Conservative always appeals to the larger crowd, but in the end, who is more collectable, and who commands higher prices? (with a paint job, nice wheels and set up the right way). If the front of the Fury seems a bit too bland, you could hop over to the Dodge dealer and get the same car with a premium, high-zoot split grille! As Geeber notes, he had a long career in vehicle styling.

Repairs / Fixes Hill Street Blues showed Chicago's B-body Furys (and Diplomats) in their day-to-day life; they accelerated fast, looked sharp, and swung their rears around wildly whenever they went around a turn, as did most other cars on Hill Street Blues, which seemed to eschew slow-motion chases made fast by speeding up the film. xhttp.setRequestHeader("X-Requested-With", "xmlhttprequest"); A problem for the Fury was that Cordoba got all the press, advertising and heavy marketing. Single headlights returned to the B-body Plymouths for the first time since 1966. geoIps = geoIps.replace("__gt__" , ""); I know I’m biased but I think its a handsome car, nothing controversial or ugly about it, except of course the oversize bumpers. Those sedans were real bastards, mating the new-for-’75 square front end styling to the hippy, circa-1971 Dodge Coronet sedan body. The K cars reinforced the notion of Ply/Dodge as interchangeable. I apologize for using this shot again, but maybe that’s it: these cars are the manic-depressive expressions of the same basic idea.

Search . Nothing new. Stainless dual exhaust and new gas tank. In 1975, all hardtop Plymouth and Dodge intermediates had four windows that operated In 1976 that changed. f(); This included a new separate front wheelhouse (rather than using welded-in fender side shields); windshield pillars and front-door hinge pillars reinforced at the roof, belt line, and base of the pillar; thick steel reinforcements added inside the body sills from the front pillars to the center pillars; steel box sections from the front door hinge pillar to absorb impact loads; lower side rails at the side of the engine compartment made of heavier gauge steel; and box-section members joining the forward lower side rails with the body side sills made of heavier gauge steel for better impact resistance. function vsCFSendAjax() { You can enjoy all of them, even though they are very different. esp their muscle cars.

And I can hardly wait for your full write-up on the ’62. For example there’s no long, long rear end that now looks so dated (and went extinct once the Ford Panther platform ceased production earlier this decade). The 225 cu in (3.69 L) slant-six produced 145 hp (108 kW) at 4,000 rpm. Yes, there are more contemporary Impalas, but that is more a result of more GM being the market leader and more Impalas being sold new, and collectors of today being more likely driven to school in one, or having one as a first car. Engines ranged from the slant six to 318 and 360 V8 to 440 V8. It was supposed to be “Silver Frost Metallic” with red stripes, 360 Auto, black interior, basically as below: Somehow, someway, the dealer screwed up the order sheet and it came as a Satellit Sebring, Baby shit green with a half vinyl top. I remember used cars being advertised as having a heater! Wow! That, for me, would be the downsized Fury sedans [as well as the 2 doors]. It’s a pity the 71-72 Satellite Sebring wasn’t what people were after… that was the last good-looking unique Plymouth.

Probably a slight exhaust leak as well. As for the ’75, at least it looked more coherent than the sedans and wagons, pity there wasn’t money to do them as well, especially as Chrysler was more competitive in intermediates than full size cars. All of this was to aid in improved impact resistance and a greater feeling of solidity throughout the car. }; Meanwhile, the corporation had basically given up on quality control (it sticks in my mind that the car with the most sample defects ever recorded by Consumer Reports was a 1970 Plymouth Satellite wagon). Something nice? I’m not sure right now, and the stats are not readily available. It’s a unicorn. In addition to the R-body Gran Fury, the M-body Gran Fury replaced the M-body Chrysler LeBaron, which had moved to the compact K platform that year.

At that time, the 6 was equipped for police work with dual camshaft drive chains, an extra oil ring on the pistons, dual engine mount rings, and a larger drive for the oil pump.

