in three kebeles. As many as 4.6 million people need food assistance annually. The town of Bodrum is situated on a peninsula in south-western Turkey in the province of Muǧla. [11], The most important cash crop in Ethiopia was coffee. Consequently, Ethiopia became a net importer of grain worth about 243 million Birr annually from 1983/84 to, 1987/88. Private traders and the Agricultural Marketing Corporation (AMC), established in 1976, marketed Ethiopia's agricultural output. Out of the reported wild edibles 9 species (20%) were most commonly knowledge from all 85 cultural groups of the country, tritional analyses, many research reports are also available documenting anti-nutritional. [5], Imperial government policy permitting investors to import fertilizers, pesticides, tractors and combines, and (until 1973) fuel free of import duties encouraged the rapid expansion of large-scale commercial farming. Despite the Derg's efforts to reassure farmers that land reform would not affect them negatively, northerners remained suspicious of the new government's intentions. The key informants reported significantly higher mean number of edible species of WSWEPs than the general informants (P<0.05). Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, content of 61 wild edible plant foods of Niger, ... Abyssinia, the now Ethiopia is one of the eight centers of crop diversity with long cultivation history of domesticated pea, the largest producer of grain legumes in Africa, ... Abyssinia, the now Ethiopia is one of the eight centers of crop diversity with long cultivation history of domesticated pea, the largest producer of grain legumes in Africa Ermias Lulekal et al., 2011;Kiros M. Hadgu et al., 2019). species belonging to 102 genera under 54 families have been recorded which are commonly used in addition to these cereals, they produce different types of fruits and coffee which are not seasonal. These figures varied from those provided by the World Bank, which estimated that cropland, pasture, and forestland accounted for 13%, 41%, and 25%, respectively, of the total land area in 1987. of Ethiopia’, ‘ethnobotanical study of wild edible plants’ and ‘food security in Ethiopia’. were employed to analyze the data. In terms of medicinal uses, Lycoperdon perlatum Pers. Though India has 8.2% tribal population, Kerala has only 1.14% of tribal population 2 . Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 152: 27-71. A range of values was found for oxalic acid from absence to 1100 mg/100 g of plant material. is an important crop in the tropics and subtropics, It explains data collection and hypothesis testing and provides practical ideas on fieldwork ethics and the application of results to conservation and community development. [20], Both the imperial and the Marxist governments tried to improve livestock production by instituting programs such as free vaccination, well-digging, construction of feeder roads, and improvement of pastureland, largely through international organizations such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank. Fruit is not grown in large quantities in the central highlands. less documentation and no specific reports are available on the food and medicinal Ethnobotany (medicinal plants, wild edible plants, ritual plants, general use of plants such as plant-human relations) was a weak positive relationship(r=0.28) between age of informants and the number of The two main varieties of yellow passion and purple passion began exporting as table fruits or processed juice to Europe in 2010, through the neighboring Djibouti port. They are boiled, roasted, or included in a stew-like dish known as wot, which is sometimes a main dish and sometimes a supplementary food. A 1979 study showed that around Addis Ababa individual holdings ranged from 1.0 to 1.6 hectares and that about 48 percent of the parcels were less than one-fourth of a hectare in size. Ethiopia is also Africa's second biggest maize producer. Furthermore, cropping has become more intensive and needs more labour; the establishment of exclosures and the expansion of cropland have led to less grazing grounds. Tibs. Northern Oman, a valuable fruit producing shrub. and domestication of WEPs is a timely endeavour to utilise potential food sources. "Agriculture" (and subsections), updated with latest figures from the CSA. Key words: ethnobotany, nutritional value, yam, By 1990 the state had begun to develop large poultry farms, mostly around Addis Ababa, to supply hotels and government institutions. [5] The beneficial climate in the Highlands of Ethiopia also enabled irrigation and other advanced agricultural technology. They not only provide energy supplemented Map showing Ethiopian Districts partly explored for ethnobotany of WEPs. During the same period (1973–87), population increased at an average annual rate of 2.6 percent (2.4 percent for 1980-87). tion as a basis lead for further investigations into these plants. [5], Government attempts to implement land reform also created problems related to land fragmentation, insecurity of tenure, and shortages of farm inputs and tools. These three grains constitute the staple foods of a good part of the population and are major items in the diet of the nomads. In addition, increased peasant consumption caused shortages of food items such as teff, wheat, corn, and other grains in urban areas. Although WEPs represent a minor contribution to family meals, they are potentially important nutrient and cultural resources for local people around the world. Domestically, coffee contributed about 20% of the government's revenue. [25] These tools includes sickle, pick axe, plough shaft, ploughshare, plow, beam and animal force as a machines. Within Ethiopia — population 90 million — the names and ingredients of dishes may vary among the country's diverse regions and ethnic groups. Discussion. Per capita meat consumption was high by developing countries' standards, an estimated thirteen kilograms annually. markets in the Tigray regionof Ethiopia along with other cultivated food sources such as. Ethiopia's major staple crops include a variety of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and coffee. The relatively low number of wild green vegetables utilized has gradually decreased to practically none, mainly due to replacement by a few cultivated vegetables. This rose produces a vitamin-rich fruit regularly eaten in times of food shortages in the country.

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