CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local roofers who can supply the BEST NAILS. DEAR TIM: I'm getting bids on a new roof and some of the roofers want to use a nail gun to install the shingles. Here the cold steel nails are immersed in a chemical liquid where electricity is applied to the solution and a very thin coating of zinc is applied to the steel. The tips of the nails are sharp and pointed for easy insertion so you don't break the shingles or damage the wood when driving the nails through. It had a heavy-duty architectural shingle on it that was supposed to last forty years, but it started to fail two years ago. Be sure you LOOK AT THE BOX LABELS when the roofers come. Still, stainless steel nails are worth ordering because they never corrode. Galvanized Nails | All the nails have been galvanized. Near the coast, salty air speeds up the process. Other methods of galvanizing leave a much smoother appearance on the nail surfaces than hot dipping. When it comes to galvanized nails for roofing, the gold standard is hot-dipped galvanized nails. You can read the saga of my failed asphalt shingle roof -, Watch this video to see the steps it takes to. DO NOT ACCEPT THESE. Electro-coated nails are cheaper, but the galvanizing is visibly thinner. I didn't build the home I live in. The final process is electroplating. It doesn't take long for the steel nails to rise up to that temperature and when they do, the steel atoms vibrate rapidly and interlock with the zinc atoms creating a zinc-steel alloy that resists rust quite well. In my case and in many roofs across the USA, electroplated nails are rusting just from the CONDENSATION under the shingles! The cold steel nails tumble around with the zinc dust, tiny glass beads and a chemical. Also, never use galvanized nails with copper flashing. When the sky turns blue, it's tempting to grab a handful of nails and tackle those outdoor repair jobs that have languished during the cold weather—be they loose soffit boards where squirrels invaded the attic or buckled siding that's ready for repainting. Once again, this process doesn't create the all-important alloy and the zinc coating can be uneven and thin. However, the zinc in galvanized nails reacts chemically with cedar and redwood. Hot-dipped galvanized nails not used in a nail gun are usually very distinctive. Paint won't prevent rust either; in a couple of years the rusty nail head will bleed through the topcoat. CLICK THE PHOTO to discover MORE about these nails. You can buy galvanized soffit nails, too—short and easy to handle when you're nailing above your head. How to fix unsightly tilework patches around plumbing fixtures. All steel nails exposed to moisture eventually rust. Don't be fooled by the words *hot galvanized* either. I'm using hot-dipped nails because I want no rusting.

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