5 4th November 2020 Video Episode 25, Shakti 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 1108, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 59, Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 103, Barrister Babu 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 130, Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 306, Shubhaarambh 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 174, Naagin 5 3rd November 2020 Video Episode 25, Bigg Boss 14 3rd November 2020 Today Video Episode 31, Shakti 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 1107, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 58, Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 102, Barrister Babu 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 129, Choti Sardarni 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 305, Shubhaarambh 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 173, Naagin 5 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 25, Bigg Boss 14 2nd November 2020 Today Video Episode 31, Shakti 1st November 2020 Video Episode 1106, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st November 2020 Video Episode 57, Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st November 2020 Video Episode 98, Barrister Babu 1st November 2020 Video Episode 128, Choti Sardarni 1st November 2020 Video Episode 304, Shubhaarambh 1st November 2020 Video Episode 172. Suri, who is the fourth killer returns to India. Later, Kabir returns and kidnaps Ritik; and Shivanya ... Kabir desperately tries to end Ritik's life and keeps on forcing him to hand over the naagmani to him. On the other side yaamini's truth is more revealed. Yamini complements Hrithik for his decision and asks Shivanya (Sesha) if she is getting married of her own will. Shivanya returns to the Raheja house. Then she was married to a gardener raheja and make him a partner of her business. Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 4th November 2020 Video Episode 33 Colors Tv  Serial, Hindi Drama Online Bigg Boss 14 2nd November 2020 Latest Episodes, Today Bigg Boss 14 4th November 2020 All Complete in HD. Your email address will not be published. She came to know that this was a symbol of Surya dynasty and the king himself gives the maang tikka to shivanya's mother. Elsewhere, Ankush calls out Sangram and asks him to come out from his hiding place but soon comes across Shivanya. Elsewhere, Yamini asks her husband to take off his black suit and then he is asked by his niece to come soon for the prayer service. She loves him and want to his good wife after she finished her revenge. Shivanya gets shocked on seeing the photo given by Sesha as Hrithik's father is in it and then think as to how is Yamini connected to all this. On the other hand, a police officer informs Hrithik, Yamini and others that Ankush is in jail, and this stops the marriage.

Shivanya tries to talk sense into Sesha that she is befriending a mongoose, Kabir, who is a snake's natural enemy. She finds a photo of shivanya and her parents in front of the palace. When the Gurudev tells her that it is where she and Ritik kept her, Shivanya realizes that it must have been Sesha in Ritik's form who sent her away from the house. Viren blackmails Shivanya to get intimate with him. Though shivanya did not know who is the fourth killer, her Guruji knows that the fourth killer had six fingers. Guru Maa uses her black magic to bring down the temperature and summon a tornado, which drives Ritik and Shivanya out of the Shiva temple. The first season ended on 5 June 2016. Later, Yamini witnesses Ritik being held captive by the Naagin but walks out after realizing that it's not the real Ritik. Will Shivanya be able to bring out Yamini's truth in front of Hrithik? Meanwhile, Shivanya arrives there and with Sesha's help, she kills Kabir and frees Ritik.

The secret is now revealed to the audience that hrithik's father is a king and is captured by yaamini the king's half sister and raheja. However, Sesha's plan backfires when Kabir is forced to turn into a mongoose and Sesha turns herself into a snake to fight him. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sesha in Ritik's disguise assaults Sangram Singh and he reveals how Yamini betrayed him for the Nagamani. Later, Sesha takes Ramya's form and attends the engagement function where she directs Shivanya towards her room. Sangram Singh reads an ancient book and learns that Mahishmati race. The saint at the Shiv temple saves Sangram from the poisonous flies that have entered his body, with the help of honey. Meanwhile, Shivanya hurries towards Ritik with the nagmani in order to save him. In the meantime, Hrithik loses his consciousness at the cliff.

Shivanya follows her and comes across an unknown part of the havelli which she has not seen before. Ritik gets intimate with Shivanya after saving her from inside an ice boulder. Elsewhere, Shivanya tries to get free from the trap of Guruma. Yamini is searching for the Nagmani in the havelli. Hrithik tells Tanvi that he doesn't want to hurt her and is marring her only for her happiness. Will Shivanya be able to lay her hands on the Nagmani before ... Shivanya wants to reveal Yamini's reality to Hritihik, but he is in a romantic mood and hugs Shivanya. The series traces the lives of shape-shifting serpents who fight evil, aim for revenge and keep the ultimate source of power safe from evil clutches. She also gave them special rings in order to protect them from the wrath of naagin.

