Will not ship. Eating and shedding great.

Price firm.

6. Will give advice, more details and photos upon request. Barking gecko hatchlings. Exo Terra sand mat 200-250g (3 rats) (1 pack available) $20 2, WANTED BREEDING PAIRS Banded Knob Tail Gecko Smooth Knob Tailed Geckos, WANTED BREEDING PAIRS Banded Knob Tail Geckos & Smooth Knob Tailed Geckos STIMSONS adults Enclosure, heat mat and decorations all included.

5. Temperature; 20-26 c. 1. ⏰⏰ no holds unless you pay. Exo Terra foam rock background. Childrens Pythons Hatchlings One door lock is loose, still secure though. 2x 100w Habistat on and off thermostat -$50 2 healthy female marbled geckos Glass enclosure All items seen in enclosure (hides, substrate ECT) 2 small containers of crickets Gell water cubes for crickets Calcium powder Heat mat (optional $20), *SOLD PP*Male Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko, 1 yr old Basic reptile licence required. A friendly pair of Knob tail geckos for sale, successfully bred in the past. If you pay and hold, you have to pick up within 1 wk. Used, see pictures. Fitted with vines and plants, this enclosure is extremely durable and would comfortably house lizards, geckos, frogs and small snakes. A guide to health and disease in reptiles and amphibians $50 Would prefer to sell locally. Reptile One Terrarium/Enclosure, 60 cm x 60 x 45 EC plse text for pics, ideal for Geckos , small turtles or pair of small dragons,tank glass no damage! Will, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android.

Ph less than 7. 160-200g (3 rats) (1 pack available) $12.50 200-250g (5 rats) (3 packs available) $35

With minimum 3-5 leaves. Thanks.

Size ; 6-10 cm range, depending on the variety. 120-160g (3 rats) (2 packs available) $11.50 ... Rooty Hill, NSW $100ea Eating on crickets, & woodies Must have an animal keeping licence. Keeping Australian gecko's $15 Freight:Due to . Size Approx: 56cm x 35cm x 22cm – NSW located. Please message us for further enquiries Have to order before pick up. Please no messages or emails call only as we are, SORRY WE DO NOT SHIP REPTILES We have over 70 snakes in stock from Hatchlings to Yearlings, Juveniles to Adults in lots of species from $250 DIAMOND Adults

Located in Canberra but willing to post at buyers expense. 151 total views, 1 today. BLONDE SPOTTED CHILDRENS PYTHON Blue tongues

Your gecko will require a permanent water source. Feel free to message me with any offers, questions or concearns. Would be super easy to customise to whatever you need. All pictures from my tank.so what you see is what you get. 30cm x 30cm x 20cm high.

Goannas $40 Geckos are ferocious hunters of insects, they will often be seen congregating around outdoor lighting to catch the bug is attracted to the light. 10 newborn pinky rats for $8 80-120g (5 rats) (2 packs available) $18

Repti Aquarium/Tank Lamp or Light Stand (two-way adjustable), Adjustable: Height 51-95cm; Width 23-38cm 192 total views, 1 today.

Marbled Velvet Gecko – adult male (Oedura marmorata) $100 ea You must have an animal keeping licence. Barking geckos, SORRY WE DO NOT SHIP REPTILES FISH HAVEN IS A REPTILE STORE ASWELL AS FISH, AMPHIBIANS, ARACHNIDS, INSECTS AND CRITTERS. pls message for pics Thnx. Pick up from regional Vic.

Your gecko will bathe in the water as well as drink it so it will need to be changed frequently. postage available. I have two thick tailed geckos, breeding pair female is currently pregnant. With each side being 610L We stock Shinglebacks, Blue Tongues, Geckos, Skinks and Pythons: Bredlis, Murray Darlings, Jungles, Coastals, Albinos, Black Head, Small and Large Blotched and Childrens Pythons all sizes from $250 Shinglebacks A license is required. Pick up from carlingford . Pickup from Bannockburn. Shinglebacks - Easy to assemble/disassemble - Keep the light stand stable by placing under the tank COASTAL CARPETS adults All of our geckos available for sale come with a 14 day Health Guarantee and a 7 day Cooling Off Period as part of our standard policies and procedures.

