Ash has been a staple pick for skilled players since Rainbow Six Siege launched, and she continues to be one of the most popular, versatile, and deadly Rainbow Six Siege operators in the game. Learn more. Her M120 Crem, which comes with two Breaching Rounds, makes short work of doorways and unreinforced walls so you can burst through the defender’s site within a few seconds of the round starting. Not only that, the ability of his glasses to nullify these projectiles needs to be activated before it actually works. If you bring Rook, everyone has more health and an almost guaranteed down but not out (DBNO). Attackers get plenty of gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege, ranging from grappling hooks to drones that destroy gadgets. At a high level of play, it’s never a bad idea to have these operators around. He’s not worth the risk.

Off the turret, he’s just a slower Kapkan. Rainbow Six Siege is a complex shooter – perhaps one of the most intricately designed multiplayer games being played right now.

Alongside his accurate T-5 SMG, he’s a popular pick for any defensive lineup. She can’t cut in in Pro League, but her buffs work wonders in the average Rainbow Six Siege ranked match. With Thatcher routinely being banned to stop hard breachers, Maverick is the ideal candidate to support the team.

The Six November 2020 Major will happen in four different stages throughout the upcoming weeks.

The highest tier of Rainbow Six Siege defenders have a winning combination of competitive weapons and crucial gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege is a well-balanced game.

One well-timed blast from a Yokai can throw an entire attacking strategy into disarray as smoke grenades wear off and roaming defenders get time to rotate and pounce on their prey. Every defender aside from Jäger uses a submachine gun, which makes this compact assault rifle unique – perfect for peeking and locking down long corridors. Sugar Fright. In short, players know when they enter a room or hop a deployable shield to check the ground for a Frost mat.

RELATED: 10 Tips For Getting A Better Rank In Rainbow Six Siege. There’s no getting around it: if you want the best chance at protecting walls from breaching, you need Bandit. Powering through 2020 with millions of players, Rainbow Six isn't slowing down. Unlike Lion, Jackal can gain information on an opponent for a much longer period of time. Her gadget, the X-KAIROS, fires six explosive pellets that can blow a small rectangular hole through reinforced surfaces.

Currently, there are 52 Rainbow Six Siege operators to unlock and use in the game, which breaks down neatly into 26 operators for each side. And since the system is automated, Jäger can be off roaming and killing attackers – no need to babysit them. In a gunfight he’s no slouch either, carrying the hard-hitting AUG assault rifle or reliable MP5K SMG. His blowtorch gadget can quietly burn holes and lines in both soft and reinforced walls, allowing you to either create small holes to crawl through, large new lines of sight, or tiny peek holes. Ubisoft will host all of the matches on their Twitch channel which can be found. Consequently, you can use this tier list to determine which operators you should be on the lookout for and which ones you should leave in the proverbial dust. We recently published our list of the five best defenders in Rainbow Six: Siege. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the Rainbow6 community . Worst operator in r6?

best. These characters require a little more skill and strategy to fully utilize. It has been confirmed that this year will see 6 new operators, alongside a host of other new content for fans to dive into. save. Rozpocznij badanie. Bandit can roam like the best of them, sporting the deadly MP7 and nitro cell while maintaining a 3-speed rating.

Smoke partners perfectly with Mira, as he can use the vision afforded by her gadget to see when attackers are going to plant. Twitch’s appeal is pretty simple: she’s got the best weapon in the game. With Pick & Ban, and a huge variety of objective sites, no one team of operators fits every attacking strategy, so it’s wise to have a few different Rainbow Six Siege operators that you can flex onto when required. Here's what we know so far about its setting, villain, story, and more. RELATED: 10 Reasons You Keep Dying In Rainbow Six Siege. The schedule is organized in a way where there will only be one series on at any given time.

New operator uniforms, weapon skins, and charms have arrived for 42 teams across the world as part of Ubisoft’s R6 SHARE program.

Couple that with Jäger’s impressive speed rating and you have an excellent roamer whose gadgets do not require a watchful eye.

While not terrible, it is far from good enough to drag this operator out of the mud.

Montagne isn’t for every bomb site, but sometimes there’s no better option than parking a bullet sponge in a doorway, planting the defuser, and letting the defenders attempt to retake the site with this French monolith standing in their way. Simply carve a line across the top and bottom of a reinforced wall and have your support bash through it.

Operators whose weapons and gadgets aren’t viable enough to earn a spot on most teams.

Reddit. Not even the turret's face shield can save you. Not only does the gun itself recoil unholy amounts, but he’s a literal sitting duck when it comes to using it. Her 3-armor rating and nitro cell compliments the anchor-friendly gadget, though her signature Vector SMG chews through ammo fast and requires frequent reloading to keep up. Maverick’s versatility makes him useful in all scenarios, and carving holes in reinforced walls will panic anchoring defenders – just don’t get shot through your own breaches. If your team are busy trying to breach a reinforced wall, or slowly clearing rooms en route to the objective then Ash can harass multiple defenders at once on the opposite side of the map, using her speed and small hitbox to sprint between cover unharmed. Updated: 20/Feb/2020 23:53.

Do you agree with our list? Maestro is the perfect anchor.

While the shotgun has its uses, the 416-C is the one you will want to take.

When he’s low on health after a hard fight, he can easily heal himself (or a teammate) back to full with his stim pistol. Her Black Mirror allows teams to play outside of the objective room, using the vision to lob nitro cells and stop players from planting the defuser, or lining up a shot and strafing to secure a kill. Grenades are particularly lethal in Siege thanks to the game being set in a series of interconnected rooms. I shit my pants. Despite multiple buffs to try and make him a viable option, he remains at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to picking defenders.

The reason for this is speed – Ash is one of a select few three-speed attackers. jwplayer('jwplayer_RTGFN5k4_scyvyYe0_10081cd09b_dex_div').setup( Angreifer Verteidiger. Picking the shotgun does not mean Smoke lacks range either, as he can carry the deadly SMG-11 as a secondary weapon. Question. When not writing about people pelting each other in the face or about leveling up in the latest RPG, he tends to spend his time as a web producer in Atlanta. She may not be important for any one thing, but Finka is an excellent supporting operator pick who can really make the difference for your team when it comes to entry fragging. A good Hibana player is incredibly hard to beat with how versatile she is.

For weaponry, Jäger can pack either the 416-C carbine or M870 shotgun. Using Oryx’s Remah Dash or hatch climbing abilities will probably get you killed. This makes her adept at rushing the objective and catching the defending side off guard while they are still setting up gadgets and reinforcing walls.

Naturally, this makes Thatcher one of the most important Rainbow Six Siege operators on attack. Maestro and Echo offer safer methods for the same task, but Smoke’s higher speed makes him a more flexible fighter on and off the bomb site. Even if only one or two are detonated, nobody is confident going into a fight with only 40 health left. Her weapons are also powerful and she has a good range of gadgets to choose from. Defenders with specialized or selfish gadgets that are good, but not essential for a balanced team. Anyone who played Siege when Blackbeard released remembers when Blackbeard was overpowered, capable of absorbing nearly a thousand damage with this shield. Featuring a great selection of guns and a versatile gadget, he is welcome on almost any defending team. Here’s a list of all the teams in each region. Nobody is better at punishing carelessness than Kapkan. Clash is part of the London Metropolitan Police Service. Unfortunately, his rework has not been released yet.

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