the seaon was Summer in the Chinese year of Ox, it is 256 days until Guru next birthday. It isn’t yet known if further new Gang Starr music will follow the release of ‘Family And Loyalty’. Elam graduated with a degree in business administration from Morehouse College in Atlanta and took graduate classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. I told Freddy that Guru was piloting the flight and he would get him here safely and on time; and he did.”, Also speaking on it being the first Gang Starr video ever filmed without Guru being present in physical form, Premier said: “Everything is very emotional and raw, because he’s not here, but his spirit is here. After a change in line-up, the group consisted of rapper Elam and beat maker DJ Premier. He had a son named Keith Casim and his father was a judge in Massachusetts. Guru were born on Monday, birthstone is Ruby, Guru's nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff made a 16-minute documentary in which he narrated the story of his late uncle. Continuing to further their legacy, Gang Starr have now unveiled the video for ‘Family and Loyalty’. Elam began his rap career under the pseudonym MC Keithy E but later changed name to Guru. A Gang Starr reunion album was planned but will never be released because of Guru's death. The video captures a full-circle, coming of age moment, as Guru’s son, Keith Casim, plays an integral part in the video. We are honest with him, how much fun Guru and I had, the bad times, we are not sugarcoating anything; we want him to know his father.”. The album, meant to raise awareness and funds in support of the AIDS epidemic in relation to the African American community, was heralded as the album of the year by Time Magazine. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. I still felt Gang Starr inside of me, it just happened to be nine years later.”, Speaking of  fans’ wait for new Gang Starr music, Premier said: “We all want the things we want right now, but I am a patient guy. I used to babysit him. The video can be seen at,, and In reference to the above mentioned Jazzmatazz project, Elam told Pete Lewis of Blues & Soul: "Back around '93--when I first came up with the Jazzmatazz concept--I was noticing how a lot of cats were digging in the crates and sampling jazz breaks to make hip hop records. We have so much unused footage together and with Guru’s lyrics I visualised him in the video as a picture book, a photo album that would capture our journey.”. Besides his brother and sister, Guru is survived by his parents; another sister, Jocelyn Perron, and a son, Keith Casim. FUN FACTS. At the 2011 Grammy Awards, Guru's name was not mentioned in the annual retrospective of musicians who had died since the 2010 awards.

Keith Elam (Guru) was survived by his parents, three siblings, and a son named Keith Casim. In 1993, Guru released the first in a series of four solo albums while still a member of Gang Starr.

He founded Gang Starr in 1987. His production partner, Solar, claimed that Elam had momentarily awakened from his coma to compose a letter to the public, although DJ Premier and members of the emcee's family stated that he never regained consciousness. ‘Family and Loyalty’ features J Cole, as well as vocals by late Gang Starr rapper Guru, who died from cancer in 2010. Gang Starr went on hiatus after their seventh album ‘The Ownerz’ in 2003. But while I thought that was cool, I wanted to take it to the next level and actually create a new genre by getting the actual dudes we were sampling into the studio to jam over hip hop beats with some of the top vocalists of the time. It was real important to me to have Guru’s son be a major focus of the video. Elam's family claimed that Solar had prevented them from having contact with Elam during his illness just before his death. His second solo LP, Jazzmatazz, Vol. Tupac Amaru Shakur, best known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper and actor. He was born June 16, 1971, New York City, tupac was shot dead at the age of 25, September 13, 1996, Las Vegas.

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