), the Windber Trolley Graveyard is a fascinating destination, should you be lucky enough to score a visit. The brewery complex from the 1800s is a unique eatery with abundant ghost stories. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Today, signs offer a self-guided walking tour through the ruins of this camp for visitors wanting to learn more about this unique historic spot. Do you have any other info on Onnalinda? They can be accessed from several points along the spectacular Lehigh Gorge. Shenandoah Woods (Abandoned): Located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, the Shenandoah Woods is 55-acres and contains 199 abandoned houses. Lock Ridge furnace in Alburtis Pa. Today, you can find the neglected remnants of the Fountain of Youth along Kummer Road near Wexford. Lancaster Brewing Company 1,178 reviews Closed Now American, Bar $$ - $$$ Menu "The black bean burger and the Swiss chard salad were really good!" "Love this brewery!" Order online 2022 9. Thats a great spot, but I wouldnt call it abandoned at this point since a rail-trail runs through it. Anyone have any pictures of White Swan Park which was near the Pittsburgh airport ? In later years it was a girl scout camp. Top Motels & Hotels in Lancaster, PA: Red Carpet Inn - Ronks, PA One of Lancaster County's newest motels, in the center of Amish Country. The goal of the work done at this once-secretive site was to developnuclear-powered jet enginesfor the United States Air Force, so that fighter planes and bombers could stay airborne indefinitely, without refueling. Ive never heard anything about this place since. Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505 ( Get Directions ) Conveniently located near Sight & Sound Theatres, Dutch Wonderland, and Intercourse, PA. These bunkers were used to test nuclear-powered jet engines as part of the governments Atoms for Peace program. This is definitely an abandoned place in PA to not overlook when traveling around the state. Many old presidents visited there.I worked as a waitress there 1959- 1963. finally they all went. I know the name but cant think of it. Used to be some bits and pieces left behind Nay Aug Park. The paved main street (complete with yellow pavement paint) can still be seen, along with several foundations and the remnants of the town cemetery including some old grave stones left behind. While the industry is (mostly) long gone and natural beauty has once again returned to the park, there are still points of interest for those that love abandoned spots. The Vintage Electric Streetcar Company, as it is officially known, is located in the formerly abandoned Berwind Coal Company Railroad Shop in Windber, PA. Thanks for your help. Been inside the bunkers. It has quite a history, dance hall, rides, trolley stops and had bands. In the late 1800s, the area around Oil Creek was home to tens of thousands of prospectors hoping to strike it rich. Lumber City- Once a small town near Curwensville, Pa (Clearfield County). The 14-story building is currently undergoing a $33 million renovation that will bring seven floors of senior affordable housing and four floors of non-profit office space to the site. Inspired by a page dedicated to preserving abandoned, or and interesting pages in Western Pennsylvania,. I grew up in Armstong County we use call Yellowdog , mutesville. It was abandoned for decades until the national park service opened it as a historical site. Its where Indian Creek flows into the Tough. Occasionally the water level drops and the houses/bridges/etc including a portion of the old Route 40/National Road becomes exposed. Located on state game lands a short distance south of Williamsport are the Alvira Bunkers. After the war, it became a church camp until the early 1970s. This mine opened in 1860 and was actively mined until 1966. Masten, Pa. The abandoned Coburn railroad tunnel was constructed as part of theLewisburg, Centre and Spruce Creek Railroadin the 1870s, and remained in service for nearly 100 years, until it was officiallyabandoned by the Penn Central Railroad in 1970. Below are over 35 of our favorite abandoned locations throughout the state. And due to the deteriorating condition of the buildings, its certainly possible that at some point Concrete City will simply become off-limits for liability reasons. TheFountain of Youthreally does exist, and you can find it in a public parkjust north of Pittsburgh! Our search engine has helped millions of people scout out hundreds of thousands of locations across the world, from derelict buildings to abandoned theme parks.. All Rights Reserved. Both options display elements of culinary genius and are sure to delight! Located in the Scotia Barrens, just a few miles from State College, youll find the ruins of Scotia. Looking for more abandoned places to visit? Did we all have a hallucination? Perhaps the largest abandoned spot in Pennsylvania is an abandoned stretch of PA Turnpike. Abandoned in 1971, saved from the wrecking ball, and now owned by a non-profit organization, Eastern State Penitentiary operates asa year-round museum and historic site. I recall knowing folks from Helvetia heard they took it off the map a few decades ago. Along Pleasant stream. The old Logging town of Hampton in Fayette County. TheDinkey Shedwas built in1938as a maintenance facility for the dinkey trains that pulled rail cars of ganister (sandstone) from the nearby Ledge Quarry in Huntingdon County. For over 100 years, trains used this viaduct to cross the valley more than 300 feet below. This site explores old houses in the woods, maximum security prisons, abandoned museums, and more, each accompanied by high-resolution photos and lengthy videos to document the exploration. Located in Lebanon County near the Appalachian Trail, Rausch Gap was formed in 1828. Is there any places in the Allegheny area or near Bradford? You used to be able to access it via the Hawkins Hollow road, but that was closed to the public 15 years ago or so. It is fascinating! This aqueduct was built