Episode 207 w/ Math Hoffa. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Math Hoffa battle is the first battle in the appropriately titled ‘Legends Only’ battle rap series produced by Hoffa himself, building off the broad success Math Hoffa has developed through his popular ‘My Expert Opinion’ video podcast series with both Ms.

When I reach $2000 a month i will do two episodes a week instead of one! Math Hoffa Interview. This battle would become one of the trademarks of Math Hoffa's career and cement his legacy as a "bully" in the Battle Rap community. However, Daylyt has stated in an interview that Math and Serius was the last battle for that night, so there was no possible way that he would've been the reason that the whole event shut down. news 270 on now. Though, as Math Hoffa is a 6' 8" individual, and Dose is shorter, Dose seemed to feel that Math's stature over him would illicit the visage of being talked down to. Charlie Clips can be seen yelling at several people but not jumping in to help though he considers Math a friend. Math's Rap Style is consisted of Aggressive, Witty, Deep, and Jokes(on occasion...)bars. From dismantling MC's, to how to properly connect with a left hook, Math's antics have made a household name, He now presents his opinion weekly on "Math Hoffa's Expert Opinion". NYB *New York Bullies consisted of Cortez ,Dchamberz, Hollow Da Don, Brooklyn Hanz and founder/leader Math Hoffa as the main rappers of the group.

Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Math Hoffa is also set to battle Chubby Jag on his re-return to battle rap on the groundbreaking Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE) platform next weekend on Saturday 29 August at …

However, Dose did not retreat, and attempted to challenge Math Hoffa's demands. Listen to Most Notorious! We’ll never sell your personal information. At a scheduled URL event, Math Hoffa battled Philadelphia based battle rapper Dose. Follow B DOT THE GOD: @BDotTheGod Follow SISTAR OUTSPOKEN: @sistaoutspoken Follow RX: @PrettyReecee Follow the RYD team: Follow RYD - @RuinYourDayNow Follow Avocado - @AvocadoIsGod Follow Clayton - @DamnItsClayton Follow Laugh N Stalk - @DrLaughNStalk. The battle would again take place on the URL platform, and it turned out to be arguably one of the most competitive and divisive battles of that age. Heavy Half and Floss Da Boss vs.

Chef Trez, Snake Eyez vs. Smack and Beasley of URL's management team had to ban him from the URL for the actions that he committed.

Math Hoffa got his start on the streets of NY, battling other MCs next to the same bodegas as his idol Notorious B.I.G. battle rapHoffaLegends OnlyMath HoffaMathHoffaTVmethod manRuin Your DayWu Tangwu tang clan, Sam is the Producer of The Lesson w/ DJ Sanchez (hip-hop radio show & TV show based in Melbourne, Australia). math hoffa and 3. math hoffa and 3. Math Hoffa (born Justin Edwards) is a New York based MC, Podcast Host, Battle Rapper, Entertainer, and Entrepreneur who hails from Brooklyn, New York. math hoffa. In the latest episode of “Drink Champs,” battle rap veteran and podcast sensation Math Hoffa links up with N.O.R.E. In 2013 on URL's Summer Madness 3, Math Hoffa battled Serius Jones and was disqualified due to him punching Jones in the face, it was widely believed that this action not only shut down the event entirely, but also barred URL from ever having a show at the venue again. movies 68 on now. https://battlerap.fandom.com/wiki/Math_Hoffa?oldid=10449. The short one-round, 5-minute battle sees Math going first in a very strong round before the legend Meth shows and proves why he is who he is. Listen to some of your battle rap's most influential battles with our special guests! Support this podcast: htt…. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mathhoffa. Dizaster blasted Math in the jaw followed by a few more punches from Diz as well as his associates. wher… URL:SM3 (disqualified due to assaulting Serius Jones). This podcast is covering all Hip Hop, Battle Rap, Sports and everyday life. sections: hiphop 501 on now. At the end of Dizaster's third round, Diz says "I should punch you in your fucking face right now", to which Math replies, "Do it.". Best Podcasts Recommended by us. On the podcast premiere of "Math Hoffa's Expert Opinion" He has battle rap legend "Loaded Lux" in the chair for an epic interview that you don't want … Math Hoffa Interview. About The My Expert Opinion Show was created by the battle rap legend himself Math Hoffa. SOURCE SPORTS: LaMelo Ball Struggling During NBA Draft Interviews, But Could It Be Intentional? We cover Hip Hop music and culture from Australia, NZ and beyond, new releases + Battle Rap for The Source. Math Hoffa then punched Dose, and the stage quickly turned into an all out brawl between Math Hoffa's crew, and those Dose brought with him from Philadelphia. was MATH on METH?. Episode 207 w/ Math Hoffa. After stacking four consecutive victories at Fight Klub, including a bodying of Nems, Math got the attention of SMACK DVD who put together a battle with Philadelphia battle rapper Dose. Bringing his trademark style combining aggressive street lyrics and character driven humor, Hoffa put his name on yet another of the genre's most viewed and debated battles. In Math Hoffa vs. Dizaster, revenge for all that Math did to previous opponents came back on him. was MATH on METH?. A claim he vehemently denies. Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones Face-O… Listen Later API Data Discover Community Upvote niche podcasts. https://anchor.fm/app In 2007, Math parlayed the hype from the fight footage into a high profile throw down with Iron Solomon at the peak of his career. Last month he blasted several well-known bloggers for covering the rap allegations made against him -- even though they were defending him. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. Listen to CHARLIE CLIPS vs MATH HOFFA with B DOT, SISTAR OUTSPOKEN & RX, an episode of Watch Battles, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. Math Hoffa was asked how he got connected to Method Man and he said, “Meth is the big bro!” And because of their brotherly connection, there was not a lot of begging to get him involved. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. Hoffa and Meth posted promo images and video footage of the upcoming battle, but no other details and to where and when the showdown will air. Hot Podcasts Popular shows today. The battle rapper has had a mixed year. ‎As an accomplished battle rapper, actor and entrepreneur Math Hoffa is an expert on a variety of different subjects.

