33. We publish daily escape the room games … Walk all the way round and come back.- Use the shovel in the fire to take it back. Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden! Thanks for a great walk-through, Small-tool. If you like this game, check out The Meddling Shogi Player, Snow White, Closed Room, Strange House, Atmosfear and these other games. Take it. The best virtual page for the game. Escape Game Fireplace ... 【Escape Game Fireplace】の攻略動画(Walkthrough) 「Nicolet.jp」さんの他のゲーム. Tap on the shelf above and open the box. Can´t put the clay in the mold. Look at the mold and take the GOLD KEY.- GO RIGHT (2x).TABLE- Use the gold key on the door, open it, wait and you're out. They rise to the top and a key is revealed. Answers, guides, walkthrough and tips. Turn around to the other side of the room and take the ladder. The best virtual page for the game. Can you able to escape from the fireplace … tolo, I got stuck there too. Ask help about this game? Still the bird cage upstairs, too. brin3m,Click the bear and then it's paw is on fire. Good Luck! Notice the 4 colors on the drawer clue in second room. We’re still missing one shape piece. Read the Walkthrough? Use the hammer to break through the wall. again a bug or is there a trick? 39. March 5, the day when the good escape gamemakers slept! Tiny key next to bird, missed it the first two times I clicked around. We will guide you all … Tweet . Hi Ezio! Look at the game on the table. Use the first key to unlock the drawer below the globe. Go back to the box in the fireplace. The whole fireplace disappears! The game is also available on Android. on the 4 flames. Go back to the living room and put the ladder on the right side of the room. 32. Burn the paper with the bear and put it in the fireplace. This will gives you all the feeling of moving from room to room. While the game features multiplayer lobbies, this is not a requirement and all achievements can be obtained in solo. so it is Paw-Spiral-Fire) and take all 4 CARDS.- GO LEFT.DESK- Zoom in on the pc, click 'you got mail' and see the CARD ORDER HINT.- GO LEFT.FIREPLACE- Zoom in on the frame above the fireplace and click the button. 2. Not sure what I did, but I clicked down the hole from upstairs and a key fell. Put in all 4 cards;Spades = Knight = SwordHearts = Priest = GobletClubs = Farmer = the brown thing! If I have a hammer, what do I need a heavy ball for? Go back to the box in the fireplace. Dumah,You first have to see the date on the calendar before it works. Use Shovel on the fireplace according to the paper and get a stuffed cat. Got through it. When it burns down, there’s a lever behind it. 23,5 degrees is fixed but tryed all 99 and not open... @Dumah, did you zoom on the calendar on the wall, and zoom again to see the red date (39 of febr)? Can zoom into left and right side of merry-go-round. Look at the books. 17. Walk around and take it back with the shovel. Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. Average: 3.79. 19. You’re free! Prepare to see more than just pages and answers. Escape Games » Fireplace Walkthrough: Fireplace. Personal Blog Anasteisha R. Game Title: Underground Castle Escape  Production: Flash512   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Space Museum Escape Production: Masa Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title:  Halloween Production: nicolet   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Escape From The Log House Production: neat-escape   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Proliferation Escape Production: tokoyosousaku  Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Game 01: Pas5w0rds Extra 10 Production: Gatamari Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Escape From The Roof Production: NeatEscape   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Escape from a Higher Room Production: Kitposition   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Cat And Halloween Production: DetarameFactory   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Reoda: Chapter 8 Production: Pixelkobo Play This Game    Walkthrough Video. Talk about this game? Click here! Take the shovel from near the fireplace. Subscribe and get daily new escape games by email. I had to restart and now I got a new card from frame. ?Diamonds = Merchant = Coin- Click the button and click it again and take the JOKER CARD.- GO LEFT.BED- Use the shovel in the mouse hole and take the PAPER.- Zoom in on the panel on the wall and put the joker card in, open it and take the KEY MOLD.- Look at the paper and see it's the windows next to the fireplace and the cross is where to find something.- GO RIGHT.FIREPLACE- Zoom in on the floor in front of the fireplace and open the hatch and take the CAT and the DARK COLORED BALL.- GO RIGHT.DESK- Zoom in on the left drawer and see it's light+dark colored ball. Arrange the arrows like you saw on the compasses. Note you can zoom into merry-go-round after using it. Brilliant, harder but still logical, don't give up... Another fantastic game by Nicolet - what a pleasure. If you run out of cleaner, fill up the bottle again. Take the fish food and the gem. The two words for the left cupboard you find on the globe (countries where red dots are).To see WENS, use powder on paper, then magnet.Not a hard game, but google needed. Not much in second room, need 4 digit and 4 color drawer clues. This comment has been removed by the author. 