CHILDRENS juveniles and adults Thurgoona, NSW. www.thebasking, Selling complete setup for geckos due to moving. Preparing your gecko’s Terrarium Try and cover your terrarium with materials your gecko is likely to find in the wild sand, gravel, rocks to bask on and plants.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We have heaps of livestock in stock, permit and non permit

MURRAY DARLINGS juveniles and adults Replacement price would cost $450 so it's a bargain at $200.

Small reptile enclosure with glass walls and base and mesh lift up/removable top. Up for sale is 2 Marbled Geckos.

Try placing the basking lamp over the largest rock in the terrarium. Field guide to Australian Reptiles $45 (SOLD) Can negotiate a deal for buying multiple. In its native habitat your gecko will usually seek out large rocks to bask on as they maintain both. Pickup only, Warrandyte 3113. ✅ For pick up in Cammeray ✅ Postage $18.50 (tracked). Whilst catching a wild gecko is a relatively simple task in the Northern states where they live in almost plague proportions, it is only legal to keep domestically bred lizards so do consider the consequences before venturing into the garden to catch one. Double Aluminium enclosure, made with flyscreen and Perspex doors.

Includes: Keeping children pythons $15 Was used for a gecko, may suit baby bearded dragon or other small reptile Looking to sell cheap only $10 bargain. A complete guide to reptiles of Australia $50 2x 15W x 14L x 8H hides $8

Cash waiting or could possibly swap for some barking gecko breeding pairs if interested please contact me on thanks :). WE HAVE INCORPORATED A MASSIVE REPTILE SECTION INSIDE OUR ALREADY WELL ESTABLISHED AQUARIUM BUSINESS. This 450x450x600 enclosure has a hand crafted & painted rock face which is fully water and toxic sealed. 7.

They are looking for a loving home with lots of crickets. Exotic species of lizards such as the chameleon and are unavailable as pets in Australia, as a Australia has no native species of Chameleon.

Message, don’t call. 80-120g (3 rats) (2 packs available) $11 120-160g (5 rats) (2 packs available) $20

Selling reptile/snake food Medium to high lighting. 120-160g (2 rats) (1 pack available) $7 160-200g (5 rats) (2 packs available) $22 154 total views, 15 today. Marbled Gecko and enclosure - selling due to getting out of hobby. No licence required. Used to house leaf tail geckos and stick insects. 1x 15W x 22L x 4H rock shaped water bowl holds 300ml $5 Tags; Snakes, Reptiles, Lizards, Blue Tongue, Gecko, Heating, Hide, Cave. The enclosure … Features two cord clips to hold lights/lamps in place Paid $72.50 (see photos)

Exo Terra 2 piece feeding cave

We do have several varieties of gecko which can be domesticated and raised a special lizard enclosure called a terrarium. Pick up Glenlyon but can deliver to Kyneton or Daylesford, SORRY WE DO NOT SHIP REPTILES We are licensed Reptile Dealers and we can give you all the right advice, the best service in relation to housing, keeping and feeding your Reptile. 2.

Bought brand new this year to house a Gecko we found in our fire wood till it was warm enough to release it back outside. BLACK AND WHITE JUNGLES hatchies and adults

Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management.

Perfect for beginners in reptiles. Blue tongues 3 x Bearded dragon books $45 for the 3 (will not separate) BLACK AND GOLD JUNGLES hatchies and adults

- Suitable for different sizes of pet boxes/tanks/aquariums, for reptiles and amphibians, including hermit crabs, yabbies, turtles, geckos, lizards, frogs, praying mantis and so on. ... Up for sale is 2 Marbled Geckos. 1x 9W x 14L x 5H Hide $5 9. Freight: Due to covid restrictions . Located in Toowoomba pick up or post at buyers expense. – NSW located. $75.

Total measurements are 1220Lx801Hx500D. $130.00.

7 hours ago.

3. Corner of the hide has cracked off Prefer contact by text messaging on cheers Pickup Croydon Park South Australia, Good for any reptile. Enclosure with heat pad, sand and logs. Heated basking rock.

Whether you live in Melbourne or Darwin your terrarium will require a heat lamp to allow your gecko to bask as it requires.

Bredlis hatch, 2 Geckos, Enclosure with Heat pad, sand and logs. Reluctant sale due to a move. It’s unlikely you will ever get cuddles from your gecko, but if watching an animal interact in a man-made version of its natural environment is your thing gecko will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

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