Math Hoffa and Dose had a rematch on the URL stage again in 2013, and it should be noted that during the rematch, Dose wore a hat without a brim. MOOK VS ROC, SNAKE VS GOTTI LIVE WATCH!! gear 35 on now. As a result, Dose opted to move in closer to Math as if to "press him" and effectively make Hoffa appear take the back foot during the battle. wild'ish 288 on now. Platinum Baby Podcast Episode 19: Westside Gunn – WHO MADE THE SUNSHINE. From dismantling MC's, to how to properly connect with a left hook, Math's antics have made a household name, He now presents his opinion weekly on "Math Hoffa's Expert Opinion". It appears this Method Man vs. This moment would go down as one of the most talked about moments in early battle rap history. The next installment of ‘Legends Only’ is already in the works and equally under wraps with possible further names potentially that may make an appearance on ‘Legends Only’ by Math Hoffa include Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Lupe Fiasco, N.O.R.E. ... Now there’s no need to speculate with Math Hoffa versus Method Man being officially available for the public. NIA PODCAST: TRUFOE CALLS OUT MATH HOFFA AND SPEAKS ON UPCOMING JAKKBOY BATTLE April 16, 2020 EARLY ACCESS TO THE EPISODES + A FREE PASS TO BE A SIT IN GUEST ON THE SHOW! That incident permanently labeled Math however as a bully for punching a man of much smaller stature than him, as many understood Dose's reasoning behind his attempts to bolster his image by being "pushy" in the battle. As with many Battle Rappers of the time, Dose presented himself as a very aggressive rapper, and was able to deliver his first round without any issues. "Yes. Explorer Find similar podcasts. My guest is Charles Brandt, the author of bestselling book "I Heard You Paint Houses", now being made into a Martin Scorsese film with Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. #fortheculture," Hoffa tweeted. Math Hoffa sensed this, and coupled with the fact that Dose's fitted cap brim touched the bridge of Math's nose as he turned in Dose's direction (a testament to how close Dose actually was to Math Hoffa) immediately interrupts his round to tell Dose to retreat. Hoffa posted a video, attacking bloggers and calling for his fans to stop watching their video blogs on YouTube. Curated Podcasts Recommended by media. Following that performance with another hugely popular URL match against fan favorite Aye Verb, Math cemented his status as both a legend of the old school and a problem for the new. Member of the Murda Ave.Bloods in Brooklyn.

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