1. can't put anything into fireplace....no fire.....? But what's the order? Hint is in that room. Play Fireplace Game Read the Walkthrough? WALKTHROUGHTABLE- Take the BOWL from the table.- Look at the picture with flowers, count the petals (534).- GO RIGHT.BED- Click the pillow and click it again to see the C HINT.- Zoom in on the box on the floor and put in the petal numbers (534), click the box and take the SCALE.- GO RIGHT (2x).DESK- Open the right drawer and take the LIGHT COLORED BALL.- GO RIGHT.TABLE- Zoom in on the code panel on the drawer and see the circle (it's the light colored ball). When they’re all cleaned, they’ll say 873425. In this game, you are trapped in a room. Use the hook on a stick to get the key. All rights reserved.Copyright © 2013-2015 . You’re almost done. Second cupboard not work. Oh thanks!I got the cat but didn´t see the ball inside. Nicolet - Escape Game: Fireplace Escape Walkthrough. Subscribe and get daily new escape games by email. One symbol is on the pillow, on on the towel and one in the empty bowl. So it should look like this: 32. 6. Find items and solve puzzles to get out, good luck! Take it. Should make progress now. had to click like a mad before on clay lol. Memorize their order: 14. Oh crap! You’re almost done. 21. We got them all. Towel bar is screwed to wall. All the answers. note: I think that "brown thing" is supposed to be a crook, aka a shepherd's staff and the "Farmer" is a poor translaton from Japanese and it's rather a "Shepherd. You are stuck inside the Fireplace Room, try to find out the clues, objects and use your wits to escape from there. Look at the scale, put the ball on and see its weigth is 367. Rotate all the puzzle pieces so they look like before: 27. Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. roberto,use the shovel on the floor in front of the fireplace (that's the hint from the paper) and there you can take the stuffed animal and a second ball. 12. Go down and put the ladder on the left side of the room. Take the last shape piece. 20. Log in to add game to favorites (Room Escape) You are stuck inside the Fireplace Room, try to find out the clues, objects and use your wits to escape from there. Puzzles with just the right amount of trickiness, and nice graphics. HelpMeWithGames is made and owned by KOB Technologies, All images and logos are property of their respective owners. Screwdriver will disappear when all used up. Take the hook on a pole from the right bookshelf. Good luck and have fun! I tried different orders and now I alwayss get different cars. So weigh the dark ball (881) and do the math (367+881=1248). Walkthrough: This will be a complete walkthrough with help, hints, tips and tricks for the iOS and Android game Just Escape: A Room Escape Game by InertiaSoft, the makers of Darkmoor Manor. Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden! 5. Put that in as code, open the drawer and take the SILVER KEY.- GO LEFT.DESK- Open the door with the silver key and go in.TOILET- Take the SHOVEL (right in the back).- Open the toilet lid and empty your bowl and now you have an EMPTY BOWL. Type in 873425. It’s Red’s turn, so add another red piece. Nicolet Escape Game: Fireplace Walkthrough. Look at the game on the table. 22. 123Bee Fireplace Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 123Bee. Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! I´ll try this one instead of graffiti-game. 36. Go back down and place both batteries in the slot that opens up below the globe. Zoom in on the cabinets below the fish tank. Turn to the left bookcase and take the necklace off the statue. Take the battery from under the couch cushion. Shovel from bathroom and emptied the bowl in the toilet. This gives you 6 Green, 5 Red, 4 Blue, 3 Yellow. Remember them. Take the spray bottle and use it on the window cleaner to fill it. Take it. Exceptional game! Average: 3.84. Take the second battery and another shape piece from the box that just unlocked. Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden! I'm missing something. Help please. 11. Thanks! Feed the food to the fish. What card where is on the pc. 4. In this escape game, you are locked in a fire place and you try to escape the fireplace by finding items and solving puzzles. Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. Open it. Share "Fireplace" Game . Pixel hunt: Can click on flames of the 4 colored candles. Climb up and put the books in the same order you saw on the other shelf: 16. Take another shape piece. "For these are typically the staffs shepherds use. I tried that s-t but its only my spade card that will fit. Trying for 1/4hour now and think I´ll give up... Love these petithima games, they are so pretty. Found a site with wrong info first.Speed of light= 2,99 792 458Light year= 9,460 52 84. That note? Go to the statue on the right side of the room and place the necklace around its neck. Turn to the windows and spray the bottle on each window panel. Talk about this game? A slot opens up with a hammer. Nicolet - Escape Game: FirePlace Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Nicolet. Count the pieces each color has on the board. Start the game in the phone room, hit arrow to move to right or left and get hints.

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