James Charles Snapchat Username: @jamescharless. Geoff Ramsey’s gamertag is DGgeoff. They got married in March of 2012 at Disney World resort in Florida, and have since then had two children, Julia and Joseph. The Beginning and the AntVenom Rivalry [edit | edit source] "I want him GONE!" As said and mentioned in her Draw My Life, Jess was born in Houston, Texas on October 16, 1989, with both parents and a half-brother who was 13 years older than her, yet she always just referred to as her brother. 35 years old, married with children (1). They are her favorite! Jess has contacts. Drake’s is TheBoyDuddus it’s been announced in the people Snapchat story, what did not work? James Filon (born: August 16, 1990 (1990-08-16) [age 30]), better known online as ThnxCya, is an English YouTuber known for his Minecraft parody music videos, and now more recently has focused on Roblox, mainlyBee Swarm Simulator. By the time they were continuing the server, Jess found out that she was having another baby! So grab some new games and fill up that xbox one hard drive and play with all these celebrities and more! Inaudible sounds coming from her mouth while trying to sound like Blaze*. She gets queasy when she sees blood that isn't her own. Gamertags posted in the comments are most likely FAKE. He has done one voice recording on MyStreet as the role of Toddler Aaron, which needed subtitles at first. ― Jschlatt Schlatt joined the SMP Live server when it first began on March 1st, 2019. She has recently gotten into watching speed paints. You can see that when Aphmau (Jess role-playing) talked to Levi posters in MyStreet, Season 1. Your email address will not be published. Aphmau introduces Gray to Aaron in a future episode. (Kevin Olusola, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Kirstin Maldonado) haha I don’t plan on playing with them, I’m just curious . Jess really wants to join in on the Minecraft Diaries fandom, but due to her being the creator, she can't risk giving out secrets (She jokingly ships Zanemau into the fandom). In September 2018, Jessica announced that she was pregnant. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. FPS and racing games mostly, but I dive into other genres on occasion. DOWNLOAD HERE why did i create this? Im not sure… Haven’t seen anything around regarding Gucci Manes gamertag, but I’ll keep an eye out. If she wasn’t a YouTuber, she would’ve taken part in either child education or being a nurse. Seeing something covered in holes causes her to itch. She is also the big sister of Jennifer and Jessabelle and is the little sister of Joseph. Congrats! I AM WATCHING HIM LIKE A HAWK NOW!!! The list below are UNCONFIRMED, found on random forums and other sites. As mentioned in her Draw My Life, the game that turned her life around was Final Fantasy XI. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, why did i create this? If I come across it I’ll be sure to update this post though. While at Taco Bell, she was only allowed to drink Mountain Dew. She fangirls over Levi; an anime character from an anime named Attack on Titan and Gray Fullbuster, another anime character from an anime named Fairy Tail. It has anime shit on it and stuff lol. Post Malone’s gamer tag is PostMaloneSucks, this isn’t fake. Zane, Garroth, I need you guys to make out now. Aphmau also has a big poster of Gray which she hangs right above her bed. Though recently, Jess has revealed on her twitter that she ships Aarmau. She did in fact take part in a program in high school that gave her experience in the latter. Not sure about this one… a quick Google search brings you to a halo page with that Gamertag (https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/tetsuosupreme88) which also has links to social media accounts in its bio, that do not appear to belong to Tavon Austin. During January 2014, Jess gave birth to a baby girl, named Julia. He didn’t get along with the kids, so he was given to Jess’ old landlord. He is super cute!!! I dont think he’s mentioned it anywhere publicly, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. The baby was born on May 12, 2019, with the name Jennifer Bravura. He is honestly the star and he loves to be loved all the time. Jess was really butthurt when she realized she sponsored the dating sim app "Mystic Messenger" without asking to get paid. i ask myself the same question. ], https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_/status/702701736834654209, https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_/status/700962230213283840, https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_/status/700963977661018112, https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_/status/695831725654429697, https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_/status/692560212226633728, https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_/status/746849847387394048, https://aphmau.fandom.com/wiki/Jess_(Aphmau)?oldid=165677, THE MOST HANDSOME BOY | Minecraft Guess Who, Aphmau Bloopers | Roleplay and Minigame Bloopers, Aphmau Bloopers | Roleplay and Minigame bloopers, Beach Puppy | Love ~ Love Paradise MyStreet [S2:Ep.2 Minecraft Roleplay], All the time after she plays a prank on her friends in Minecraft. She'd like to visit one day and hopefully meet the queen and her corgis. KNOW. She prefers looking at what other people create. This has been confirmed on a podcast from 2008. Lil yachty’s gamer tag is “nauticaboatboy”, Do you know anyone from Pentatonix? He was adopted by Jess during March 2017.

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