This Guide will show you how to create a self-sustainable bathroom system — a bathroom that does not require any fresh water and will run indefinitely, actually producing more water over time. 30seconds?) need to test that with my 4-5 mil polluted water tank, then the other opens up to dump out into fresh water reserve. Researched Plumbing (For bridges, pumps and vents) 2. You do have options. When liquid in a pipe reaches the input of a bridge, it will try to go through the bridge to the other side, but if it cannot because the other side is blocked then the liquid will flow past the bridge's input and continue onwards to the next input port on the pipe. Argh... guess that's my next emergency task. A Water Sieve can only process 5kg of Polluted Water per second, so if you put 10 Showers on one pipe then the sieve might not be able to keep up and you would need a second sieve or a longer pipe snake to buffer more clean water. From there, it's piped to my chlorine room. As is, I have a diversion on the Water Sieve output so the excess goes to the clean water holding tank. I was looping my water around for sinks and toilet upgrades and then was creating a overflow that would take the sieved water cool it and drop it back in the tank..... Good think I've been skimming chlorine! Some help would be appreciated :). Construct the pipe network for the bathroom. Should something happen to leave a very small quantity of germs in the water, they will die in short order on their own. This design implicitly relies on the fact that bathrooms are used sporadically rather than continuously. I've made a closed system consisting of a water sieve, sink, lavatory and shower that doesn't need any additional water once it's up and running. This is the basic loop completed; however, the lavatories will produce more Polluted Water than they consume in Water causing the system to eventually back-up and stop so we need an "overflow valve" to release the excess water from the system. WARNING: The "clean" Water that comes out of the Water Sieve still has germs in it so do not allow your Duplicants to consume the bathroom water in the Microbe Musher, Water Cooler or Espresso Machine. Regardless of the quantity of contents, the germ removal is percentage based. So I had a question about a bathroom loop setup. It also sends the excess off to a holding tank so I can use that water for other purposes. Growing plants with it is safe, as is using it in a loop for your bathroom or for an electorlyzer (oxygen with food poisoning is harmless). I'm just prepping for the time if a update changes things around, and it's a OCD thing for me at this point :),, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Oxygennotincluded community. You can make it non-germy through a sanitizing loop (I use a liquid storage on a timer in a chlorine room). Notes on water usage: Sink - 1 to 1 (5Kg per use) Shower - 1 to 1 (5Kg per use) Lavatory - 5 to 11.7 (5Kg per use, 11.7 Kg output) Now, I will assume you already have an infinite loop created. Lavatory - 5 to 11.7 (5Kg per use, 11.7 Kg output). Disclaimer: There are some mods in play in my game but they are not relevant to what is described above. The logic behind Link 1: the sensor is a pipe element sensor. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Also, should any waste bathroom water should come in, the timer gets reset. Yeah i was thinking of using a chlorine room and was pondering how to set up. The extra water is sent to oxygen generation. There are a lot of option to de-germ the germy water. There is no reason to de-germ H2O as long as you are not drinking it (disable your water cooler) or using it in the musher (do not use a musher at all). Okay, as requested, here is my bathroom loop with a sanitizer room: Link 2: The entire bathroom loop (pipe overlay). The trick to this is using a Liquid Bridge to create a "relief valve". Oxygen Not Included. I ran into some problems though and I can't seem to fix it on my own. Germy, you need to keep it a closed loop save anything that kills germs, Yeah 10k food poisoning in the water. Researched Distillation (For Water Sieves) 4.

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