Ice Cube glares down the camera at New York's Wetlands, circa 1993.

'I love the energy and the pose and her gold sequin dress. Partygoers attend a New Year's party at Webster Hall, 1993.

To top it all off I put him in the 'ball room' for the photo op,' the photographer says, Drag queen on a swing: Roller rink turned nightclub the Roxy in 1990. Joan Rivers poses with a pair of shirtless men at the Gossip party at Club USA, 1993. New York, 2020. You can see the bread loaf is the shape of a penis,' Eichner writes. The band Sky Cries Mary performs at Wetlands, 1994. Drag queens dance on platforms while partygoers enjoy libations while the music pumps. In the Limelight: 17 Photos of New York's Legendary '90s Club Scene. A beautiful woman with fists of cash what's not to love', Steal a kiss: 'The S&M balcony at Club USA was a great place to make out or do even more,' Eichner says of the 1994 pics. ' They're pictured at the Roxy in 1993, Young Leto: Jared Leto was a fixture on the 1990s New York club scene. Grinning ear to ear in their rave fashion with anticipation for what magical experience the night may ho, New book In The Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s dives into the club scene at hotspots like like Limelight, the Tunnel, Webster Hall, Club Expo, and Club USA. Never-before-seen photos taken by prolific photographer Steve Eichner show eccentric costumes and drug-fueled parties with A-list partygoers. I would walk through with my camera and snap photos of people in all phases of these activities. New book In The Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s dives into the club scene at hotspots like like Limelight, the Tunnel, Webster Hall, Club Expo, and Club USA. The club was in Times square and at that time the area was completely seedy. Published: 16:13 GMT, 27 October 2020 | Updated: 09:45 GMT, 28 October 2020.

Peter Dinklage sings with the band Whizzy at Columbia University, 1994. The guy sticking his tongue out and the girl's mouth waiting to receive it. Left: Mark Wahlberg flips off the camera at Club USA, 1993.

A topless woman dances onstage above other patrons during a party at New York City's Webster Hall, 1993. 'They would promote this as a big thing where you could get a bunch of money. 'Start with a pair of doc martins or sneakers the glue together flat foam pieces stacked up in multi-colors.

'The club kids were the ring leaders and promoters for many of the craziest parties of the 1990s. The author writes of businessman Trump, 'He loved to get his picture taken. Reporting on what you care about. Rosie Perez and Yo Yo celebrate at Palladium, 1993. The photo was set up to promote and publicize the Money Drop party. Uma Thurman is surprised at the Search and Destroy wrap party at Z Bar, 1994. He recalled, 'Roller skaters would wizz around while Madonna music blasted from the sound system. He's pictured in 1994. The author writes, 'These guys, like totally buffed out models, were like carrying her around and I'm snapping pictures and they did a birthday cake and at some point, she pulled me aside and she said 'Would you please not use those pictures of the guys.' See more of Eichner's pictures of NYC's club scene in the ’90s at Getty Images and at his website here. Crowds dance at a party at Club Expo, 1995. We sat Robin Byrd, a TV host and former adult film actress next to John and gave her a knife. Club kid Ernie Glam at an outdoor party in Battery Park thrown by Susanne Bartsch, 1990. Eichner says, 'The club's publicist came up with the idea and it worked. 'I always remember him as a nice quiet guy that dressed really cool and had stunning good looks. I actually really enjoyed looking through these.

Eichner writes that the Roxy 'was my first love as far as mega clubs'. 'The creativity and push to excite and entertain was a key theme running through 1990s clubland. The inmates were running the asylum', Penis party: Robin Byrd and John Wayne Bobbitt are pictured at the Tunnel in 1994. The comments below have not been moderated. I pointed my camera at these two people kissing on the sofa and snapped.

Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Left: Japanese singer Nokko performs at Club USA in 1993.

Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! 'That was one hell of a party. The author writes, 'I remember for some reason it is during the day, I don't know if they were there promoting something or just checking out the club but you know they're sitting on a church pew because the Limelight was an old church that was bought by Peter Gatien and turned into a night club', Birthday girl: Joan Rivers is seen at Club USA, in 1993 where she celebrated her birthday while being hoisted in the air by shirtless men. Another stroke of genius was once you are done, the suds are blown off of you with a leafblower', Leather and chains: A dancing clubgoer is seen at Club USA in 1993.
Good clean fun! He recalls that Trump 'loved to get his picture taken' and shares a photo of Joan Rivers being embarrassed of having her picture taken while being hoisted up by two shirtless men on her birthday. You jumping with your friends and swish around in there. 'Usually, homemade, and the taller the better,' the author writes. the author writes of the 1995 photo. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen attend a press stop at Planet Hollywood, 1993. ', A-listers: Donald Trump was a regular on the VIP balcony of Club USA in New York City. If anyone got more than $10 it was a miracle. The thing that makes it funny is I learned from one of the managers that there was only like $1,000 in the bag.

I had to get in there myself once or twice.

California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data.

Upstairs in the VIP area supermodels like Naomi Campbell popped champagne with rock stars', Clubgoers: Two young partygoers are pictured in 1994 walking down the entrance stairway and into a night at the massive Tunnel club. Though they were not actual twins or even related, they ran around the nightclubs always dressed in matching outfits, like these green wigs with pigtails. Right: Rhonda Shear kisses a masked partygoer at Film Studio in 1995. To my surprise when I viewed the developed film I realized that I had caught 't'he decisive moment''. It was hilarious watching the club kids try and walk in these things. A look back at NYC's wildest clubs of the 1990s, presented by Getty Images.

Cut the edges into jagged patterns and voila! ... KRBE (Power 104) LIVE from The Ocean Club (Oct 1988) by Houston Radio REWIND.

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