Embed Map World Time Zones Weather Forecast Map FR24 Feeder Stations Air Cargo Codes Air Cargo Tracking RadarBox24 FlightAware Poland Civil Aviation Authority, What I just give him your leisure yes up all my stuff coming towards the I take this back with you. Some examples: HB-Axx two-engined aircraft from 5.7 to 15 tons, Aircraft over 15 tons due to shortage of Jxx. Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, Seychelles (S7-) If you try to login and receive the message 'No Digital Certificate Found', the old version of SSIR may still be running. Maldives (8Q-) At 10 characters, including the dash, this is the joint-longest registration, along with Panama. Previously CV until 1929. Colonial allocation Northern Rhodesia VP-R, VP-Y (was shared with Malawi and Zimbabwe). 7Q-AAA to 7Q-ZZZ. Republica di San Marino Each registered aircraft has a unique aircraft tail number which is used to identify the aircraft. Search and find model and engine data on aircraft by tail number. Aircraft registration search made easy! 4R- registrations from December 1953 onwards. 9J-AAA to 9J-ZZZ. VH-AAA to VH-ZZZ. Spain (EC-) As this world aircraft registration numbers are. Federal Aviation Authority Administrative Order JO 3420.2J Contractions with Change 2 dated 21 May 2020 - Section 2. Colonial allocation Leeward Islands VP-L (was shared with Antigua and Barbuda, and the British Virgin Islands). CC-AAA to CC-ZZZ from July 1, 2009 onwards. Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic This will load a MS Excel database to be saved on your computer. If you choose our Premium package you will also get the possibility to use information about arrivals, departures, and airports. website Our database basically plays a role as an aircraft registration search platform makes aircraft tracking easy. Civil Aircraft Tail Numbers Upon registration, the aircraft receives its unique “registration” which must be displayed prominently on the aircraft. Civil Aviation Authority Sri Lanka, Suriname (PZ-) Bulgarian CAA, Cabo Verde, República de (C4-) The list includes aircraft that are notable either as an individual aircraft or have been involved in a notable accident or incident or are linked to a person notable enough to have a stand-alone Wikipedia article. EMBRAER EMB Tail number: 16502. LN-AAA to LN-ZZZ Aircraft in general, except: RP-0001 to RP-9999 (Government-owned aircraft), RP-C0001 to RP-C9999 (Aircraft with complete registrations), RP-R0001 to RP-R9999 (Limited registrations), RP-U001A to RP-U999Z (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), RP-X0001 to RP-X9999 (Experimental certificate). Previously CH. Use our Searching Tools to locate your aircraft by Flight Number (e.g. Colonial allocation VP-K. RDPL-10000 to RDPL-99999. In case your business or the software you are developing aims tracking a certain aircraft tail number or provide a complete, user-friendly airplane tail numbers list, you can achieve that with our database. International Aircraft Registration Prefixes. HL9100 to HL9699 for turboshaft helicopter. Although it does not happen that often.

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