Let us know if you need any help too – you’re basically family now! Insightful articles, best practices and trends in HR innovation, A free resource center with practical guides on HR management, Listen to thought leaders on best HR practices and trends. You are an essential part of our company and I’m really happy and impressed with your work. Thank you for being such an important asset to our team. Working as a SEO Analyst and Content Marketer at Vantage Circle, Angshuman always stays curious and is passionate about learning new things. I have just heard that this is actually your first job since graduation, and you have stuck to this job since then! Well done and best wishes on your amazing dedication. See how Vantage Circle helps you automate all sorts of employee appreciation and recognition programs in a single easy-to-use platform. And as an employer, you must make it a point to celebrate their milestones and work anniversaries. Happy Work Anniversary, pal! Happy Work Anniversary! Happy Work Anniversary, and may you feel as if the whole world if celebrating you and all that you have done, today! When you look back over the last year, we hope you have as many fond memories about working here as we do. Maybe it is time you get some rest, you had worked so hard today, again. We are so grateful to have you and wish you the best as you continue to excel in your career. Here’s to more years of partnership together! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time that you spent on training me to be a better employee and even the life lessons to help me grow as a person. The best employee award shows just how much we love and need you. So as you continue to spend the years here, we could not thank you enough. 3. 2. Hard work, Loyalty and Diligence make the best employees. Cheers! It’s tough to stay put in the same place for a very long time. © 2020 Happywishes.com. I sent you loving work anniversary wishes! Oh, by the way, the best time to think about changing the job is before your boss decides the time has come. Another year working here? Uniquely curated collection of best graduation speeches inspirational graduation quotes and witty commencement address speeches. Every day, you still amaze us through your dedication to your work even after 15 years has passed by. Some find pleasure in it because they enjoy what they are doing and they love their jobs while other find it tiring and exhausting because they are forcing themselves too much. Happy anniversary! We see that you do so happy work anniversary to you! HappyWishes.com offers a collection of heartfelt messages fitting for any birthday, wedding, or holiday celebration. You being our senior have always been the source of inspiration for us. Let’s work hard and get promoted together! We love working together with someone like you because you make us feel as if we are living our dreams while we are wide awake so I hope that you continue doing just that. 20 years of working for the same company! By using this site you agree to this. Get personalized Mr.Bean birthday video. It only feels like yesterday that you started working with us. Both from the employee’s perspective, and from their boss and the heads of the company they work for. The best part of our jobs have been working with you – can you say the same? Happy Anniversary! And after all these years you clearly fit working here like a glove! Work anniversary quotes for self. You stuck with us through thick and thin, and you’ve now been with us for over 10 years! Anniversaries make you remember the things you did in the past, the people you have met, the people who left and the ones who remain so keep on working your very best. We look into how The SOLI (Standard Of Living Index) framework has formed an essential groundwork for launching a global rewards and recognition program. You have set an exemplary standard for all of us with your work ethics and your dedication. Here’s a collection of work anniversary quotes and work anniversary wishes that you can send to a coworker, boss, employee, family member, or a workaholic friend. But you got it and we are glad to have someone like you working for us. Hope you stay with us many more years. Your hard work and creativity are an inspiration to all of your colleagues. Happy anniversary! romantic quotes about falling asleep on the phone, favorite quotes about meditation and mindfulness, How To Comfort Someone Long Distance – 7 Things You Can Do, 11 Signs She Doesn’t See a Future With You (And What To Do About It), My Boyfriend Never Comes Over To My Place! The anniversary of the day you first joined us here! It feels like just a while ago that you were an intern asking me for directions to the washroom in this office, but look at you now, a senior professional! However, maybe the word “Tough” wasn’t in your dictionary and you have sailed together with us through all the harsh and good times. Wow doesn’t time fly. We hope you have fun in your anniversary today! I am sending you best work anniversary wishes. 2. Finding the proper words of appreciation and conveying it to your employees can be quite cumbersome and difficult at times. Thank you for your 10 years of dedicated service. Cheers to your 2 decades of service. Your loyalty and hard work have set an example for everyone in our organisation. Happy anniversary! Working alongside you has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Today marks the day of this milestone. Do you remember what you were doing this time last year? Conveying my best work anniversary wishes to you, I hope to see you together with us for many more years to come. Today is your anniversary and it is a good time to look back on the things that you have done. ===== 13. But we love you. 3. Did you know that in order to find out more about a person is to look at the work he is doing? Whether you’re looking for a message to share on social media (motivational quotes, memes, GIFs, ecards), a greeting card, or a simple message to brighten up their day, this article will help you come up with the perfect greeting. So you have been working here for the past 4 years now? Happy work anniversary my friend! Today you completed two decades at your service as one of our esteemed employees and we are really proud and privileged to have you here. It takes only one to make a difference and you have displayed it every day since you have started working with us. We congratulate you on completing these many years in our organisation and wish you a very happy work anniversary. 13.) I wish you much more success in the years ahead, Happy Anniversary! It’s a marathon that one needs to keep on running and achieve one milestone after the other. Hey friend! Words are not enough to thank you for everything that you have done so far for us. Wish you a very happy work anniversary! On your anniversary, we appreciate all your hard work and dedication. We can already see a leader in you so we wish you many more successful years to come. Happy work anniversary to you! We were going to do something funny for your work anniversary, but there’s nothing funny about working here another year. You haven't yet saved any bookmarks. GIFs (General, Funny, Cartoons). Happy Work Anniversary! These work anniversary wishes are written for awesome person who loves her or his work and keeps on working hard, every single day. Great for sharing on Facebook. From consistency the person able to learn many times those things which he doesn’t know how to perform. Sharing work with you is always fun. Stay with us as we keep adding more work anniversary messages every day. Cheers to the most amazing boss that I could have ever wished for. Happy Work Anniversary Funny Messages. You made work such a fun and sociable activity for all of us, and we love working with you to help expand our business together. Happy Work Anniversary buddy and I wish you all the good luck for the times to come. We just want you to know how thankful we truly are for you being here, because you have been one of the best employees this company ever had and we want you to keep being here for another 20 years. Thank you for spending 10 years with us, and we hope that you will enjoy working here for many years more. May you feel the world smiling at you today, as you celebrate another year at the job that you are working. A LinkedIn notification came in today telling me that you are celebrating your 3rd year here. You have never stopped amazing us with your highest level of perfectionism that you put to your work. May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! Drop a mail at editor@vantagecircle.com. See you after work! You have been with us only for a year, but your presence has brightened up the atmosphere in the company. You have been working here for the past 9 years, and you definitely have all the awards and recognition to show for it. Finding a co-worker like you is a matter of utmost pride. I think it is great that you do not have to compare yourself with someone else because nobody does the job as good as you do. Thank you for staying with us for so long! Thank you for supporting and guiding me as a colleague. You still continue to inspire me even after so many years since we started working together. So if you have colleagues, bosses, or loyal employees who are celebrating their work anniversary, it is your job to greet them!

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