Tips/media inquiries: [email protected]. Although the March 2020 Android Security Bulletin is seemingly the first time that CVE-2020-0069 has been publicly disclosed, details of the exploit have actually been sitting openly on the Internet—more specifically, on the XDA-Developers forums—since April of 2019. On April 17th, 2019, diplomatic published a second thread titled “Amazing Temp Root for MediaTek ARMv8” on our “Miscellaneous Android Development” forum. Therefore, the only way to root an Amazon Fire tablet (without hardware modifications) is to find an exploit in the software that allows the user to bypass Android’s security model. Receive the freshest Android & development news right in your inbox!

On the first Monday of every month, Google publishes the Android Security Bulletin, a page that discloses all the security vulnerabilities and their patches submitted by Google themselves or other third-parties. Copyright © xda-developers. Many vulnerabilities are discovered and patched by vendors without them ever showing up in the monthly bulletin. For XDA …

While Google does inform its Android partners about the latest Android Security Bulletin a full 30 days before the bulletin is made public (ie. You can repair IMEI number on MediaTek device using this tool. Furthermore, on devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, the presence of Verified Boot and dm-verity block modifications to read-only partitions like system and vendor. Here you will find SP Flash Tool, SN Write Tool, MTK Driver and MTK Meta Tool (MTK2000).

The simple steps to get root access using MediaTek-su. Update 1 (3/2/2020 @ 9:45 PM EST): This article was updated to clarify that XDA Member diplomatic was actually aware of the scope of this vulnerability as soon as he discovered it back in February of 2019, but that he was unaware of the exploit’s in-the-wild use until the publication of this article. Once the bootloader is unlocked, the user can introduce a superuser binary to the system and also a superuser management app to control which processes have access to root. We can clearly trace the exploit’s origin to diplomatic’s desire to mod the Amazon Fire tablets. For any readers who aren’t familiar with XDA-Developers, we’re a site that’s home to the largest forums for Android software modifications. Alleged Play Store apps abusing MediaTek-su. For this, nothing better than installing an app like Root Checker, which will help you check the status of root privileges in your beloved Mediatek CPU device. However, that might not actually have been the case. Source: XDA Senior Member Diplomatic. It allows you to root your android device and after rooting, you will be able to perform advanced tasks like Installing custom ROM, recoveries, kernels etc. Home > Tools > Download MTK Droid Tool to Root Android MediaTek Device. All the MTK Droid tools listed on this page officially released by the MediaTek and scanned by the Antivirus Program. According to XDA Recognized Developer topjohnwu, a malicious app can even “inject code directly into Zygote by using ptrace,” which means a normal app on your device could be hijacked to do the bidding of the attacker. However, 10 months have passed since MediaTek made a fix available to its partners, yet in March of 2020, dozens of OEMs haven’t fixed their devices. Tips/media inquiries: exactly what XDA Senior Member diplomatic did, restriction on apps executing binaries in their home directory, WhatsApp’s new storage management tool lets you bulk delete annoying image forwards, Download: MIUI 12 stable update rolling out to several Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices, Google to use AV1 codec to improve bandwidth for Stadia, Photos, Meet, and TV, Micromax IN Note 1 and IN 1B mark the return of Micromax to the Indian smartphone market, Samsung S Translator service will be shut down next month. Now that the March 2020 bulletin is out, this story should be over, right? Root MediaTek device. If you’re wondering on a technical level what MediaTek-su is exploiting, MediaTek shared the below chart with us that summarizes the entry point. External links may earn us a commission.

I follow AOSP and the Chromium Gerrit to uncover new features, and I also routinely analyze Android applications and device firmware to do the same. Usually, these modifications center around attaining root access on devices in order to delete bloatware, install custom software, or tweak default system parameters. Even though this very serious, “critical” severity vulnerability is actively being exploited in the wild, Google only slotted in the fix for this issue into the March 2020 bulletin, which is about 2 months after they were made aware of the issue. If it works, then you’ll need to wait for the manufacturer of your device to roll out an update that patches MediaTek-su. So what makes MediaTek-su earn its “Critical” severity with a CVSS v3.0 score of 9.3? Any app on your phone can copy the MediaTek-su script to their private directory and then execute it to gain root access in shell. Nokia 3, OPPO F9, and Redmi 6A) and employing MediaTek-su on them. ( ⚠️ WARNING ) Any firmware update released after March, 2020 is bound to block the method used by mtk-easy-su. Use the link below to download the MTK Droid tool on your Windows Computer. Add swipe gestures to any Android, no root, Make your phone easier to use with one hand, no root. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Furthermore, it is easy to root Android devices with the latest MTK Droid tool 2.5.3. Why Google didn’t choose to expedite the inclusion of a patch for such a serious issue is beyond me, especially when MediaTek had a fix for it 10 months ago. One of the vulnerabilities that are documented in the latest bulletin is CVE-2020-0069, a critical security exploit, specifically a rootkit, that affects millions of devices with chipsets from MediaTek, the large Taiwanese chip design company. With MediaTek-su, however, the user does not have to unlock the bootloader to get root access. The flaw apparently exists in one of MediaTek’s Linux Kernel drivers called “CMDQ.” The description states that, “by executing IOCTL commands in [the] CMDQ device node,” a local attacker can “arbitrarily read/write physical memory, dump [the] kernel symbol table to the pre-allocated DMA buffer, [and] manipulate the DMA buffer to modify the kernel settings to disable SELinux and escalate to ‘root’ privilege.”, MediaTek’s Security Vulnerability Summary of CVE-2020-0069. Recovery backup. OS Compatibility: This application will not support Linux or Mac operating system; otherwise, it will work on all versions of Windows. Otherwise, you’ll have to just check whether your device is vulnerable. We were only made aware of this exploit ourselves on February 5th, 2020, and after investigating for ourselves how bad it was, we contacted Google about it on February 7th, 2020. MediaTek-su should have been one of them, but for multiple reasons, several OEMs failed to integrate the patches offered by MediaTek. TrendMicro noted how three malicious apps attained root access using one of two methods, either the “use-after-free in binder driver” vulnerability or MediaTek-su.

Today was no exception: Google just made public the Android Security Bulletin for March 2020. For an OEM to declare that a device is in compliance with the 2020-03-05 Security Patch Level (SPL), the device must include all framework, Linux kernel, and applicable vendor driver fixes in the March 2020 Android Security Bulletin, which includes a fix for CVE-2020-0069, or MediaTek-su.

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Even worse, the vulnerability is actively being exploited by hackers. In the code that TrendMicro shared, we can clearly see how the malicious apps were targeting specific device models (eg. If you enter a root shell (you’ll know when the symbol changes from $ to #), then you’ll know the exploit works. Unlocking the bootloader is intentionally disabling one of the key security features on the device, which is why the user has to explicitly allow it to happen by typically enabling a toggle in Developer Options and then issuing an unlock command to the bootloader.

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