Reaction: Destruction (MAX) Stacks up to 3 times. ), 1) level 2 or higher, up to level 10, link skill from level 120 knights of cygnus, 2) level 2 link skill from level 120 Kanna (NOTE: If the main character is a Kanna, this will be the main character’s own link skill. @JongJong: Zen (from MSEA) has a link skill called Core Aura which is same as Jett (from GMS).

Crystal’s Secret (MAX) Gives Invincibility time upon revival after death. Level 1: +10% Max HP. Level 2: Permanently increases STR by 25, DEX by 25, INT by 25, LUK by 25, Max HP by 10%, and Max MP by 10%. @sasquach: The above is the latest. Which link skills I should go for? Jack is an avid gamer who isn't afraid to take on a challenge. With this particular software you can find and additionally read-off the best system from different clothing System Untradable upon equipped.

Level 1: Converts 50% of the ATT from equipment in use, excluding the weapon, into MATT. lets say if i have 2 xenon , can i use xenon (A) to link xenon (B) ? In MapleStorySEA only (because of the lack of Kinesis and Beast Tamer (and also Jett), and therefore their link skills and character cards), Strengthen this skill by collecting Goddess Teardrops. Attacks up to 15 enemies at 1500% damage 3 times at regular intervals. Passive Effect: Rio damage +50% Magic Attack +9, INT +14, LUK +14, Sold for 100,000 mesos Hi Joseph, your level must be at least Level 100 to unlock Level 2 Pirate Blessing. Hi, so just to clarify, do resistance characters have link skills? Level 10: Gain Bless Mark for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times total. Required fields are marked *. 9. The skills' effects are always applied to the character themselves and, once you reach Lv. The best two Link Skills provide the same stat boost, just with different degrees. 10 Perfect Bless Mark or above Perhaps you will be the first to uncover it :). i did see u mentioning u can change link once per day. Final Damage: +2% per level. Level 1: 1 Bless Mark is consumed when hit to absorb 30% of damage. How many Link Skills can you link with 1 char (Main Char) so that he/she gets most/all the buffs. Demon Slayer (Warrior) = Boss Damage Kindly inform if I missed anything so I can update the guide above. Craft Javelin, Rio, Crystal Portal (1)
Att Speed : Normal (6), M.Att: +123, W.Att: +75, Slot: 7, Sold for 49,000 mesos, Level 110 – Zakum’s Poisonic Magic Gauntlet | Zakum’s Poisonic Lucent Gauntlet Hi iSlapeuu, other jobs that has link skill can give to Mercedes. You can, of course, choose to go for all three if you want to. Level 2: Activates when moving a certain distance, stacks up to 6 times. 120 and Jett's 4th Job advancement. It is here in the small town of Sanctuary that we find Illium. Not affected by effects which reset cooldowns, increase buff durations, or modify recovery skill potency. Luminous, Kanna, Kinesis, Battlemage), 2. level 150 Knight of Cygnus (NOT Mihile), level 120 Zen + level 120 Cannon Shooter + level 100 Viper, level 120 Hayato + level 100 Dark Knight + level 120 Demon Avenger, level 120 Kinesis + level 120 Luminous + level 120 Kanna, level 120 Zen + level 120 Cannon Shooter + level 100 Viper, level 120 Hayato + level 120 Blaster + level 120 Demon Avenger, level 120 Kinesis + level 120 Luminous + level 120 Kanna. When you level up Link Skills, you can use the skills on other characters you have in the same world. Longinus flies towards the Crystal, and deals massive damage to all enemies along its path. But I have a question. 7 – 9 Stacks: ATT/MATT +6 8) Demon Slayer 10 Effect: Can learn 3rd Skill, Curse Mark Mastery etc…. Need stacks/charges to use the crystal skills.


12. Rankings.

Alliance? because i’m also playing in maplesea, and i just reached 100 on my phantom, but the linked to my other character is still at lvl 1. Deus – Bonus Attack → ? Lucent Brand III | Perfect Bless Mark (Passive) Hayato (Keen Edge) Aran will get Level 3 when he/she is at Level 200, but how about other character receiving his/her “Linked Skill”? 11. For those who are power-leveling (reaching to xx level at a shortest amount of time), then it will be essential to get the right class first, before creating your main character. Attacks up to 12 enemies at 840% damage 8 times. If you relink to characterB, characterC will lose that link skill. Reaction: Domination II (MAX) Glory Wing duration does not affect Buff Duration Bonus and Buff Freezer effects. Level 1: MP Cost: 100. Throws a sharp magic javelin that attacks while flying between enemies. They are one of the best ways to improve your character’s stats and DPS for free. Attacks up to 5 enemies at 184% damage 3 times.

Reaction: Destruction II, Reaction: Domination II, Crystal Skill: Glory Wing (1) A pretty boring Link Skill, but still very solid on every class other than Demon Avenger. Supernova Dust – Change Core Aura’s stats. & If you try to link job of the same type/kind (e.g. Level 1: MP Cost: 100 MP, Damage +10% for 60 seconds. M.Att: +133, W.Att: +81, Slot: 7, Sold for 54,000 mesos, Level 120 – Necro Magic Gauntlet | Necromancer Lucent Gauntlet Illium secondary weapon is Lucent Wings (GMS) aka Magic Wing (MSEA).

120, the Link Skill can reach Lv. I’ll be updating it now.

