You are most welcome, glad the article resonated with you, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really did not like it. A guilt free, enjoyable time sounds like a great way to spend your bithday Lauren! I also always feel very insecure about the amount of friends come to my birthday. When the people who matter the most tell you their birthday wishes, it sounds like beautiful music to our ears, because we know they mean it. I like my birthdays, but I have never liked birthday parties. I cannot talk for ALL my fellow introverts out there, but I for one have an absolutely abhorrent stand towards the entire concept of birthdays. so glad I found this sight, I still feel like I’m on an island but I see there are others like me. So birthday celebrations or parties arent my thing. Tomorrow’s my birthday and I am feeling really nervous now and I can’t believe it’s here so soon. This year, my friend called me on my birthday, and I knew that she was going through a difficult time. ‘My boyfriend also made a playlist of all my favourite songs,’ she says. Download Houseparty, the social media app du jour in the age of Corona. I actually hosted my own birthday and had 17 friends over and catered the whole thing. He was ridiculously mean to us, for no particular reason, except maybe because he could be. And you are right, I’m not alone. In your comments tell me If I'm right or wrong! 11. For the INFJ personality, ego is an unknown word. She passed four years ago. To me this year I felt like being 16 should have more significance but it didn’t. Tips For Finding a True Friend as an Introvert, Fool-Proof Gifts For Your Introverted Girl, 4 Tips for an Introvert Not to Feel Lonely at College. If it’s my day, and I get to choose, I want to stay inside my apartment all day and not put on a bra and just like, order in pizza. However you choose to spend your Birthday Belle, know that you got my support. It took me several minutes to recover and a lot of perseverance to continue until the end of the party. And it’s not that I’m ungrateful for the attention. ELLE’s Fashion Writer, Daisy celebrated her birthday last week by making Pancake Day - her favourite national day - happen all over again in March. Having a few friends for a cake does sound nice. I always have the day off work, sometimes, I’ll treat myself and take a week! So, if you’re birthday is around the corner, here are some ways to make the most of it in the time of COVID-19, in case you need them too: Breakfast in bed. Got to love those synchronicities. I don’t even really like getting birthday cards, so what I do now is I display the ones I receive for a month or so, and then recycle them. Thanks for explaining myslef to me, lol. One thing that I’d really like for my birthday is to have my wishes respected. . My mother at one point was making a huge deal over me not wanting to go to a specific place, plus I just wanted to spend the night with my friend. That’s wonderful to hear, Hannah! Celebration of good health sounds like a great plan to me. And I brought everything we needed for drinks. Not so much. Leslie Gore’s 1963 hit ‘It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To’ reverberates in my head from breakfast until I can bury myself under the duvet again. That’s so wonderful to hear you got two lovely kittens for your 50 birthday, and that you will be participating in your first sprint triathlon! And the best thing about being in isolation? I usually don’t have a big party, but rather go out for an intimate dinner with family. I would have rather be there then at home. No parties. This skill can let you meet new people, network, and form useful connections. I feel conflicted when it comes to my own birthday. I struggle to believe that I deserve anything good. But my heart says otherwise. My solution is having a party in September. I’ve slowly started figuring out the reasons. I’m celebrating this year by participating in my first sprint triathlon – 500 yards of swimming, 15 miles on the bike, 5K run. Today is my birthday and it has been the most depressing and darkest day. Glad you find the article interesting, Calli. I think of it as a personal “Happy New Year” and make some goals for myself and maybe get out and experience something new. Always exhausting but they’re happy. When I wake up in the morning I have no idea how my day is going to go. I can fully understand how you feel about your birthday, but I am happy to hear the pressure was off this year, and I hope the next one will be tranquil as well. It’s important that you acknowledge this beautiful date from within. But wait, there’s more depressing birthdays on the way. You’re not doing anything wrong for wanting your children to have a special day on their birthday, you mean well, and you want to give them attention and care. They never do. The very mention of this makes my skin crawl. Same feeling goes for any event in which I might be the center of attention. And this popped up! Also, I understand how you feel, all too well… Just remember, there is nothing wrong with you to feel this way, there never was. That is scary it is so accurate. NBC, Credit: After finding out why I felt so miserable and misunderstood, and seeing how it was linked to my INFJ personality, it made me feel a lot better. Settings Language. The weather is still nice, so we go out in our garden. What you stated was completely correct.. It still makes me uncomfortable even if I’m socially able to get through it in a more grateful, upbeat way as an adult. They were tears of gratitude but also tears of being in the limelight and feel squirmy! I always disliked my birthday because I shared it with my twin sister growing up. However, all that changed when I discovered that I’m an INFJ. LGBT, or GLBT, is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. That was a long time ago and it was very traumatic for me. IDK, I’m an adult, and when I want something, I go out and buy it. Do not think about the answers too long. I just had to stop typing to calm down. Not making my day any special but just a time to spend with my friends. It truly made me feel like I’m not alone. We let him blow the candles out of our birthday cake a couple of days ago and my relatives were all kinda surprised and felt we weren’t enthusiastic about our birthday. That internal INFJ conflict for our birthday is all too real. Just thinking about seeing them so happy and showing how much they mean to me is really important. They always made me feel sad, and anxious. My 16th birthday is in a couple days and I’ve always been miserable around it. I’ve been reading alot about our types and at 53 I’m finally starting to understand myself!! This past year all friends & relatives called the day before to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks for sharing this! Shutterstock, Credit: A few days in a small cottage by the water, just the two of us – Perfection , Thanks, HavePenWillTravel! Maybe an animal shelter or school. What a creepy coincidence – my birthday is next month. Long story short, less detailed, I lost my best friend the very next morning, mainly because I didn’t wanna lash out, so I said to leave me alone.

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