11:38 am, June 9th, 2009 - 34 comments, I never seen a government crash so quickly, so hard. Written By: lprent - Date published: 3:23 pm, September 12th, 2009 - 31 comments. They’ve also done a matchup between Banks and Auckland Regional Council chair Mike Lee. The Royal Meteorological Society has announced the winner of its Weather Photographer of the Year award, with lightning strikes and billowing storms among the top entries. Its all just manure – mix it in and avoid the river. It will be divided in to 13 different wards, with 21 local boards. Key features of GeoMaps and supported devices . 12:00 pm, June 12th, 2009 - 9 comments, Rodney Hide, in his role of Minister for Local Government,  has made himself the petty dictator of Auckland’s future. Zetetic - Therefore he is ultimately responsible in that role for a curious request through his minions. The videos really are worth a look. The Standard was saying before the election that Key was a two-faced facade and his government would push a rightwing agenda. The North half goes to Kaipara. Achilles House Some consequences of Chloe Swarbrick’s win, NZ election 2020: Labour win is a watershed moment in the country’s history, This should have been the climate election. Eddie - �����9���(݄oiD���hԅ(� The poll has Brown on 35% ahead of John Banks on 34% – but with margin of error, all that can be said is […], Written By: What should Labour do in the next three years? Two copies, by Friday, 26 June 2009, to: Auckland Governance Committee Secretariat Parliament Buildings Wellington The bill contains the details of the government’s Auckland Supercity, including its plans for at-large election, no Maori […], Written By: Keeping WFF and other entitlements as they were. For her column The Hungry Traveller, Anna King Shahab has found the best places to eat and drink in Bali's popular town of Ubud. Could the real Labour Party please stand up, Aotearoa New Zealand is a hell hole paradise dystopian democracy, Justice Coney Barrett appears to be a climate change denier, Large caucuses can be devilishly dangerous as National showed. Remember what Key said of the Hikoi? So, he would refuse to be the Minister of Local Government taking a Bill through the House that includes Maori seats on the Supercity. US Election Live: Joe Biden and Donald Trump battle for the White House, The hidden fix that's radically shrinking the climate impact of your groceries, Regional councillor fights for 'million-dollar' Porirua property, US Election: How to watch America decide between Donald Trump and Joe Biden like a pro, One more second could have prevented fatal crash that killed North Canterbury father, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: November 4, 2020, Nurses' union call for rethink of managed isolation after second community Covid-19 case, US election: 'I voted for Trump and Ardern', Covid-19: Second community case confirmed for Christchurch, linked to isolation facility, Alf Vincent still in prison at 83 and with dementia. With Hide. Loathe as I am to defend rates rises, especially 10% ones, there is an argument here that the unjamming of local government in Auckland that the Super City has enabled has meant that a whole pile of infrastructure projects (many of which should have happened long ago) are now possible. Taupō District Council. The Herald notes: KiwiSaver targets mental patient An Auckland woman is dismayed her 25-year-old son […], Written By: Eddie - Creating Maori seats in […], Written By: The body rejected Franklin District Council's call to become a unitary authority. Find out what each tool in the GeoMaps toolbar does. Click the thumbnails below to view photos, or see the whole set at the Resistance Photography channel on flickr. Our goal has been to achieve the best balance between good local governance and effective engagement of local communities.". 4. Its boundaries have been moved to include the Manukau CBD, Papatoetoe cemetery, Manukau memorial gardens, South Auckland crematorium, Puhinui Reserve and area north of Puhinui Stream on community of interest grounds. One of those was at the invitation of the Local Government Commission. The Auckland Plan, the Auckland Unitary Plan, 10-year budget, annual budget, bylaws, policies, projects, annual reports, strategies. Date published: One of those was at the invitation of the Local Government Commission. Open GeoMaps. A geographical giant, it covers much of the existing Waitakere City Council area, reaching out to the Tasman Sea to include Piha and Karekare. Eddie - /Filter /FlateDecode Thu, 11 Mar 2010. Date published: notices and features - The area defined as Auckland and under level 3 restrictions is "the geographic boundary of the Auckland super city", which extends from Wellsford in the north to Pukekohe in the south. Too caught up in the fun of getting their boy elected to care about what would happen […], Written By: Date published: >> Thanks to a reader for sending in these photos from today’s hikoi: If anyone else has photos or youtube send them in and we’ll put them up. ?a�����������������䊵ߢ��qn�o������������7_�w/���������������_��������~0 S���2���$j �J�Y��ߔ� �l�!