Congratulations! #8: Being a new mother can be frightening and scary, I know. 2) No tape can ever measure, the extent to which a child can become a parent’s treasure. Sending our best wishes to the family whose size just grew by one family member! #20: Congratulations on the addition of a cute prince to your family. We love the name you’ve chosen for him, and we can’t wait to see him grow up alongside these amazing parents we know. Two tiny hands, two tiny feet. #57: We wish you and your new baby a life full of happiness, peace and good health. #24: Your lives have been blessed, your home has been filled with joy and your family has been blessed with a new baby boy. He’s adorable and I’m happy for you. Can’t wait to hold him in my arms. Best wishes. #22: Congratulations on the arrival on your baby boy, I wish him the best in life. 7) A baby boy makes a mother out of his mom and a father out of his dad. 9) I congratulate you for going past morning sickness and pregnancy food cravings. Combined with the right gift, we guarantee that your input and attendance will be highly appreciated. #15: I’m sending you this message to congratulate you on the arrival of your adorable baby. #70: As you welcome your baby into your life, we pray and hope it fulfills all your heart’s desires. #18: Your baby is the luckiest person on earth because he has got an amazing parent like you. I’m sure he’s as sweet as you are. #21: After the long wait, you have been blessed with an amazing and healthy baby boy. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations. Blessings and best wishes to the new baby boy. Congratulations for becoming parents to a baby boy. #33: Now you will become annoyed because you have to keep changing diapers, but you’ll also become overwhelmingly happy because you have been given a sweet gift from heaven. I know that the two of you have been trying for a long time. #37: I’m glad all your hard work has finally paid off with the most beautiful baby boy. Congratulations. Well done! #58: Babies are small wonders of the world, but they are also fun, engaging and playful. #54: I pray today that the joy you’ve experienced at the birth of your baby boy continues to linger in your heart. Congratulations on this great arrival. 28) Your pair has always been perfect but with the birth of your newborn, your family has now become picture perfect. I am sure you will make an amazing and spontaneous parent any child could have. Funny wishes of New Born Baby Boy Congratulation messages to your friends. Cheers to a new life! #26: With a father so handsome and a mother so beautiful, we expect the baby boy to be angelic at the very least. 13) Your life will now be full of cheers, because from two you will now become the three musketeers. #31: Welcome to the world, cute prince. Congratulations and best wishes on his upbringing. Congratulations. 37) May the best things in life happen to your sweet little bunny, may he get lots of attention and care from you and your honey. We heard about the safe delivery of your precious baby boy – Congratulations and may you find more love and happiness in your life now more than ever! May God bless your precious baby boy! #25: Rejoice because heaven has blessed you with the best gift anyone could ask for. 70 Congratulation Wishes for New Born Baby Boy. He’s charming, cute and adorable in every way. He will also be the biggest bundle of joy in your life, so look forward to that! Congratulations. We were so happy to receive news about your new baby boy! Today marks the day that a little prince enters a wonderful household. How lucky for you to be blessed with a healthy, bouncing baby boy! Hugs and kisses to you all as you prepare for this great journey. He is the spitting image of his father! 15) If life could be measured in cute drools and adorable giggles, yours is just perfect right now. Congratulations for Baby Boy: Wishes for newborns shouldn’t always be cute, cuddly and drool worthy. Cheers on the lovely baby boy! Cheers! Happy birthday to a newborn baby boy born to the most amazing couple I know, and congratulations to the proud parents for the safe and successful delivery! It is the beginning of your legacy. 27) Congratulations for becoming mommy and daddy to a baby boy, I am sure he will be quite a handful and a bundle of joy. Congratulations for finding something so magical. #59; More than anything, I pray for peace and happiness for this new baby boy. Cheers! With a new character in the story, we know that there lies a magical life ahead. We’ve all known that it’s happening soon for a while, but now that your baby boy is here with us it finally feels much more real! #49: You must be excited, and your spirit must be filled with joy. #53: I’m happy to be sharing in your joy and happiness. Instead of buying cheesy and stock greeting cards from the supermarket shelves, write a personalized message to celebrate this magical moment in a couple’s lives. Sending my love to the little man. Many congratulations on being so bold and courageous. 32) How did it feel when your newborn’s hand clasped your finger for the first time? Congratulations to you and your wife! You’re small and unaware of the world around you just yet, baby boy, but you are in good hands. Congratulations again on the birth of your darling prince. The Right Messages is your source for Messages. Wow! 36) Today is not just the end of your pregnancy. Congratulations! Prayers for health and happiness for all of you. Baby boys are indeed a blessing and congratulations on having one. My healthy Congratulations go to you. Your world is going to be awesome now with such a bright baby boy to raise. No advice from your parents or grandparents will actually prepare you for the real experience of parenthood. #35: The Touch of those little feet, the talcum smell and the cry of the baby are all that brings joy. It will be one tough ride. Congratulations dearest on the birth of a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations on the newest family member brightening your household with even more joyous waves of laughter and fun! I wish you and your family all the best. Congratulations on this great achievement. Congratulations! Darling, congratulations on the newest member of the family. All this and a lot more, is what will make your life soar. Congratulations. Congratulations for having a baby. #55: May this baby be a constant reminder that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. You’re responsible for a whole new person now, and I can only wish you all the best!

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