Accessed August 05, 2019. Moreover, he has donated more than eight billion dollars to charitable organizations. 990-PF:  Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation, Return of a Private Foundation (Form 990-PF), 2018, Part VIII – List of Officers, Directors, and Trustees, Attachment 2. Soros’ eldest son, Robert, did marry a Melissa Schiff, according to a May 1992 wedding announcement in The New York Times. The Campaign Finance Institute (CFI), founded in 1999 to work on liberal-minded campaign finance policy and since 2018 a division of the National Institute on Money in Politics, received $50,000 in contributions in 2012. “Time to Pay? Accessed August 05, 2019. The JJASF supported MapLight with $25,000 in 2014 and the Center for Responsive Politics with $50,000 in 2012. That it is you, and people like you, the rarest of the one percenters, who have warped our politics. [45] He runs JS Capital Management LLC. 990-PF:  Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation, Return of a Private Foundation (Form 990-PF), 2013, Part XV – Grants and Contributions Paid During the Year, Attachment 2. [10], Soros worked at Soros Fund Management beginning in 2002[11] and in 2004, he and his brother, Robert, became co-deputy chairmen of the organization[7] that managed $12.8 billion in funds at that time. CAPTION: Annaliese Witschak ex-husband George Soros, View more / View Less Facts of Annaliese Witschak. The QEFI was established in 2008 to avoid tax law changes that Bloomberg News estimated would have led George Soros to owe $6.7 billion in US federal, state, and local taxes by 2017. Send ideas to [email protected]. "[23], He backed two state legislative initiatives in 2016 to reform campaign financing, one on the state of Washington and the other in South Dakota. [31], Soros married Jennifer Allan in 1997, who was a social worker when they met. (Non-profit), Common Cause Education Fund The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) is the litigation and legal policy affiliate of the NAACP. Transportation Alternatives attempts to decrease automobile use in New York City and received $5,000. Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation gave the Roosevelt Institute, a left-leaning think tank that asserts that the system of free-market capitalism is inherently unjust, $500,000 from 2012-2015. [13] [14] Allasor employs two staff members, one of which is the JJASF secretary/treasurer Daniel R Eule. May 01, 2015. The duo tied the knot in 1960 and shares, three children, together. [14], He advocates for the removal of the electoral college, which he says is undemocratic and unconstitutional. [28] By March 2013, he supported small donor democracy, in which small-dollar campaign contributions are multiple-matched to increase participation by citizens and donor diversity. US Action Education Fund received $350,000 in 2013 from the JJASF and used state-level political engagement of Democratic-leaning demographic groups to influence policy. Login [46], Jennifer Ann Allan is the president of the JJASF; she met Jonathan in Philadelphia in 1992 while working for the Clinton-Gore campaign.

Married to – Melissa Robin Schiff Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund, Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV), NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (PPFA),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, New Venture Fund (NVF),, Beginning in 2000, the couple lived in a townhouse in the West Village of Manhattan. (Non-profit), Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) Forget the Who.

However, South Dakota's Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act was successful. They were dating for 5 years after getting together in 1992 and were married on 17th Aug 1997.

They have two children: Alexander Soros born in 1985, and Gregory James Soros born in 1988. Soros started the Friends of … Every Voice Center, formerly known as Public Campaign, is a left-of-center nonprofit and has a coaligned funding organization the Every Voice. (Non-profit), Center For Reproductive Rights He and Melissa Schiff are not related, his congressional office told The Daily Caller. [24], Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation (JJASF) has made grants to seven liberal funding vehicles since 2011 totaling $4,887,438. The JJASF has dispersed just over $22 million to 40 left-of-center groups from 2010 to 2015. Jonathan Tivadar Soros (born September 10, 1970) is the founder and chief executive officer of JS Capital Management LLC, a private investment firm. [47]. [28], The Advancement Project (AP) organizes non-white communities into politically active groups in opposition to voter identification and other electoral integrity laws, pushes for the re-enfranchisement of felons with few restrictions, and campaigns to alter school discipline rules to reduce punishments for many infringements; it received $400,000 from 2012-2013 from the JJASF.

[1][2] Prior to that, Soros worked at Soros Fund Management in daily operations and was co-deputy chairman of the organization. Founded with Ilyse Hogue,[b] formerly with Media Matters for America and, and David Donnelly, executive director of the Public Campaign Action Fund, the goal of the organization is to elect candidates that support campaign reform, including public matching funds for elections. 990-PF:  Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation, Return of a Private Foundation (Form 990-PF), 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Part XV – Grants and Contributions Paid During the Year, Attachment 2.

Your father is worth $20 billion. [22]  The JJASF sold its share of the QEFI on 12/21/2011 for $153,979,054, with a loss of $24,135,946. Have a fact check suggestion?

Tamiko Bolton was dragged into an ugly legal battle when Adriana Ferreyr, former Brazilian soap opera star and Soros' previous partner, filed a $50 million lawsuit against him claiming that he had promised to give her the $1.9 million Manhattan apartment that he eventually gave to Bolton.

He is a hedge fund manager and political donor, who co-founded Friends of Democracy, a super PAC dedicated to reducing the influence of money in politics in 2012. Your concerns, they tell you, will be their concerns—so long as you contribute at their next fundraiser. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Soros' organization was described as an "anti-super PAC super PAC" by The Washington Post. She otherwise avoids media appearances and does not have public presence on social media. PPEF’s staff organize and train volunteers in organizing, research, policy development, and community outreach on social, economic, racial justice, voter participation, environmental, and political education issues to New York State residents. Annaliese Witschak was born on 3rd January 1934 in the United States of America. [21], By 2014, he gave $2 million over a few years to support initiatives and candidates,[3] and a total of $3.7 million was spent by Soros for Democratic candidates by October of that year. Help keep Jonathan Soros and Jennifer Ann Allan profile up to date. In fact, she is the first wife of the man who has $8.3 billion net worth as of 2019. Common Cause, Common Cause Education Fund, Campaign Legal Center, Every Voice Center, Every Voice, and National Popular Vote (NPV) received a combined $3,864,000 from 2010-2105. It’s unclear if that divorce has been finalized. It’s an August weekend at “Camp Soros,” a $72 million Water Mill estate, and the rosé is flowing. It’s unclear if that divorce has been finalized. Accessed August 02, 2019. [3] Allasor Holdings Corporation granted JJASF $66,000,000 from 2009-2010, loaned $62,000,000,  and employs JJASF’s secretary/treasurer Daniel Eule.

(Non-profit), People’s Action Institute The JJASF grants to New Venture Fund of $71,938 from 2014 to 2015 supported advocating for left-of-center social and environmental change, healthcare, and education policies.

(Non-profit), William J. Brennan Center for Justice

“Loophole Closed: Hedge-Fund Managers Prepare Huge Tax Checks.” The Wall Street Journal. 990-PF:  Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation ,  Return of a Private Foundation (Form 990-PF) , 2018,Part VIII – List of Officers, Directors, and Trustees, Attachment 2,. Pregnancy Rumors? She was a German immigrant who was orphaned during the World War. Jennifer Ann Allan is the president of the JJASF; she met Jonathan in Philadelphia in 1992 while working for the Clinton-Gore campaign.

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