After all, there is no daily rise or fall of lake water levels so what could the behavior be due to? Poolside Demo With Rick From Chaos Tackle, Seaway Perch Jointed – River Slicks Musky Baits, Musky Bucktail Wire Bending / Reshafting / Modifying How To, Jason Przekurat – Strike King Tour Grade Line, JIGGING FOR MUSKIES – Late Winter Musky Fishing in Pennsylvania. Because I ended up discovering a certain solar/lunar influence that really did work. The simple rise and set of both the sun and moon has far more impact than any other daily sun or moon position. Then you want to be fishing on your favorite big fish spots during the daily rise and set of both the sun and moon. Presque Isle, Maine, USA — Moonrise, Moonset, and Moon... Sun and Moon times today for Presque Isle, Sunrise and sunset times for Presque Isle, * All times are local time for Presque Isle. First off, do not fish just any spot during a moon phases, fish your BEST spot during these times or a spot that you know to hold a large musky. Why? Osfar & Raley Win PMTT Ranger Boats World Championship Again, 2021 Chicago, Milwaukee Musky Expos Canceled, Iowa Man Boats 52-Pound Musky From Non-Musky Lake, Team Raczynski Wins PMTT Qualifier On Chippewa Flowage, Ahrenholtz & Akin Post Record Win at PMTT Musky Hunter Magazine Tournament. I figured a daily entry of fish activity would finally give me a mound of fishing data to compare with the various solar/lunar references on a given day to day basis. I do realize how controversial my comments on solunar table validity may seem to some, but the facts speak for themselves. Overcast weather can also make it impossible to see a moon rise or set, and of course a dark/new moon is not visible to begin with. Specifically, a lot more big muskies, walleyes, and bass were taken right on the actual scheduled calendar day of both the full or new (dark) moon peak, and continued for a three to five day stretch afterwards. We do know for certain how the moons orbit controls the rise and fall of the ocean tides but how could the gravitational pull of the earth on the moon and the moon on the Earth have an impact on muskies in a lake or reservoir? All Rights Reserved.

My daily fishing logs had surely disputed the commonly accepted correlations, but they just as surely pointed to indisputable evidence that a “certain” solar/lunar factor was really important. For example, give me a severe summer T-storm right at sunset, and just before moon set during the new moon period and it’s almost a sure bet that I’m going to bag a big musky or the year’s biggest catch of lunker walleyes. The North American freshwater fish known as muskellunge—muskies, for short—are notoriously elusive and difficult to catch. Many anglers make the mistake of going out and just fishing any old spot during a major or minor period and, after experiencing little success, chalk the moon up to a hoax.

These are legitimate questions asked by thousands of anglers each year, and they deserve concrete answers backed up by some bonafide data. Nearly every fishing publication today publishes some kind of monthly solunar table, moon chart, activity calendar, action graph, or other similar version.
Major and minor solunar periods? Tides4fishing cookies are used to personalise content and ads, save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings. Now, I realize this sounds overly obvious, but I told you it would. Photoperiodism is actually the measured ratio of daylight to darkness. Rather, finding success with solunar phases requires strategy with the timing and location of your attack. All of these tables, charts, and calendars claim to predict daily feeding activity of fish with accordinance to moon and solar influences. My 21 year old fishing log revealed without question that more fish were active during a 90 minute window surrounding each one of these four daily influences. The real secret, I discovered, to solar/lunar influences on a daily basis was nothing more than knowing when the sun and moon rose and set on a 24 hour basis. Privacy & Terms. If you apply these tips and strategy to your musky hunting game this season I am certain that you will increase your catching consistency under challenging conditions and grow as an angler. In other words, you want to plan your fishing trips to hit the peak of the full or new moon. OutdoorsFIRST is hosted by Outdoors Engine. This calendar shows the Moon Phase for every day in the current month of October 2020.
Big muskies, big pike, big walleyes, and big lakers will be snappin’. August 6, 2019. Weather is also a legitimate third factor, and helps to elevate the impact of the daily rise and set of the sun or moon. The other “super secret” my logs revealed was the predictable frequency of big fish catches during the peak moon phases of full moon and new moon. But perhaps what was even more unbelievable to me was that everyone else had missed this simple but really absolutely TRUE key. In fact, it worked so well that it was hard to believe at first.


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