Doing your own DIY campervan conversion? Posted: February 07, 2023. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Caravan steps are like the welcome mat to your portable home. 01285236 VAT Registration No. Other features of the MGI 3797 include: First step is 19 cm high; Second step is 38 cm high; Made from a robust plastic We are Australia's favourite online shop for caravan accessories. Designed for your caravan as it is sma, I Love My Motorhome Coconut Mat. The solution is you choose electric steps that have a manual release, giving you an alternative way to get in and out of your caravan. Established 1967. The steps are made of high-quality materials giving you a secure and stable surface to step on to. All of these Dodge Grand Caravan running boards have been designed exclusively for your Grand Caravan model . Youve just bought your first caravan, congratulations! The classic step for the motorhome and caravan, made of UV-resistant H. Thule/Omnistore Steps there are various spare parts available. Still, the majority will be made from steel or aluminium because they are strong and durable, which means that they can last several years of consistent use. View Our Full Range of RV & Caravan Awnings >, View Our Full Range of Caravanning & Campervan Accessories >, View Our Bikes & Cycling Accessories Range >, View Our Full Range of Outdoor Clothing >, View Our Full Range of Car & Motorcycle Accessories >, EMAIL NEWSLETTER - I would like to receive email newsletters, TOWSURE CATALOGUE MAILING - I would like to receive your catalogue and printed mailing. Add to Cart. Practical and durable steps make access to your . Choices include Single Steps, Double Steps, Step Spare Parts, and more. Giant Single Plastic Step. A lot of people tend to buy a single step (or a single step comes included with the caravan they purchase). All caravan accessories come with a warranty and a money back guarantee you will receive them. Tread Size 455mm x 365mm; Height: 265mm; Weight: 1.7KG; The Giant Single Plastic Step has a giant tread area for maximum safety. It can hold a huge 300 kg, far more than will be required, and comes with two supporting brackets to be fixed in position. For additional strength, the steps are fitted with steel cross members so you can be assured of its strength leading to it lasting several years. You want your chosen steps to last more than one summer season or trip so make sure you select a durable set. Our Caravan steps are built to the highest of standards with high quality material, here at North Wales plastics we go the extra mile and complete the job to the highest of quality. COOKIE POLICY: We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Each step has a non-slip tread, so your safety is assured in all weather conditions. Forgotten your password? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Classic Caravan Step Add to Cart. The steps have a suitable non-slip surface and impact-absorbing rubber feet to increase the overall stability and limit the amount of shaking. Versatile, name-brand caravan steps are perfect for a variety of purposes (such as reaching highly-placed items, getting in and out, exercise and aerobics) and conditions (shortness, pregnancy, old age, physical disability). You'll get a good deal on leading brands including Aussie Traveller, Camco, Dometic, Fiamma, Tecno - Nuova Mapa. Some other items are held at a remote warehouse any may be available on STANDARD delivery only. 04630-01 $41 COAST Double Pull-Out Caravan Step - Galvanised Steel 560mm $239 $272 (2) CAMCO RV WRAP AROUND STEP RUG-GREY. Ideal for caravans or motorhomes, the Fiamma Magnum re-inforced single, Large tread area for maximum safety. Another set of plastic caravan steps are the MGI 3797 series, which have a similar design to the Milenco steps above. The Shade Pro RV Step Cover is designed to fit all types of RV steps, including those curved and up to 24 inches wide. Ready for immediate shipment. A very important factor in choosing your steps should be the stability of the design. The Royal 199200 Deluxe Double Step is made of steel which gives it a high level of durability and strength, allowing it to withstand a substantial load weight. Milenco do not make steps with hand rails, due to the risk of injury from these products. This allows you to push a button which causes the metal step to extend so then you can step up into your caravan. All rights reserved. We stock standard single and double caravan steps from Royal, Fiamma and Milenco. Here you will find key Adria spare parts to ensure your holiday goes smoothly. To ensure that we send you the correct part, please select the product number from the list below. From a compact kitchen kit to lightweight furniture to the cart to help carry it all in, get festival ready with these top festival essentials! So we can tailor the newsletter and offers more to you please can you fill in as much as possible below. Full-Time. These cookies are necessary for the basic functions of the shop. Vechline continental plug to 16A socket mains Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Concentrate Eucalyptus Fiamma bike rack warning chevron for Italy, Summit Pop! You may notice another caravaner using a step you like, question them over it - we like giving advice about anything to do with caravans and am sure we would be able to source the step you require!Caravan steps can be a single step or double step. The steps have a suitable non-slip surface and impact-absorbing rubber feet to increase the overall stability and limit the amount of shaking. Details. Folding step can be loaded up to 150 kg. 04593-01, Aussie Traveller Deluxe Foldable Step With Carry Bag, Aussie Traveller Single Manual Drop Down Step, FIAMMA PLASTIC STEP PLATINUM SMALL. We have taken many precautions to protect the Health & Safety of our staff and to follow the guidelines issued by the government: This appliance has a more than one Dometic Product Number associated to it. If you plan on keeping your caravan for some time you might think it worth investing in a motorized step that just folds back into the van when not in use. If you have found a problem, have a suggestion or an improvement please let us know. 