In all fairness, not every Flash on this list is Barry Allen and not all of these kills were intentional. Desperate to stop Thawne from killing another one of his great loves, Barry chases Thawne down, grabbing him by the neck at super speed. That one might've stung, but Doomsday’s beatdown of Superman shocked the DC world to its core. The world is dying at the hands of the infected, and the very survival of humanity is at stake. This has been marked as answered, but Lex Luthor killed Superman. It wasn't just the murder itself, it was also the complete lack of empathy that eventually went on to make Barry Allen who he is. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Spectre could end Superman if allowed the power to do so. They both have the strength, durability, speed, and intellect to keep up. As Superman made an appearance in Sandman #71, part two of "The Wake," they are definitely in the same universe. Every time he came in contact with another speedster, they would wither and die. Can I afford to take this job's high-deductible health care plan? And there is that little thing called the Speed Force to back Flash up. In addition to this, Superman is vulnerable to magic, so a sufficient amount would be able to stop/control him. After Barry Allen's apparent death, Wally West took over as the Flash for years, making quite a name for himself. I know this because I worked on the game and was privy to some of the more complicated story issues. As for Martha Wayne, she became that world's Joker, adding to the Wayne family body count. After challenging Grodd to a battle to the death and almost losing, Barry took a page from Amanda Waller's playbook and planted a micro bomb in his skull, setting it to explode. If Death decides Superman dies, he dies. As Superman also does not have a regenerative healing factor he is also prone to being poisoned, Cheetah made him sick by biting him in an early Justice League (NU52) arc and most recently he's been infected by the Doomsday virus, a biological poison. These questions are fun, but difficult to answer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Death, by definition could do the job. Yes Kingdom Come Superman is powerful as shit , immune to kryptonite, etc... but I'd be curious to see how Kingdom Come Flash would match up... wish they did more with him as you don't really see how powerful he really is but how he's described he should be basically untouchable and unkillable. Jay Garrick was the original Flash, representing old school values and a golden age sense of morality. But there are some scaled down versions of Superman that I could see be beaten by Wally. When Iris West becomes an enemy of Superman's regime, the Flash hesitates to arrest her, but King Shark doesn't. I would have to say yes, conceivably he could use the methods that you described to kill Supes. Superman can reduce Batman to a light-year long smear of subatomic particles before the realization that this was a bad idea makes it from one neural cluster to the other in Batman's entirely human mind. Fending off an alien invasion is exactly the kind of thing that the Justice League does best. I mean he can vibrate through walls so he should be able to do his hand vibrating through chest thing. Wait, does Superman's heat vision generate “superheat”? While this did (somewhat) restore the timeline, it meant that a full grown Barry was present during the murder of his mother and willfully let it happen.

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