We would love for you to connect to the world of Aardwolf. We keep telling you Aardwolf is unique, check this out... Each of the seven main classes are currently under development for subclasses. Inside MUSHclient, go to File-->Plugins (or hit Ctrl+Shift+P). Aardwolf is primarily designed to be a very friendly MUD, one with the enjoyment of its players uppermost in the Imms' minds. MUSHclient: Jscript GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. It is now over 60 days since the last post. MUSHclient: General To show them in your local time you can join the forum, and then set the 'time correction' field in your profile to the number of hours difference between your location and UTC time. Also, the index command may prove helpful if you know the first few letters of a subject you'd like to read the help file for, but not the full name. Programming: STL That's it! Hans reviewed a final version of our code in January 2008 and his statement, quoted exactly, is below: "Having reviewed the Aardwolf MUD code, and evaluated this aginst the DikuMud source distribution, I must say that your code is very nice. Aardwolf has a very strong visually impaired following. The following plugins are available in the standard download: The stat monitor plugin provides a separate window in which to view all your stats and wealth. The plugin renders it unnecessary to turn off color and various levels of spam. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. MUSHclient: Miniwindows Chat / Channels Capture. Subclasses are a new twist in Aardwolf. MUSHclient: Beta testing There are currently 34 player clans on Aardwolf.----. Deliberately coding these bugs to 'appear different' would be a massive waste of time and arguably will take longer to do intentionally than rewriting the MUD did in the first place. Although the world of Aardwolf can be bewildering at first, it is worth the effort. Im like that :^P It is reasonable to assume from this that Hans was thorough in his review before making the statement above. Summary ===== The aard_inventory.xml file is a MUSHclient plugin for the Aardwolf mud. Yo neo, would you mind if I converted that sell all to LUA so that even the linux users can use it ? A plugin to calculate when all three moons of Andolor will appear in the sky simultaneously. You are an adventurer by default, but your specific style of adventuring needs to be chosen. Clans are a group of players following a common theme or goal and are a very important part of Aardwolf. You are an adventurer by default, but your specific style of adventuring needs to be chosen. General Plugin Installation Instructions. If you prefer MUSH, or use the Aardwolf client, there is a plugin for the JAWS Screen Reader that can be found at www.allinaccess.com/mc/. See www.mushclient.com/spam for dealing with forum spam. MUSHclient: Perlscript Several points on this: Perhaps most importantly, wanting to clear any confusion early on, we asked Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, one of the original DIKU authors, to review our code and give feedback on whether or not it is a DIKU derivative. According to Lasher, he stated "This whole page may be redundant and unnecessary, but if it can allow us to focus on building a great game rather than debating speculation, it serves its purpose. Each clan has specific requirements for joining, promotions, and remaining in that clan. Gammon Software support Gonna find 'em and post the result. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Location: Home / Play Aardwolf / Client Plugins. Aardwolf is not a roleplay community. If you are unable to connect on port 23, Aardwolf MUD also runs on ports 4000, 4010, 4444 and 7777. To connect or to learn more, we can be reached at www.aardwolf.com. Sound confusing? There are currently 34 player clans on Aardwolf.----. Plugin to throttle commands to the MUD. This has been essential for our builders to create area quests and goals within their areas to give it more flavor. It also sends a message to the user per level/pup noting time since last level/pup, gains made this level, the level, gold, kills, exp, exp / kill, and bonus stats. The graphical mapper plugin provides a searchable map of your immediate area and has many options including the ability to zoom in and out, search for specific rooms and bookmark rooms. These are decided upon by the clan when it is created, but may change slightly over time. Mushclient is a MUD client, which can allow visually impaired people to play MUDs (Multi-user Dungeons). We try to be as upfront and honest about it as possible - it really is not our strong suit. Sure, will they fit into a forum posting? Some find it refreshing; others find it frustrating. The DIKU MUD.  3, Go to topic:   Please read the MUSHclient FAQ! Clans have many features not commonly found among other worlds: their own donation, healing, jail, and recall rooms; separate bank accounts into which members can deposit gold and quest points; optional tax rates to raise income from their members; clan-only skills and spells; clan morgues, where members' corpses go upon death; clan equipment, including armor, potions, and transporters; clan guards and mazes; and exits to some of the harder or more distant places in the MUD to reach. We keep telling you Aardwolf is unique, check this out... Each of the seven main classes are currently under development for subclasses. By default chat is sent to this window and your main game window. More information on NoPK clans Apart from the parsing of old VNUMS, and the _notion_ of having a string substitution system with AN/A HIS/HER etc (which is a rather obvious notion), as well as the notion of bit-vectors - I see very little likeness with DikuMud.

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