10) Zero Leave a comment on the article if you spot mistakes or would like to share some info not shown here or notify if guide is outdated or missing something! Evan is a great blessing for Magician that has high MP consumption. Not affected by cooldown reset. If you ask me, Krazy, I’d say Hayato, Cannoneer, Mercedes and Beast Tamer are good enough. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail or subscribe without commenting. Angelic Buster (Terms and Conditions) MAPLE UNION EFFECT: INT +10/20/40/80/100 Leave a comment on the article if you spot mistakes or would like to share some info not shown here or notify if guide is outdated or missing something! Increases Crystal Skill: Deus damage on Boss monsters. 8. Level 10: Can be stacked up to 3 times. 1. One more quick question:

5. Type: Active. Untradable after equipped, Can be traded once if use PSOK, Unlock Boss-Tier Additional Options, Set Item of Arcaneshade Set (Mage), Ayumilove MapleStory Zakum vs Illium 3rd Job Solo Normal Mode, Ayumilove MapleStory Illium vs Root Abyss Bellum, Crimson Queen, Pierre, Ayumilove MapleStory Illium Storyline (Beginner, 1st and 2nd Job), Ayumilove MapleStory Illium Combo Orb and Javelin Guide. If a character’s own link skill can reach a higher level by training other jobs or characters with the same link skill to stack the character’s own link skill’s level, this will be treated as the same link skill, that is, it will not be counted in the “12 other different link skills” from other characters. Please double check. Javelin – Bonus Attack → ? 20 Rio and Makina or above| Required Crystal Charge: 90 or above

4. Not confirmed to be in any particular order of the extent of “damage over time” boost, but I will try to list this from the highest extent character, to the lowest: 1) Demon Avenger Reaction: Destruction II (MAX) Level 1: Craft: Javelin damage on Boss monsters +20%, Longinus – Reinforce Level 20: MP Cost: 100. However, Jett can’t actually link it’s link skill until level 70. It’s a copy-paste issue. @Nevin: Yes, you will need to reach a certain character level to automatically level up the Link Skill.

20 Craft: Orb or above I know a merc, cannoneer, phantom and zero. I receive the last prequest for 2nd job advancement but i cannot find the right person and i did not listen to the explanation from the quest line. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i need help.. i have no idea about link skill… when i click link skill icon on my Zero lvl 110 i cant do anything with it.. it say “apprentice unchangeable”.. can someone teach me how to do it?

| Longinus – Cooldown Reduction Links with the energy 5 times. Crystal Skill: Deus (Active) 5. o-o, Hi Ayumi, recently in gms we received lvl3 link skills except for hayato(lvl250 cap). Receive the Goddess Rhinne's blessings, reducing the damage taken from enemies while ignoring a portion of their defense. Hi ayumi, in maplesea….. Will I get level 2 link skill in level 100 or 120? 4) Hayato PRIMARY WEAPON: Lucent Gauntlet | Magic Gauntlet 210 sec cooldown. (e.g. Level 2: Incoming damage reduced: 6%, defense ignored: 4% (Required Level 128) Illium is part of the Flora race. Only 51% of Final Damage for the Reaction skill the spirit activates is applied, but if it’s the 5th skill, 100% is applied. (Since you get that automatically always. And yeah, at least to my eyes, the way it’s worded now (“Before Reboot” and “After Reboot”) might make people think that Guardian of Light is no longer available in Reboot. Lv. M.Att: +43, W.Att: +27, Slot: 7, Sold for 2,800 mesos, Level 50 – Mercury Magic Gauntlet | Mercury Lucent Gauntlet Im maining ark and im wondering what the best links to improve him. M.Att: +63, W.Att: +39, Slot: 7, Sold for 23,000 mesos, Level 60 – Lovis Magic Gauntlet | Robis Lucent Gauntlet Permanently boost all stats, Max HP and Max MP. Leveling a character to Level 70 does not take more than 2 weeks with casual playing (1-2 hours) per day.

Lv.170 – Longinus Zone (Active) Attacks against weaker opponents deal +6% damage. Cygnus Knights (Cygnus Blessing) @Elson it’s most likely coming to every server. | Flora Temperance Lv.150 – Celestial Protection (Active) Untradable after equipped, Can be traded once if use PSOK, Unlock Boss-Tier Additional Options, Set Item of Absolabs Cabalist Set (Magician), Level 200 – Arcane Shade Magic Gauntlet | Arcane Umbra Lucent Gauntlet ), 8) level 2 link skill from level 120 Angelic Buster, 9) level 2 link skill from level 120 Demon Slayer, 10) level 2 link skill from level 120 Luminous (NOTE: If the main character is a Luminous, this will be the main character’s own link skill.). Because you need the crystal skills for max dpm. Summons for 20 sec. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 8. Each stack’s value are added together.
Combo Kill Advantage/Rune Persistence (Aran/Evan). 3 can be reached at Lv. Level 2: Activates if combat lasts for more than 5 seconds and can stack up to 5 times. Damage is the end-all be-all stat in MapleStory, so a flat out percentage-based damage boost is incredible. | Perfect Curse Mark What link instead? Mercedes gives a permanent 20% EXP bonus, which will help you train other characters for link skills. Characters to train to boost damage range: 2) level 150 revamped Knight of Cygnus FOR LEVEL 30 EMPRESS BLESSING, for +30 weapon/magic attack to all OTHER characters EXCEPT ITSELF. why is kanna above demon avenger for boss? Therefore, you can’t have 9 Kaiser link skills on 1 Kaiser. 20 Effect: Can learn 2nd Skill, Reaction: Domination, and 4th Skill, Craft: Orb II. To see the limit of link skills, open up your skill tab, click on the link skill icon and you will notice x/12 Transferred Skill. Increases Craft: Javelin Attack Count. +30% Damage for 10 seconds. 6) Zen’s link skill when Zen is level 120: Minimum + 3 stats AND +3 weapon/magic attack

(Hopefully, MapleStorySEA is still operating by then:x) Unless you’re playing a Demon Avenger, max HP is essentially an irrelevant stat late game since every boss does percent-based damage on your character’s HP anyway.

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