for the South Penn Railroad, who also dug the tunnels of the nearby abandoned turnpike, though it never came to fruition and the projects were eventually abandoned. Rockland Furnace, located just minutes from the Rockland Tunnel, was used to produce iron ore starting in 1832, before being abandoned in 1854. (Forest Hills). . The old streets of Pithole are regularly mowed, allowing visitors to move through this ghost town. They housed military staff that worked at the nearby Naval Airbase. In the case ofAlvira(originally founded as Wisetown in 1825), the federal government used the courts and eminent domain to force residents to accept buyouts of their homes, so that their entire town could be leveled and turned intoa TNT manufacturing plant and storage facilityknown as thePennsylvania Ordnance Works. A visitor center is located at the corner of town which offers a fascinating look at this short-lived community. In addition to the abandoned mining structures, this area is also unique for its micro-climate, which is said to be several degrees colder than the surrounding area and supports unique plant life. Located in Saylorsburg. As with many similar operations, once the local limestone was exhausted, the kilns were abandoned, and their remnants are now part of Canoe Creek State Park. Visitors have reported being followed around the building by the apparitions of criminals, and have seen and smelt someone lighting a cigarette when there is no one around. Coal mining town & logging.Thats what my Grandfather did.Lost his thumb in Saw mill.Stayed in Gettysburg, Allentown, Coatsville,Burnham.ect.Family came to Pa. from Stockholm. This massive tower stands tall over the trail, which runs directly underneath it. Today the land where Petroleum Centre once sat is now part of Oil Creek State Park. The abandoned Bayless Paper Mill will be forever linked to Pennsylvanias second-deadliest flood on record, the Austin Dam Flood of 1911. Families, couples and groups are all welcome at our hotel! The Bethlehem Steel Stacks in the Lehigh Valley are one of the most impressive abandoned places in Pennsylvania. Ghosts are said to roam in the corridors and catacombs of Bube's Brewery. The White Cliffs are pretty neat, not really an abandoned building, but still cool. Group Tours: 717-687-6687. Texas Roadhouse 976 reviews Closed Now American, Steakhouse $$ - $$$ Menu "Loved the Steak Medallions and Top Notch Service!" All rights reserved. Click here to find out why it's all falling apart on the new Abandoned America podcast! Yes its all thats left. By the census of 1870, less than 250 people lived in Pithole. Ive mentioned several other abandoned coal mines on this list, but the Number 9 Coal Mine and Museum in Carbon County might be my favorite. I have read that the fires did/do burn from underground, as I understand it? Marietta, Pennsylvania. There is still a chapel and a cemetery. It was built for Henry. Search by State, Country, or Type. This 18th-century village outlasted the canal, being abandoned in the late 20th century with the construction of the adjacent Limerick Nuclear Power Plant. The rumors persist in part due to the ghostly image which is apparent on a boarded-up back window of the chapel. Closings There are currently 2 active closings or delays. Maybe few people. It was probably one of the most amazing places I visited time and time again! Abandoned as a railroad bridge in the mid-Seventies, the Salisbury Viaduct has in more recent times been reborn as part of the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail in western PA. Explorers can hike or bike across this 101 foot-high, 1,908 foot-long former railroad bridge and experience exceptional views of the surrounding countryside. Here are 5 Lancaster County buildings and places that are currently vacant, and have been for years: The remains today of Gunzenhauser's bakery on North Prince Street, with the C. Emlen. At Shady Maple some of Lancaster County's finest cooks prepare all your favorite PA Dutch foods, as well as some exciting new dishes. While Im unsure of the legality of visiting the site, I do know that people regularly do visit. You can still find the original maps online and many foundations survived. One foundation is octagonal, it was probably a silo. Within a few decades, Centralia was nearly abandoned, though a few hearty souls still live there. X. Attractions; Dates and Times; Directions; . Somebody needs to explore the area. Although it is a privately-operated attraction and open by invitation only, the Windber Trolley Graveyard deserves an honorable mention on any list of amazing abandoned places in Pennsylvania. Today you can schedule a legal visit to the former SCI-Cresson through Hydroponic Life the company than now occupies the grounds. Its not a rugged trail is a bike/walking trail so it easily accessible maybe not wheelchair but beginner hikers and kids would have no problem making it to the site. The Abandoned Cresson State Prison in Cambria County began as atuberculosis sanatoriumwhen it opened in1913and morphed over the years into a state hospital and finally a state prison. Carrie Furnace in Pittsburgh is nearly all that remains of the once massive Homestead Steel Works on the banks of the Monongahela River. From 1834 to 1904, the furnaces of Greenwood in Huntingdon County produced charcoal-fired iron in great abundance, and a thriving company town that included nearly 130 buildings evolved around that industry. I would love to know more on the history!! They forced everyone to move out of their homes so they could build the limerick power plant. The foundations of all the houses are still visible, some with a bit more. Without a doubt, this site is easily one of the largest abandoned places in Pennsylvania and one of the most varied. Homes are still standing. The Old Stone (Lutheran) church is on part of the Ordnance area later taken for the Allenwood Federal Prison, and is open on special occasions to the public.
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