3.) We would go to the beach, Crashboat, every day. I would say that 2 people can live comfortably with $2,000 per month (2014 prices, that is) and it is very safe if you choose the right neighborhood, like anywhere else in the world. Groceries are about 23% higher than mainland US grocery stores. are much more limited to non-existent there. All I have is a high school degree from a private school in PR and I make more in one month than some people in PR make in a year, and I pay more just in taxes than most people in PR make in a year. I am retired, with a fixed income and I plan on living in a senior 60+ community called Jardin del Atlantico. However, I felt safe living in the mountains – very peaceful. However, it’s still important to do sufficient research when considering places to live, as some areas lack the infrastructure that you might be used to in America. Gracias. It’s so close to the malecon (boardwalk) that I can walk from my apartment. I Currently Live In The U.S Philadelphia Pa Spanish is the primary language in both types of schools, but English is also taught in both.

But there is only a little amount of Pr’s that actually have their citizenship certificated. Something that could also be a CON, we use the metric system for some things, which can be confusing for some state residents. The moderate climate here along with constant trade winds makes air conditioning only an issue if you live in a “dead air space” area. Yes, Puerto Rico does have the same coverage and plans but I think the amounts might vary. More information after contact. Great for boat get away to change scenery going to Icaco’s, palominos, Culebra which has the best beach in the Carribbean Flamenco beach!

My son has high-functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger’s) and ADHD and struggles with social skills and bullying in his school. But you have to wait a long time in most offices. Southeast: It’s the land of contrasts, with luxury living, golf courses, miles of beautiful sandy beaches, and undeveloped areas. As owner of a condo in the west coast who visits every couple of months, on the average, I have not seen the local businesses, services, quality of life directed affected by every we hear in the news. Go visit it and do your homework. I would like to address the comment about no air conditioning and that of higher electric costs. Gas prices are usually lower in PR than 19-15 other states and DC.

Check Google Maps. I am looking to learn about Aguadilla and maybe make a friend or two, where we can e-mail each other and this way I can have a better idea of how it really is and when I get there, I would know someone local who can fill me in on all things. That said, there are valid safety and sanitation concerns about the island. Maybe I’m on “island time” so I don’t expect the same scheduled stops within specific time frames.

I just read an article, that they just completed laying down a new 80 Terabyte fiberoptic cable in Isla Verde. -Roert. I have tried J and M – no response and l found that the Island West website is very high end real estate. People gather around to celebrate and enjoy together.

Either one drives (for everything!!) Christie, $2300 is tight (especially if you have health issues), but doable. Unless you live in a major area like San Juan, it’s best not to drink the tap water. this is a sad blight on the island.

i don’t live in Aguadilla, but visit every year. Many many stray dogs are victim to rabid squirrels (yes, we have squirrels and mongooses too). In the period 1948-1968, the country experienced an economic change. You get use to it. We're officially homeowners.

Very open and welcoming to foreigners. Of course, that can change depending on the city. Public schools in PR are not the best and private schools are pricey, electricity and water are quite expensive, etc…. Thanks, Arnie. I am a master tech in automobile and diesel repair including large emergency generator repairs .. Are there jobs of this type located on the island? This message is for Nerissa who is looking for assisted living for her 92 year old uncle. Are they insane?

It’s actually very easy to get by without knowing Spanish well. Are there any social services jobs in Puerto Rico that might be readily hiring. In the U.S., an apartment goes for $238.95 per square foot in the city center and $173.52 outside the city center. It’s great to see this community of people helping each other. Traffic rules are not obeyed. And a friend that got the same name? I have been involved in financial services for several years but prior to that I was teaching at the university level (business and marketing). There is an exodus of professionals leaving the Island in search of better working conditions and living standards which has depleted the number of doctors serving an increasingly aging population.

It is a beautiful place to live and I agree with several of the Pros mentioned. I write full time. Most often a home purchased on a 30-year mortgage will have a monthly mortgage payment that is significantly lower than monthly rent. What towns are safer , between 15-20k people?

Here in California I can get medi-gap insurance to cover prescriptions, the 20% Part B medicare doesn’t cover. There is an English language class in all schools.

http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/9/4/puerto-ricos-health-system-in-critical-condition.html, Revisiting Mount Saint Helens 56 years later. And, my mom’s doctor gave me his cell phone number, so I can call him directly. Have you been there?

Unfortunatley that will not be the case unless there is a mayor government change and employment growth. I have both brought pets here and know people who have sent cats and dogs to the US.

Standard Of Living As American citizens, Puerto Rico’s standard of living would increase greatly for the average person. Cambija Street Sunset Village A5


Pro Maybe you could send a family member to check everything out before you make a commitment.

And finally, being the owner of 5 dogs, and 2 cats, I can attest to the fact that veterinary services are a LOT less expensive in PR than in the states. The cost to rent here is a far more significant 54.42% lower than in the rest of the U.S. @Soy the area you are interested in is quiet and comfortable. This is how I see it~i need all the advise/help w/my relocation~if u feel the same let’s start sharing & growing together. We’ll see how the economy is doing there before we make that decision. There are many gas stations and the cost is just slightly higher than the US. I would like to know if is good place to move.

I don’t know anyone who lives there and I would like to ask about life in Aguadilla. Life in the mountains is good but commuting to work – usually in the cities- is stressful. Its how you say acre in spanish. Anybody else in the engineering field made the move and still work in the field?

I found my apartment from driving and walking around in the areas I like.

Sandra, we are thinking of moving there as well. Puerto Rico is a relatively inexpensive place to retire, and your Social Security benefits may be enough to cover most of your expenses, depending on your benefit amount and cost of living. Jim Barnash is a Certified Financial Planner with more than four decades of experience. It’s very sad to see, Finding stores, doctors, restaurants or anything online. Working here presents a few problems – usually people need to met you to hire you. Thanks for any info you all may be able to give.

To add on the con list, lot of restaurant employees are not aware of the ingredients in some foods, if you have a food allergy, this is a problem. That situation is more of a problem for the sender if you are receiving mail. Mary THANKS FOR YOUR INFO!!!!!!!!!! Our income is about $3600 a month. Compare the Top 3 Financial Advisors For You, Puerto Rico is a relatively inexpensive place to retire, and your Social Security benefits may be enough to cover most of your expenses, depending on your benefit amount and cost of living. The drawback there was family party noise but it also felt safe. There are always some great conversations taking place. You electricity will go out. Thanks, I am looking to purchase a villa in Rio Mar as a second home. I was born in PR, went to school in Massachusetts and registered there to vote in 2008. Education service in Puerto Rico is affordable. The name said everything, Puerto Riiiiiiiiiiiiicoooooooooo…. It was easy but took several weeks. Photo credit: ©iStock.com/Dan Barone, ©iStock.com/dbvirago, ©iStock.com/AvailableLight. The Puerto Rican economy is also not particularly healthy, and many are still suffering in the aftermath of Hurrican Maria. More than twice as many Democrats vote in primaries on the island than Republicans. I haven’t had any difficulty with taxi service on the San Juan side of the island. Puertorricans are U.S.A. citizens, not puertorrican “citizens”. we are looking into Aguadilla.

Thanks, Arnie. The landscape in Ponce is pretty flat and arid. Example; 2 hours from Miami, for less than $150.00. The Museum of Ponce is enjoyable, too. You could research online for more specifics. How easy is it to move a dog and cat to Puerto Rico, what are the requirements?

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