But there is risk in this hyper-visibility. [9][10] Whether he actually received these degrees and if so from where has not been determined for certain. It was the first such third party in the country, dwarfed by the National Republican Party (later the Whigs) and the Democratic Party. [32], In the elections of 1828, the new party proved unexpectedly strong.

Anti-Masonry (alternatively called anti-Freemasonry) is "avowed opposition to Freemasonry", which in some countries and religious groups has led to suppression.However, there is no homogeneous anti-Masonic movement. Jahrhundert eine kleine Partei in den Vereinigten Staaten. [23], The Anti-Masonic Party was formed in Upstate New York in February 1828. And, like any other brand, they are also subject to evolution and changing tastes. Bei den Wahlen von 1828 schnitt die neue Partei unerwartet gut ab, und nach einem Jahr hatte sie die Nationalen Republikaner in New York praktisch ersetzt. The Anti-Masonic Party, also known as the Anti-Masonic Movement, was the first third party in the United States. When people have a hate symbol they tend to want to use them in one of three ways, and they are not mutually exclusive. [51], Following Ritner's election in 1835, a state convention was held in Harrisburg on December 14–17, 1835 to choose presidential electors for the 1836 election. [19], Because judges, businessmen, bankers and politicians were often Masons, ordinary citizens began to think of it as an elitist group. Die Tatsache, dass Wirt, den sie für die Präsidentschaft 1832 aufstellten, nicht nur Freimaurer gewesen war, sondern den Orden sogar in einer Rede vor der Versammlung verteidigte hatte, die ihn dann nominierte, lässt erahnen, dass die schlichte Gegnerschaft zur Freimaurerei bald ein unbedeutender Faktor für den Zusammenhalt der verschiedenartigen Elemente war, aus denen die Partei bestand. [36][37][38] The newspapers of the time reveled in partisanship and one brief paragraph in an Albany Journal article opposing Martin Van Buren included the words "dangerous", "demagogue", "corrupt", "degrade", "pervert", "prostitute", "debauch" and "cursed". If you see someone spray paint 666, it's probably not a Satanist, and if you see someone spray paint a swastika, it's not a Nazi.". [13], When his intentions became known to the Batavia lodge, an attempt was made to burn down the business of the printer who planned to publish Morgan's book. https://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php?title=Anti-Masonic_Party&oldid=88581. [67], A later political organization called the Anti-Masonic Party was active from 1872 until 1888. Die Tatsache, dass Wirt, den sie für die Präsidentschaft 1832 erkoren, nicht bloß ein Freimaurer gewesen war, sondern den Orden sogar in einer Rede vor der Versammlung verteidigte hatte, die ihn dann nominierte, lässt erahnen, dass die schlichte Gegnerschaft zur Freimaurerei bald ein unbedeutender Faktor für den Zusammenhalt der verschiedenartigen Elemente war, aus denen die Partei bestand. I always consider three things: If you see someone spray paint KKK, it's not the Klan. [64], Under the banner of Anti-Masons, able leaders united Anti-Jacksonians and others who were discontented with existing political conditions. Ronald P. Formisano, and Kathleen Smith Kutolowski, "Antimasonry and Masonry: The Genesis of Protest, 1826-1827.". [8] In 1825, Morgan received the Royal Arch degree at Le Roy's Western Star Chapter #33, having declared under oath that he had previously received the six degrees which preceded it. It strongly opposed Freemasonry as a single-issue party and later aspired to become a major party by expanding its platform to take positions on other issues. "Parties and the public good: political Antimasonry in New York reconsidered. Dieses Ereignis erzeugte große Aufregung und führte zu dem Glauben, dass Freimaurer unmöglich gute Bürger sein konnten. [61], The Anti-Masonic movement gave rise to or expanded the use of many innovations which became accepted practice among other parties, including nominating conventions and party newspapers. [11] Angered by the rejection, Morgan announced that he was going to publish an exposé titled Illustrations of Masonry,[12] critical of the Freemasons and describing their secret degree ceremonies in detail. By AJ Willingham, CNN / Design: Ted Witus, CNN, Updated 1329 GMT (2129 HKT) September 28, 2019. Sie wandte sich stark gegen die Freimaurerei. Office of the Historian, U.S. House of Representatives, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, Opposition to Freemasonry within Christianity, "A New American Populist Coalition? Examples include: William Wilkins, elected to the Senate in 1830 by a coalition of Democrats and Anti-Masons in the Pennsylvania General Assembly;[47][48] and William Sprague, elected Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives in 1831 by a coalition of Democrats and Anti-Masons. Michael Kazin, Rebecca Edwards, Adam Rothman, editors.
Es handelte sich aber nicht um eine Partei mit nur einem einzigen Programmpunkt, sondern sie strebte danach, eine große Partei zu werden. [28], Anti-Masonry became a political issue in Western New York, where early in 1827 many mass meetings resolved not to support Masons for public office. In anderen Staaten überlebte die Partei ein wenig länger, aber bis 1836 waren die meisten Mitglieder zu den Whigs übergelaufen. "One thing I see every once in a while is a 1488 represented with a pair of dice," Pitcavage says. Ihr Versuch, 1832 auf ihr antifreimaurerisches Programm William Wirt als Präsidenten durchzubringen, schlug kläglich fehl: trotz der ungewöhnliche Dimensionen annehmenden Volksverhetzung blieb der Freimaurer Andrew Jackson (s. d.) siegreich. [20] Moreover, many claimed that the lodges' secret oaths bound Masons to favor each other against outsiders in the courts and elsewhere. No candidate, including Palmer, received a majority of votes for governor as required by the Vermont Constitution. As people became more mobile economically during the Industrial Revolution and began to move west when new states were populated by white settlers and added to the Union, the growth of the Anti-Masonic movement was caused by the political and social unrest resulting from the weakening of longstanding family and community ties.

Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 28. Like other symbols in this article, a lot of what determines whether the "OK" sign is a hate symbol is the context in which it is used.

The party was founded in the aftermath of the disappearance of William Morgan, a former Mason who had ultimately become a prominent critic of the Masonic organization. [27] Many churches passed resolutions condemning ministers and lay leaders who were Masons and several denominations condemned Freemasonry, including the Presbyterian, Congregational, Methodist and Baptist churches as well as several others. The convention chose former attorney general William Wirt as the party's standard bearer in the 1832 presidential election and Wirt won 7.8% of the popular vote and carried Vermont.
Sie wandte sie sich stark gegen die Freimaurerei. [66] In addition, the Anti-Masons aided in the rise of the Whig Party as the major alternative to the Democrats, with conventions, newspapers and Anti-Masonic positions on issues including internal improvements and tariffs being adopted by the Whigs. The Nazis don't have the market cornered on hypervisible hate symbols, though. If good government was to be restored "all Masons must be purged from public office". [44], The highest elected office held by a member of the Anti-Masonic Party was governor.

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