Yaamini takes shivanya with her to gurumatha. He assures Shivanya that he would tell Amrita and Angad about the reality that she did not kill their father, Ankush Raheja. Hrithik saw his uncle was killed by a naagin but he was not able to see her face . Later, Sesha and Ritik reach the place where the nagmani is kept and just as he is about to give the nagmani to Sesha, Shivanya reaches there and stops Ritik. Elsewhere, Sesha follows in the footsteps of Ritik's father and tries to unravel the mystery behind the Naagmani. Naagin Recent Episode. Watch Online Naagin 5 14th August 2020 Video Episode 1 Colors Tv  Serial, Hindi Drama Online Naagin Season 5 14th August 2020 Latest Episodes, Today Naagin 5 14th August 2020 All Complete in HD. Pandit tells yaamini that only gurumatha can save family from the naagin's revenge. However, she is surprised to find that the nagmani is not in the locker and thinks that Sesha has taken the nagmani with her. Later, Yamini gets shocked on getting to know that Shivanya is a naagin and then decides to plan something against her. Also, Hrithik's father gets shocked at seeing a ... Shesha reaches the family as a dancer. Yamini pushes Maharaj Sangram Singh down the edge of the cliff as Rithik is convinced to bring the naagmani for her. Naagin 5 14th August 2020 Video Episode 1. On the other hand, Yamini questions Hrithik as to why is he alone during the party and then asks the same question to Shivanya. Guruma presents to Yamini her new assistant, Mayuri, hired to allure Ritik. Shivanya wants to know who is gurumatha.

Meanwhile, Sesha realizes that Ritik's father and the 'Naagmani' are missing. Shivanya retrieves the 'Naagmani' and tries to unveil the face of her parent's fifth murderer. Later, Hrithik hits an old man with his car and decides to take him to the hospital. Yamini is shocked to see Shivanya as the bride. On the other hand, Ankush tells Yamini that he is scared of her love and adds that she looks beautiful when she is angry but is soon told the plan to kill at-least one naagin. Elsewhere, Hrithik's real father does not find the book and thinks that ... Hrithik stops the sadhus from harming Shivanya. Can Shivanya stop Yamini and Sesha as they plot to re-ignite this rivalry?

Shivanya apologies to Hrithik for having doubted his mother and as he asks her to not cry, she suggests him to give her a chance to make it up to him. But he adds that he is worried about Sesha coming there in any form. Yamini tells Hrithik that only he can save his dad and adds that she will come along with him. Yamini gives jewelry as a gift to Shivanya and as she starts crying and is asked about the problem, she tells about her brother being still alive and him having killed the naagin couple. At the cave of gurumatha she tells yaamini that the eagle with her will kill the naagin. Then Sesha guides Kabir to the room and tells him to kill Shivanya. Required fields are marked *. Hrithik absolutely fall in love for shivanya. Shesha finds the place where Shivanya's body is burred, having learned about the place from Yamini. While Shivanya tries hard to keep her daughter away from her real identity, it will not be long before destiny catches up with Shivangi. Shivanya pays heeds to her Guruji's words and performs a 'Taandav' with all her heart. In the meantime, Sesha hopes for her sister, Shivanya to come back to stop the marriage. Yaamini was the 5th killer which is out of shivanya's knowledge. Tanvi and Hrithik's engagement is underway when Shivanya re-enters Hrithik's house with the help of Sesha.

After talking to Yamini, Sesha thinks about getting the naagmani for herself and them immediately leaves. Hritik's mother arranges his marriage with Shivanya instead of Tanvi on account of Shivanya saving Hritik's life. Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 2nd November 2020 Video Episode 31 Colors Tv Serial, Hindi Drama Online Bigg Boss 14 2nd November 2020 Latest Episodes, Today Bigg Boss 14 2nd November 2020 All Complete in HD. Hrithik wakes up from a bad dream and is asked by his Tanvi as to what did he dream about. Sesha performs the puja at the temple. While shivanya is a naagin she is now developing feelings for hrithik. On the other hand, a pandit tells Yamini that her son needs to get married before the age of 25 or otherwise his life will be in trouble. Shivanya goes to the temple of Goddess Kaali and her Gurudev comes there.

Ritik is not ready to leave Shivanya alone at the temple because he's afraid that Shesha and Yamini might do anything in order to get the nagmani. Meanwhile Mayuri captures Sesha. Shivanya tries to kill Suri one time again, but he escapes. Tanvi plans to cancel the wedding ceremony. In a strange twist of fate, Shivangi falls in love with Rocky, who is the adopted son of Shivanya's arch nemesis Yamini. The first season aired from 1 …

Sesha confronts Mayuri for secretly attacking Shivanya and tries to kill her. She is now fear that the naagin would destroy her family.

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