When everything is perfect, the 0.010 shims should fit the gap between the centersection and the bell perfectly. Much of that input can be seen on the changes of this latest diff! Take a plug out of your rear cover, fill your main case,I use amsoil synthetic suggested by retired racer, It will take a while to get through the bearings in back of the spur gears,they should be shielded not sealed bearings. Terms of Service. **, **SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE, INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE, EMAIL US FOR PRICING**, Sign up to our newsletter and well keep you up to date with the latest arrivals, MA-MOTORSPORTS 1000+HP WINTERS QUICK CHANGE REAR END Aluminum Spool -, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands (USD$), Winters Performance Differentials and Subframes. Generally, its a good idea to change your oil before the cold sets in, especially if youre doing it yourself (no one wants to drop oil in freezing weather). 4 6 Call to order.must ship truck freight. "It matters not where I am, nor where I have been, but rather where I am going". Available in several set numbers to custom match your project and dial in your perfect gear ratio. 0000000610 00000 n Better to avoid periodically idling it through the cold months and just let it be. 3. #2. Use a good quality lube, such as Winters 80-90-140 semi synthetic with moly or Mobil 1 Hypoid 70-90 (GL5) synthetic. Talk to the experts. 9 0 obj<>stream Unless there are significant problems, most rebuilds include pulling and inspecting both axles, removing at least one axle tube and bell, removing the locker or spool and pinion gear, and even rebuilding the differential if necessary. In the old days, it was necessary to change the weight/viscosity of oil used from summer to winter, and if you have an older car you might still consider it, but its largely unnecessary now. Race a DIRT modified, sprint car or midget? Winters Performance is undeniably the most reliable, technically advanced, and experienced manufacturer of Quick Change Rear Ends in the world. Estimated Ship Date: Today. Davisburg, MI. Pre-Owned. Quantity. Make It can be adjusted by changing the amount of shimmed distance between the left- and right-side carrier bearings. * This NEW 6XD-TransAxle will mate up to the RTS1000+ Winters quick change rear, which has proven to be "Unbreakable" past 3 years in the Formula Drift Pro series, with 1400ftlbs beat thru it. ;}fyS4SiaYI;{_/$r\M;*$BR 9 91-MGObQd`dUGs^V ?2-"|'-&Svq4d1.*_r#_yq . loFO?:u#:V`4/\mIjq|2H HiG7Y6x!W`ZB|4]jKG*&Gs_4_X )~n@~h~^yQto?B#u+[SI]E)U- /67q?%+E|"r_,hmbH^kt\^Elk@U| ;p~[4 ?g^do/4Q9 If there is no fluid at the sight plug in about 20 minutes you can add another 1/2 qt. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. With the setup bearings in place, install the assembly into the left-side bell and install the centersection on top of that with no gasket or O-ring. Originally Posted by racing23s. q Probably start with 4 quarts. Apr 12, 2008. Convenient carrying handle. Winters Performance quick change gear sets. xref Ingram checks crush by placing the right-side bell and tube in place with three 0.010-inch shims between the centersection and the right-side bell. Rear Axle Assembly - Superlite - Wide 5 Quick Change - 4.86 Ratio Standard - 62-1/2 In Wide - Aluminum Tubes - Magn. DRP Ultra Low Drag Bearing Grease - 50g syringe. Download Catalog. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. WELCOME TO WINTERS PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS /// The leader in Quick Change Rears for Dirt and Asphalt Racecars, Hot Rods, Classic Trucks and Pro-Touring Machines Sprint and Midget Car, Closed Tube, Transmission and Driveline Components. When reassembling the dogs, Ingram cautions that you should always use enough oil or gear lube to create a film between all the mating surfaces. Car Parts. For more information on winter oil change tips, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store. Driven Racing Oil +-Driven Gear Oil; Driveshaft Shop +-Axles; Haltech ECU +-NEXUS ECU; Platinum PRO Direct Plug-in; Elite + Plug 'n' Play Adapter Harness Kit; Elite 750 . Upgraded Ground 4.12 ring & pinion - it is the STRONGEST tooth count!) Be sure to check out our Oils, Fluids and Additives. Put a pan under to catch the extra and then cap it off. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Periodically inspect the oil level and add oil if necessary, inspect vent for cleanliness and function, and The Gas Light Goes On: How Many Miles Until Empty? PEM Racing Lightweight Quick Change Gear Sets are constructed from high strength alloy steel for higher Horsepower cars with bigger, wider tires. Winters Performance Products was founded back in 1958 and has been a leader in transmission and driveline innovation ever since. Our 1000+HP Quickchange Differential units are built to handle the BIG HP abuse of modern drift and road race cars. Winters Performance Products' famous quick-change rear-ends have been around since the 1950s, and its "live axle" sprint car rear-end revolutionized circle track performance in the 1980s. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Most gear specialists use a piece of threaded rod with flanges welded to nuts so that the rod can be inserted through the locker and the nuts can be threaded down to compress the locker enough for it to be bolted together. If everything is correct, you can begin final assembly. racemad55 said: . If you do have to change your oil in the cold, consider the following to make your life a little easier run the engine for five minutes or so to warm the oil, that way it thins out and drains faster. 692.9100037 0 0 841.8899994 0 0 cm Lockers take a little abuse every time they activate, and the more horsepower you add to the mix, the tougher that abuse gets. If you have a question please contact us at 724-898-2111 or info@franklandracing.com. With the setup bearings in place . FAQ; Calendar; Community. Gear Oil - Differential - 80-90-140W - Semi-Synthetic - 1 gal - Each, Winters Performance 1730 Rear End Lube w/Moly. For most in-shop rebuilds, like the one we tackle here, the centersection is left alone. One last word on oil ratings. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Nocero, Jul 12, 2013. Terms of Service. Lubricate O'Ring in posi-lock retaining cap. Talk to the experts. Adobe d Max capacity is 6 quarts. Finally, set your wear pad adjuster. Winters hub cap screw. Sikky Pro 1500 Quick Change 10" Rear End by Winters (Spool) $ 5,199.99. When in doubt, always refer to yourowners manual, it will tell you exactly which oil can be used on your specific vehicle. AXLE TUBE OIL SEAL. There are different companies making quick-changes, and each has its own design, but they all work on the same principles and many of the processes detailed here are applicable to all makes of quick-change rearends. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. new for 2019; 8 rib Side Bells. Although we can't match every price reported, we'll use your feedback to ensure that our prices remain competitive. Since its inception in 2002, Tiger Quick Change Rear Ends has used cutting edge technology to design and manufacture the highest quality strength to weight ratio rear ends possible.. After dedicating years to building its reputation as one of the most esteemed and trusted rear ends on the racetrack, Tiger Quick Change founder Gerald Williams sold the company in 2007. Be sure to vent the rear. 295.00 EUR. we stock bearings, seals, geras and much more. 48.28 EUR. Replacement parts for Aluminum and Magnesium Quick Change Rear Ends. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Senior Member Join Date Jun 2007 Posts 3,124. More Details. Speedway Motors Quick Change Gear Service Kits, Quick Change Gears Guide/Document (91602025), Quick Change Gears Guide/Document (8028500), Protect your quick change gears while keeping the mess of changing gears to a minimum with this gear service kit, The aluminum catch pan will minimize the mess whether you are in the shop or at the track, Catch pan has a built in drip tray for gears and a corner spout for easily pouring gear oil back into your fill tank, Also no need to worry about having debris on your quick change gears with the protective cases, Kit includes (1) Oil drain drip pan, (3) storage boxes, (3) Winters quick change 10 spline gear sets of your choice, Easy to pour hot oil with built in corner spout. We are actively working on improving our site. Part #:WIN-12175-+ Add to Cart. We have had the pleasure to work with Winters for many years now, and give them input from our use in FD and the cars we have built here at MA-Motorsports. Frisco. Just remember the most important piece of information on which oil to use is in your owners manual. MA-MOTORSPORTS 1000+HP WINTERS QUICK CHANGE REAR END Aluminum Spool Inspect your seals for cracks or deterioration and follow that up by inspecting both bells and the centersection for cracks or other damage. Insert O-rings between the bells and centersection, along with a thin film of silicone, and torque the bolts into place. Lightened Ring Gear. Sometimes the smallest grit caught between the back of the ring gear and the locker can throw off the ring-gear alignment enough to cause lash problems. Winters Performance Quick Change UnitsFor more information, please visit:http://www.motorstate.com 5/8" wall heavy tube available for left rear in both GN 2.5" and wide 5 snouts. Yes I have axle seals and the bearings are shielded not sealed. Allstar Axle Tube Oil Seal ALL72140. Set 22 REM Polished Winters Performance Steel Quick Change Gear 10 Spline 8522. Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. Winters Gear Oil, 80-90/140 made by Winters, for as low as $59.99. Oil and Transmission Coolers; Cooling System Additives; Water Necks/Thermostats; Pulleys and Belts; Water Pump Kits; Engine. I'm not real familiar with these. Location. What I do, is put two quarts in the main cavity with the plug out of the change gear housing. Winters #7938 $1 ea. And whenever you suspect you may have damaged the rearend-especially if you have been in a wreck and a rim on a rear tire is bent or flattened-you should perform an inspection before the next race to ensure you won't take to the racetrack with a rearend that's likely to fail. Available in several set numbers to custom match your project and dial in your perfect gear ratio. startxref I hope these quick tips will help you enjoy your favorite perfume throughout the day. Cannot ship by air. Working with Porter racing and Jimmy knuckles and Pistola this year. Take a plug out of your rear cover, fill your main case,I use amsoil synthetic suggested by retired racer, It will take a while to get through the bearings in back of the spur gears,they should be shielded not sealed bearings. Winters Quick Change Mounting Kit for S14/S15/R33/R34 Subframe. Once you have identified all the parts that can be reused, thoroughly clean them to prepare for the rebuild. Remove oil level plug on the front of the right rear bell and fill until lube runs out. By MA-Motorsports. Water and acid are just two byproducts of combustion, and old oil contains these contaminants, which can damage the inside of the engine prematurely. Begin by placing the steel rings inside the locker housing that keeps the dogs from eating into the aluminum housing. Because of this, Ingram uses a set of setup bearings that have been ground on the inside diameter to allow them to slide onto the locker easily without having to be pressed on. Metal attracts and holds onto cold and when its in your hand, even a gloved one, it sucks the heat right out and can be very chilly to wield. Remember Me? Cold Weather Tips. Groups; Albums; Member List; Forum Actions Then get everything back underneath your race car and add your gear lube. %%EOF RDC Crypto. Winters Quick Change Gears: Winters Performance quick change gear sets. About 4 quarts . :Wd)ff$ >Wo(qgXS3^O~(ae6x68V0>-{ ~?G&//Wsj~;15OZ9@{ Tiger sells a rearend rebuild toolkit that includes everything needed to tear down just about any quick-change rear and properly measure lash on the rebuild. One of the most sensitive components always seems to be the locker springs, no matter what brand is used. use a good quality lube, such as Winters 80-90-140 semi synthetic with moly or Mobil 1 Hypoid 70-90 (GIS) synthetic. It will draw their attention through this change in your signature aroma. $120.00. (see illustration below) Mini / V8 8 3/8", 7" Always maintain oil level at 1 3/4" below axle center line. Copyright 2023 PitStopUSA.com. Gear sets are REM finished for reduced . For peace of mind, check both your crush and lash again to make sure nothing changed when you added your race bearings. DuPont Chain Saver-Saver - Wax Based Lubricant, XDR 81151 Off-Road Magnum Grip Gated Shifter, 3/4 Rod End Heim Joint KIT Left and Right Hand Thread 2 Big .750 Chromoly Joints Panhard kit, Maxima 74920 Chain Wax - 13.5 oz. RTS QC units come standard with the following upgrades: UPGRADED 1350 Pinion Yoke. Free Shipping on orders over $149 As mentioned before, it always seems to be the locker springs that are most susceptible to heat, and simply replacing them regularly is cheap insurance. After disassembling the locker, inspect the teeth on all the dog gears. Privacy Policy. Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $149. Out of Stock (Call For Availability and Ship Date) $1,803.89. Oil is rated by viscosity, but temperature affects its thickness. Teardown requires pulling the bearing from the spool or locker inside the rearend. endstream endobj 5 0 obj<> endobj 6 0 obj<>/ProcSet[/PDF/ImageC]>>/Type/Page>> endobj 7 0 obj<>stream Eccentric Bolt Delete Kit S13/R32. Make sure its a properly sized box wrench, otherwise you risk stripping the head. Winters Performance Quick Change Rearend Replacement Parts, Differential Fluid Guide/Document (8021730), Engineered to provide reduced friction and lower temperatures, This multi-purpose thermally stable and durable Para-synthetic gear lube is ideal for Quick change and standard rear-end. Winters Performance Supreme 80-90-140w gear lube This multi-purpose thermally stable and durable Para-synthetic gear lube is ideal for Quick change and standard rearend. Free Shipping; Along with the Ford 9-inch, a quick-change rear is easily the most popular type of rearend used in auto racing. These MA-Motorsports/ Winters 10" Quick Change IRS Diffs come standard with the following, -4.12 R&P standard (This is the strongest option in ratios), -Heavy Duty Aluminum Spool w/ STEEL INSERT, -VASCOMAX Lower shaft (strongest available), -35 Spline HD 930 style CV Output Shaft Flanges Installed (Larger 934 CV available as additional charge), -First change gear set of your choice included FREE (simply mention in comments which gear you'd like), -Billet 6 bolt rear cover with laser engraved logos, -Black Thermal coating additional $200 charge.
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