They can weigh up to 9 pounds, and lay about 180 eggs per year. You can read more about Orpingtons here. While the Orpington’s thick coat of feathers is an asset in cold temperatures, this chicken is sensitive to heat and can perish in hot climates unless provided with plenty of shade to keep cool. Originating in Australia, they’re parent stock are Orpingtons, Its name is a mixture of “Australia” and “Orpington.” Males weigh up to 10 pounds, making them fairly heavy. The Jersey Giant. Unfortunately, the Black Jersey Giant grew too slowly to compete with Cornish Rock broilers, which are ready for market in a few weeks. She writes about homesteading, health and travel for various online publications. Thing with dual purpose birds is they just don't lay as well as an egg laying breed, as for using as meat birds; they take longer to grow out than a meat bird which can equal tougher meat. Some can grow to around 30 inches tall, however, this will vary from chicken to chicken and breeder to breeder. The Jersey Giant is the biggest chicken in the world. The average hen will lay about 300 eggs per year. Jersey Giant males typically weigh anywhere between 13 and 15 pounds, and the females typically weigh anywhere between 10 to 12 pounds. This type of chicken comes in several varieties, including: This docile and friendly breed is great for families because they’re calm around children and is laid back with confinement. Here is a breeder of JG's.... that is all they breed, so you might get some good ones from these folks. The Jersey Giant has a long, deep body with a wide back. If you do decide to raise this breed, make sure you give them enough room to live. Originating in Belgium in the 19th century, this chicken breed is one of the largest in the world (rivalling Jersey Giants for heft). How Many Sheep per Acre Should You Have on Your Property. The demand rose for a more practical, utility-focused breed of chicken, and William Cook was happy to oblige with the first varieties of Orpington chickens. They’re great egg layers, and you can expect about 280 eggs per year. I read that Brahma was originally created from different breeds that included the Jersey Giant. The Jersey Giant’s friendliness has earned it the nickname  “Gentle Giant”, and the birds are very playful and gentle around children. I really like variety in our flock. For people who don’t know, dark feathering tends to leave dark spots on the chicken’s skin. The Jersey Giant is a very large bird—meant to produce large roasting chickens — not young broilers. Besides the difference in color, the black Jersey Giant also averages about a pound more than the white Jersey Giant. By using this website, you agree that the information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure illnesses or diseases. The White is a solid color with willow-colored shanks. Its appearance is quite striking. They’re feather footed, and lay dark brown eggs. But I'm not impressed with my jersey giants size/frame. The feet are also yellow on the bottom, but the shanks and toes are black with a little willow shading. The Black variety is slightly larger than the White. Housing and Fencing . You can learn more about Cochins here. They’re playful and definitely a fun bird to have on your farm. that’s heat tolerant, and is friendly towards humans. Maylay roosters weigh about 9 pounds, and the hens are fair layers. You may also use the Bill Me option and pay $17.95 for 6 issues. His Black and Buff Orpingtons gained popularity at an exponential rate, and remain popular to this day. There’s several different varieties of this chicken breed, including: In terms of their size, there’s no difference between a light and dark Brahma, although the bantam version won’t get very big. First called the Jersey Black Giants, they were later marketed by other breeders as Marcy Giants and Sears Jersey Giants. We had two roosters in the same pen with the hens and they did not fight each other. They go broody, too. We have Brahmas & we love them! Males tend to weigh around 10 pounds whereas females tend to weigh around 8 pounds. The name is from the Brahmaputra River in India.

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