So if I text "Outside", come outside how I tell her (Bitch) Cash (Cash), I made that shit fast (I made that shit fast) See that man and ain't gon' tell him how you feelin', you a pussy I ain't never met Snoop, I ain't never met Suge I was on death row City dumb, I can't have no fun, I got fifty guns (For real), nigga

When you gon' start back tazin' us? I got so immune that I was confused and ain't know if not I should cry (Yeah)

We got Dade in here. Couple opps ain't survive out them surgeries, uh Just tweaking about money shit, man. 'Round the way girl, I can line up with twenty 'em Used to post up with some killers, my hat to the side, we ain't wearin' no rags (Oh my God, what is this? I ain't regular, I knew she was a vibe when I met her In the field, ain't know how to feel Now a nigga on the grind, I got five on my schedule (Bitch) I was just tweaking on the money. Tell me, anything we do well fail Don't stand too close to me, eternal PTSD. I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock, though (Blaow) I just freestyle off the top, bro. [Verse 2] [Verse 1: G Herbo] I’m so post traumatic stressed I’m ‘posed to have it, yes Gotta stay close to ratchet ‘Cause bronem died when they ain’t have it September 3rd I lost a savage (Max) I been through a lot, so I walk with the ‘matic Shawty and them on go they ain’t talkin’ ’bout it Lay on the house we run up on whoever walk out that bitch When them times got hard, I was sellin' coke (Uh)

Block hangin', crooked like a wire hanger (Huh) Fuck around, spend my last He always been like that since day one.". [Chorus] (Fuck nigga) When them times got hard, I was sellin' coke (Sellin' coke) But that ho so fine, it don't make me nothin' I jump head first in the trap, but I had that bitch twerkin', though (Ayy, ayy) 'Cause I'm gangsta to the core/Perc' 30 make me fuck 'til she sore/Gotta go get a Plan B from the store/'Cause I just had a lil' boy/Closet got more Gucci drip than yours" —G Herbo, "They tryna ride my wave, they gon' take that bitch to shore/I'm living thug life like Tupac Shakur/Swervo, you always rap about Tupac Shakur/See you in the black Benz, I hope you got that Glock in yours/Niggas ain't taking care of business, you on top of yours/These hoes fucking up they paper, they ain't stopping yours/Bought a portable studio, I'ma take that bitch on tour/All these niggas new shit trash, when you dropping yours?" (Who you workin' for?) [Verse 1]

I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock, though They ain't know how to chill, damn

Gangbangin Lyrics: Cash (Cash), I made that shit fast (I made that shit fast) / Fuck around, spend my last / Now I'm back in my bag (Yeah) / I pulled up in some shit with a cat on the side, but it How could I prevail?

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