We speak our minds, even if it’s ugly. It was a gamble that they lost, but it produced cars that look like nothing else. Something went wrong. I wonder if there were any other ’75 Sport Fury styling proposals that came out, where management said, “Nope, sorry. Like its predecessor, the 1982 Gran Fury was introduced later than its Chrysler and Dodge siblings; the Chrysler LeBaron and Dodge Diplomat had used the M-body since 1977. The S/23 was dropped for 1971, with new options including an electric sunroof (for top-line models) and a stereo tape player with a microphone, making it possible to record off the radio or take dictation. I’ve always adored the ’62 Plymouth all the way around. had a 75 roadrunner 400 4 barrel. 1963 Plymouth Fury with a 69 440 30 over 10.75 to 1 compression eagle rods 440 source aluminium ported heads srp pistons . There was a period in the 40s where Exner had a secret studio in his house as the postwar Studebaker was being developed. Just before Thanksgiving ( I had almost given up on it), I was going down Rt. Which I find quite the polar opposite, despite certain similarities. It was an exact copy of a factory broadcast band antenna, but much shorter. var date = new Date(); Nice presentation and interesting. Especially if it has the Sundance interior package. As for “interchangeable” cars”: Ford Granada or Mercury Monarch? Rarely a decent one pops up at a higher price. ", Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Bad News From Oz: No More Holden Caprice After 2017", "Directory Index: Plymouth/1975_Plymouth/1975_Chrysler-Plymouth_Brochure", "1980 Plymouth Gran Fury specs, performance, photo & data", "Chrysler Corporation R Bodies: 1979-1981 Downsized, Full-Sized Cars" Information courtesy of Chrysler, allpar,, Articles needing additional references from January 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 17:50. For 1974, the Fury shared Chrysler's all-new full-size C-body platform in common with the concurrent flagship Imperial (1974-75); Chrysler New Yorker (1974-78), Newport (1974-78) and Town & Country (1974-77); and with the Dodge Monaco (1974-76) and Royal Monaco (1977) as well.

grew to really like the car. factory air conditioning. Nobody really had anything like a Charger until the 69 Grand Prix/Monte Carlo, and the Barracuda was a very different execution of the ponycar with it’s practical but very capable underpinnings. f();

Plus they always had a bigger fan base from the very beginning. I know the 75 was in no way thought of as anything other than midsize so to have the 62 be marketed in the same breath as Impalas and galaxies of the era makes me amazed Chrysler survived!

The public was still thinking bigger was better and these never had a chance.

Now while I go and indulge in some manic thoughts about that ’62, you all can try to find something upbeat to say about this ’75. When the downsized "R-body" cars were introduced for 1979, a Plymouth version was not included, as the low-end Chrysler Newport was intended to fill this gap. With General Motors downsizing all its "full-sized" cars to mid-size dimensions, the handwriting was on the wall for all land yachts, including the Gran Fury. california car. Declining sales, a lack of promotion, and technical obsolescence—the platform dated back to the 1976 Plymouth Volare and Dodge Aspen—eventually contributed to the model's demise in early 1989. They are a treat. These models came with standards such as full wheel covers, vinyl tops, luxuriously upholstered interiors with walnut dashboards and door-panel trim, a thicker grade of carpeting, more sound insulation, and full courtesy lighting. At the end of 2001, the Plymouth nameplate had been discontinued, but in 2005, Chrysler's 300 and Dodge Magnum, as well as the 2006 Charger and 2008 Challenger, brought full-sized V6 and V8 powered rear- (and all-wheel-drive) sedans back to their lineup, thereby leaving Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as the only American manufacturer of full-sized V8/RWD passenger sedans. Stored properly in a barn before I got it. The overall design changed, with the grille losing chrome but gaining two vertical stacked headlights on each side.

Super hard to find one of these that hasn’t been butchered into a cop car clone. Those of us in the know could spot them by the “disguise antenna”.

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