5. I have two accounts and i just tried this and its not working. Confirm the same on the next pop-up box. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. What’s the error? Next, tap on Privacy and security and select Blocked Users/Accounts. So while it isn’t a link in your caption, or a few extra links in your bio, it is still ridiculous powerful and could send a ton of targeted traffic straight to your website, product page, facebook group, youtube channel, etc. 1. Over the years, Instagram users have mostly begged that the app’s parent company not mess it up, and yet here we are. Using this app, even though you viewed the story the owner won’t be notified. A sender won’t be able to see the photo they have sent to their friends. To unblock someone, go to your profile and tap on the Hamburger menu icon at the top right and select Settings. Here is another useful tutorial for Instagram stories: Add Multiple Photos Or Longer Videos To Instagram Stories. It will work for both of them. Hi, I viewed someone’s story who I do not follow how can I remove my name from the seen list when he checks. Share it with your friends on Instagram and let them know about these awesome Instagram hacks. Here’s how. The Facebookification of Instagram marches on. A tick denotes, if it is white, that your message has been sent. Instagram is rolling out this update on Android and iOS, and it will be available for download in the latest version of the app. For those of us who prefer a calm, less real-time experience, the fact that features like these come on by default is a bummer. Learn how to send private messages with photos, videos, filters and messages that disappear, or connect face-to-face with video chat. Instagram Direct Messages have gotten a new update, which brings disappearing photos and videos to this feature. You need to log out of your Instagram account without the internet connection. I have updated the article with a method that can be used on smartphones both iOS and Android. After that, you’ll be able to see their stories. does this method work for both of them ? Whether the profile whose story you have viewed is private or public the process to remove your seen remains the same. works perfectly on me???????????? How To Know If Your Instagram Direct Message Is Read? 2 Reasons & How To Fix It, Instagram Not Sharing To Facebook? Don’t turn On the internet or Wi-Fi yet. Take a new photo or a new video, edit. 2. I thought not, but I am not sure anymore. Here are the quick links to jump to specific sections in the article as required: At times, it happens we view stories by mistake and at the same time, we don’t want the owner to know. So let’s get the ball rolling. It is sad to hear that it didn’t work for you. You can tap on the Download button below the desired photo/video to view it. I'm having trouble with a mobile phone number associated with an Instagram account. In case they send more messages then follow the same steps above to read their message without letting them know. Hi Ale, Yes on blocking that particular user, your name will no longer be there in the story viewers list. Using this tool, you can not only watch stories but also live videos from the people you follow. The quiet, incremental rollout of features like the grey status text is often so subtle that users don’t notice it — as a daily Instagram user, I barely did. Thanks for Answer:). Given the grey activity status text, the status dot may not seem like that much of a change. Hi John, Older photos from your camera roll won’t work as disappearing photos. So, to counter this keep that person blocked until their story(photo/video) expires which you viewed. Now, what if as a recipient of a message you do not want the Seen to appear when you read the message? Here’s How To Fix This Problem, What Is Instagram Reel Videos (Reels) And How To Get It, https://www.techuntold.com/undo-seen-instagram-story/, You don’t need to install an additional app or extension on your phone or browser respectively just for watching stories anonymously, Watch stories without following the other person and anonymously, StoryHoot works on all the devices as it runs in a browser. Next, tap anywhere inside the box with the user details. Do not tap on it. Disappearing photos and videos will appear directly in your group or personal thread. If you do that then the sender of the messages will get the seen receipt. We wish that the tricks mentioned were useful and interesting for you. If you just want to watch someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously, use StoryHoot, our in-house tool. Open the Instagram app and tap on Instagram Direct icon at the top right corner. Hi Dawn, Instagram has grown into one of the most popular Social Media platforms. 3. Now, let’s look at the several methods you can use to see someone’s story anonymously. Still, it’s one opt-out design choice closer to making Instagram a compulsive real-time social media nightmare like Facebook or Facebook Messenger. Instagram Direct conversations will load. 4. I can't access my account. Don’t Miss: How To Make Best Nine Collage On Instagram. Just go to Direct from your Instagram Feed. Now, select and open the desired conversation to read the messages and at the same time don’t want to alert the sender with Seen receipt. A Grey Tick with a White Background within the Grey Circle Outline. You can continue to use Instagram Direct with other users and still the user won’t get notified that you have viewed their messages. There is no direct setting or option to hide Instagram messages read receipts and you need to follow the below workaround. Disappearing photos are not a new feature on Instagram. Don’t Miss: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Instagram. It is a web-app from TechUntold and we call it StoryHoot. So, if you don’t have it yet then this should be a good enough reason to install it on your PC/Mac. These photos and videos once sent via Instagram Direct, disappear as soon as they have been viewed by the receiver. This method makes use of the Instagram website to view others Instagram stories without notifying them. Similar to the Android app you’ll have to log in with your Instagram account in this app as well. 11 useful Instagram features you didn't know existed Hide and reorder filters. But there’s a catch. It takes over every spare moment, as well as our time that we should be using more productively. It is not mandatory for you to follow that person in order to view their story using StoryHoot. Did you ever wish to watch Instagram stories anonymously? Hi, what will happen if I block person after viewing his/her story? But I am still able to use the same method to view Instagram story without letting the owner know about it. After that, you will have to log out of your Instagram account. You can connect with him on: You have entered an incorrect email address! It’s a shame to see that happening with Instagram, which used to feel like one of the only peaceful places online, a serene space where you weren’t thrown into fits of real-time FOMO because usually your friends were #latergramming static images from good times previously had, not broadcasting the fun stuff you’re missing out on right now. 7. As an Amazon Associate, the owner of TechUntold© 2020 earns from qualifying purchases. To do that, tap on the search icon on the home screen of the app and type the username. Select the desired user from the list. 2. 5. If you had it already opened then reload the web page. You can open a thread with a friend, and tap on blue camera icon within a thread. Now, select that specific user. As soon as you receive a direct message, you will get an Instagram push notification. If your text messages are green then they are being sent as SMS text messages, when they are blue they are being sent via Apple's iMessage service. Now it seems like if you watch someone’s stories offline, the view will get registered as soon as you are online again There’s a blue camera icon in Instagram Direct to send disappearing photos and videos. Turn Off WiFi or cellular data (disconnect from the Internet completely). I viewed one pic by mistake. After that story has expired, you will have to follow them (if you were following them earlier) again as blocking someone removes them from your following. A security researcher was awarded a $6,000 bug bounty payout after he found Instagram retained photos and private direct messages on its servers long … Also, if there are multiple users in the conversation then an eye symbol will appear with the Instagram username who has viewed your message. It’s not like users will be relieved that they can now see who is “online” in the app. Prior to the advent of the green dot, Instagram already displayed how long ago someone was active by including information like “Active 23m ago” or “Active Now” in grey text next to their account info where your direct messages live.

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