I regularly optimize my MM database ("Quick" b/c it is stored on an SSD), yet MB's db is stored on a 5200rpm HDD and still outperforms MM by a wide margin. In MM, if one sets one view, that's the view for all. By now, it is very polished and bug-free and really worth exploring. There are detailed instructions in the community forum describing how to create a suitable WINE prefix in which to install MusicBee with nearly all the features operating as they do in Windows. In cases where a song is a part of multiple albums, or there's a re-release with slight changes (such as track numbers, bonus songs, etc. I used it for some time, but now i found out how much you can do with the interface, really great program! You could pay for the MediaMonkey Gold but I see no reason to. It's also possible to customize the layout by choosing which panels to display. Add Video or … You can listen to Spotify, SKY.fm, Soundcloud, etc.In addition, you can manually search audio content from these players and websites using Clementine’s file manager.

MusicBee is another popular freeware Windows player with a lot of features. Auto-tagging - I have been using MP3Tag and customized Musicbrainz and discogs scripts for many years and I'm not going to change. With it, you can sort your audio database in no time. Synchronise music files, podcasts and playlists from your library, or music files from any folder to many portable devices. It is a well-designed and modern-looking program with an easily navigable interface and the option to switch between new skins and the classic theme. Join over 260,000 subscribers! Your media library is stored in a flat file rather than a traditional database, limiting its ability to manage truly massive collections of audio files, but offering far reduced processing overhead for small to medium-large collections. Here, a user can select which shades to color MB's skin and download the xml file for it. The interface is modern and easy on the eye. iPhone My Recommendation for DeaDBeeF. High-end audio cards can be easily used to their full potential without any additional software due to WASAPI and ASIO support. MB, on the other hand has a very active skinning community with new additions everyday. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. For example, you can get an extension that silences the ads while you are listening to online radio. You are not restricted to music files on your computer - you can play the web as well. In that time, I have lost thousands of play counts and other stats... this is what I've been waiting for. Play MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, WMA and other formats and optionally have those tracks scrobbled to Last.fm. MediaMonkey has a built-in auto-dj feature, appropriately called Party Mode, that can automatically play tracks based on set criteria. Media monkey came close but was never reliable. I've been testing the latest betas and have left behind 2.5.5 a few days after starting to use the latter. Device synchronization - I haven't tried this in MB, but trying to sync my Samsung Galaxy S5 with MM has been a PITA.

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