��[R(��5Z���oI";�-�R�J�M����V��I%�ʌ�PLN'���|�֬�xSu�X���J½�:]*ߪ;�$��7s�f3�P��+ՙ=%��".�R���q��K5��y�r�1�������q�~��W st�o�o_�7G��������z��&��g(��J�������������_>�o�{�4FG�!�/� �?�7WhHS^�v4�zp�ac,�i"�S�S�PI��h��@��L�F�FG��ƚ�ҷ$q�o'�ڧo�!���S���]�v� ��iN��HT��J�R�) ��Fr�{��ٖ.�,�L� 7�J�Y�i���u�))�P�V�fZ�xjuj��23�C��h��H��i@�QM'g!Bg$l��H��j6"+R+��`j�}�TI,G)Qf-� Eddie - Waitemata and Gulf Ward - it used to be the Maungawhau-Hauraki Gulf Ward. This is a non-partisan community event to encourage community participation in the decision making process. Te Irirangi Ward - formerly Howick-Pakuranga-Botany Ward. Home to the Bombay Hills, the traditional southern border post for Auckland, the ward reaches right across from the Tasman to the Pacific. Here are the poll’s findings: […], Written By: Matamata-Piako District Council. Elina Osborne took 137 days to walk the Pacific Crest Trail. Date published: %PDF-1.6 At a Local Government Commission this morning, media were informed of how Auckland will be carved up once the super city comes in to force. Ergo the need for more cash to pay for them. The poll shows Brown on 35%, Banks on 34%, and 31% undecided. These drawings were made by a French firefighter and professional sketch artist, Laurent Clerjeau, as the cathedral burned, and in the days afterward. notices and features - Date published: Guest post - Why? Tauranga City Council. 11:30 am, September 16th, 2009 - 9 comments, Again, National has put the House into urgency to slam through unpopular legislation. 6:46 pm, August 16th, 2009 - 28 comments, This video from Phil Twyford, Labour’s spokesperson on the campaign to make sure that Rodney Hide is prevented from buggering Auckland by selling critical assets to his mates in the business community so they can raise prices, diminish maintenance, stop capacity building, and make more profits for themselves. It's been remodelled to include all of Mt Eden and Kingsland and Waterview. /Length 2 0 R The media chose to ignore the signs. Open GeoMaps. Written By: The Herald took a look inside in July and have been given pictures of the damage right after the fire was extengiushed, The new Convention Centre construction site goes up in flames, Sky City convention centre construction site is evacuated a fire rips through the area, Robert Webb, manager of the Whangārei Native Bird Recovery Centre, moves newly hatched in to a kiwi crèche. Find out the key features of GeoMaps and which devices and … Mt Albert – 5.30pm Tuesday 9 June, Owairaka District Primary School, 113 Richardson Rd, Owairaka, hosted by Phil Goff and David Shearer Waitakere – 7.30pm, Wednesday 10 June, Kelston Community Centre, Cnr Great North Road and Awaroa Rd, hosted by […], Written By: Its southern boundary has been expanded in parts - but both Waikato and Hauraki have been awarded chunks of land that was to be in the super city. You can unsubscribe anytime. 8:54 am, August 26th, 2009 - 18 comments, Maori seats? lprent - Video / The Hits. Bay of Plenty Regional Council. 1:45 pm, July 23rd, 2009 - 30 comments, UMR’s just released a poll showing Manukau mayor Len Brown as the preferred mayor of the Auckland Super City, slightly ahead of John Banks. Napier City Council. The new boundaries for the Auckland Supercity Wards and Local Boards. Marty G - […], Written By: lprent - Air and water quality, stormwater, biosecurity, coastal hazards, geological hazards, sustainability and State of Auckland reports. 6:00 am, May 26th, 2009 - 18 comments. Included in the new ward are the Auckland Zoo, MOTAT and Western Springs Park. Eddie - Destined to be Auckland's richest ward, including Remuera, it has been remodelled to exclude working... 3. Find out how to use the different functions in GeoMaps, our GIS viewer. Last week ARC had a couple of meetings about Auckland's ward boundaries. Commission chairwoman Sue Piper said the body had received more than 700 submissions on the proposed boundaries and representation. Auckland Council. Phil Twyford reports at Red Alert.. Council water staff in Auckland have been given a case of the  jitters  after Councils […], Written By:

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