9.95. The MGI Milenco extra safe steps are produced using 100% recycled plastic, to minimise the environmental impact. Helping you on your journey wherever it takes you. Some heavy or bulky items are charged differently, for example. Plastic caravan step. Before you hit the road, there are a number of recommended and legally required European travel essentials you need to have for your motorhome, caravan or campervan. Milenco MGI Double Extrasafe Caravan Step, Milenco MGI Giant Double Extrasafe Caravan Step, Currently Not Accepting Orders For This Product. As youd expect, double platform caravan steps offer you a larger surface area for you to step up and down, decreasing the amount of strain on your joints, primarily through the knees. Portable steps for your caravan or motorhome entrance. Although the steps are made of high-quality material, they are also lightweight, so moving them into position is easy. Coast Aluminium Folding Step With Non Skid Strips. collapsible folding wash basin. Fiamma Plastic Step . Thule quality 12V electrically operated sl, This Thule Dropdown Electric 460 Step is a quality dropdown step, feat, Thule quality manual step with cab warning light switch. 42925, NUOVA MAPA 12V SINGLE ELECTRIC STEP. This isnt going to be the case when youre at the caravan park, and there can be wet, uneven ground which can cause the legs to sink into the ground. However, this does mean that the step has a higher maximum load making it less likely to slip. There are various types of caravan steps on the market - Double steps, single steps, folding steps, steel steps, alloy steps, plastic steps, Fiamma steps, Milenco steps, omni-steps. Milenco caravan and security products win more awards and tests because our products are superior through design and quality engineering. 0721101/B $519 $567 (1) COAST Single Pull-Out Caravan Step - Galvanized Steel 530mm $77 $89 (2) FIAMMA LARGE PLASTIC STEP PLATINUM MAGNUM. Milenco do not recommend the use of hand rails mounted to steps for safety reasons. S, Adjustable step foot for Double Steel Step our ref 249351 , set of 4, I Love My Caravan Coconut Mat. Click to view our replyAs usual I cannot fault the service provided. 49.95. Key features. All Milenco caravan steps meet strict safety guidelines set down by EN 1645, and designed with a larger base than top to ensure that the step cannot overturn whilst in use. 250mm to the first step, 480mm to the second step. Weight 5kg. In stock. We are operating a split shift system with the warehouse staff so there is never more than 2 people in the warehouse at once. A very stable double caravan step with a non-skid upper surface and fitted with rubber pads to the feet which prevent skidding on tarmac surfaces, and pegging-out holes to secure the step on grass with standard wire tent pegs (not included). If you have limited space in your caravan, then the Eazygoods folding caravan steps could be for you. Though if you have good DIY skills, you can usually install it yourself. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. All Milenco steps m, The key to Milenco Award Winning Steps, safety performance is the fact, Large tread area for maximum safety. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Fiamma Clean Step . Enter your details below to subscribe to the Caravan RV Camping newsletter and receive an email with your unique promo code. StartDate: ASAP. Registered in England No. GB 174 2995 30. Measure the rail and cut a piece of wood to fit. 87 ratings. The caravan steps you buy must be durable and made from a strong material because it needs to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions without degrading. Heavy Duty Plastic Caravan Step. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Only registered users can write reviews. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 33% OFF RRP $29.95. Leisureshopdirect Ltd - 2004 *$300 minimum spend, single use promo code, see email for T&Cs. Part Number 1998540. The majority of steps have a weight capacity of at least 150 kgs whereas there are models that can accommodate weights above this or you can get double platform steps which distribute weight more effectively when in use. Your chosen caravan steps should be stable and solid while not moving or bouncing when youre going up and down them. Providing your email agrees with our privacy policy. Compare Wishlist. Coast Double Pull-Out Caravan Step - Galvanised Steel 560mm Dometic Folding step 9108400913 Caravan Step Aluminium Pull Out Folding Caravan Step Camper Trailer Motorhome RV Camec Step Electric Double 12V 560mm Foot Board 560mm Milenco MGI RV Double Step Having a portable step adds to this list, plus its one more thing that you need to remember not to forget behind when you leave the campsite. 91194. We supply 2, 3 or 4 tread steps, left or right handrail available with adjustable feet (up to 60mm adjustment). Should you need a hand rail, always mount it directly to the recreational vehicle body.All Milenco Steps have been engineered and design to exceed the load and skid requirements of standards EN1645 and EN1646.Milenco do not recommend the use of hand rails mounted to steps for safety reasons. Calor 6kg Propane gas bottle COLLECTI Caravan and motorhome exterior cleaning kit, Caravan and motorhome interior cleaning kit, Camp 4 Reimo Lido folding foot stool and table, Caravan Step Large Plastic Single Step MP5388. To reset your password, enter the email address you use to sign in to the site. It's an intrinsic quality that depends on the angle of the legs, and you need to get it right the first time around. Foldable step resilient up to 150 kg. Plastic and steel caravan steps. There are also caravan steps withhandrail available to help ensure stability while climbing. This lightweight caravan step is so useful and easy to carry around. Kampa Steel . Should you require a hand rail always mount it to the recreational vehicle body for maximum safety. These cookies are used to make the shopping experience even more appealing, for example for the recognition of the visitor. The MGI Double Caravan Step from Milenco is the smaller version of the MGIGiant ML450 Step. 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