Lisa Wilkinson praises his “curiosity, professionalism, humility and tendency to always be the first to take the piss out of himself”, while Millar says he has “a twinkle in his eye, this kindness that can rope people in”. The then 24-year-old thought he’d been hired as a producer, but when he arrived to take up the job, found himself thrust into on-air hosting duties. The murder was videoed and posted online. And he does not treat anything lightly. Macdonald on The Project, a program he'll have less time for now with his Q&A commitments.Credit: Sometimes, others have peeled back the layers of privacy for him – such as when Macdonald interviewed Qantas CEO Alan Joyce on Radio National in November and congratulated him on his recent same-sex marriage. By using you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. [2] He has cerebral palsy. Harbor Armchair by B&B Italia (Available from Space Furniture; “I’ve been hosting @RNBreakfast during a period of extreme drought, extreme fire & extreme weather,” he wrote. In 1998, he won a bronze medal in Men's Shot Put F34 and competed in Men's 100m and 200m T35 events. In primary school, his physical education teacher Gary Cole, an Australia international soccer player gave support and enthusiasm. Developed By: Sagar Rimal, Macdonald remembers the day in 2005 when Snow stormed into the newsroom brandishing the leaked attorney-general’s advice to the then UK prime minister Tony Blair on the legality of the 2003 invasion of Iraq – a prized scoop that everyone had been chasing. So he did the next best thing and got rid of his blond hair by giving himself a buzz cut. He believes producers normally do a good job of securing a politically diverse mix of guests. “I didn’t know such happiness was possible.”, Hamish Macdonald with his partner, Jake Fitzroy: “He’s my best friend and I just feel tremendously lucky to share our lives together."Credit:@hamishnews/Instagram. “There’s the potential for him to bring that younger Channel Ten demographic to Q&A.”. He spent five years as a producer, reporter and host for Al Jazeera English in Kuala Lumpur and then London, cutting his teeth on stories including the war in Afghanistan, civil unrest and elections in East Timor, pro-democracy riots in Malaysia (for which he won the 2008 British Royal Television Society’s Young Journalist of the Year award), the Islamic insurgency in southern Thailand, various Indonesian natural disasters, and a rather strange road trip around Java with radical Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. The human story, of course, is what people look for when they read a profile like this one. I have asked Macdonald if I can speak to someone in his family, and he gives me the number of his cousin, Louise Campbell, who he calls “Goo”. [10], In 2005, MacDonald was recognised by the AIS for being on scholarship for ten years. He was young, handsome and blue-eyed, with straw-blond hair and the look of a youth who might appear in a Weet-Bix commercial. Vincent says Macdonald was her first choice for the hosting role, because “he’s so passionate about the importance of conversations, and understanding and listening to opinions other than your own”. Then Macdonald strides into the control room, where I’ve been watching him, to greet me. And he does not treat anything lightly. In his leisure time, Macdonald reads the London Review of Books, the Financial Times and watches some ABC dramas, as well as trashier fare like The Masked Singer, Survivor and Gogglebox – always on catch-up on his laptop, never on TV, because, unusually for a TV journalist, Macdonald doesn’t own one. Michael Lallo is a senior culture writer at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. After about an hour, we return, slightly sweaty, to his apartment, which is small with huge picture windows giving 180-degree views out to sea. My older siblings are a fair bit older and they had gone off and become journalists so I’m sure that was an influence,” he says. I ask how Tasmania is and he sends a picture of himself with his pal, grinning and relaxed, enthusiasm radiating off him. “Some journalists can’t accept that they don’t already know the answers to their own questions,” says Negus, whose reporting for 60 Minutes in the 1980s made him a household name. Joyce surprised Macdonald by saying he hoped Macdonald was “not too far behind me in terms of marriage”. He has a close-cropped blond beard (at 38 he’s finally able to grow one) and the physique of a man who loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time in it. He doesn’t know what the definition of too much work is. Macdonald filled in for Fran Kelly at RN Breakfast and will continue to have a regular spot in 2020. Credit: Standing at the studio desk, he’s doing a phone interview with Mick Keelty, the former top cop who is now interim inspector-general of Murray-Darling Basin Water Resources. “And, you know, he was more enthusiastic than everyone else,” Macdonald says. But the experience undoubtedly marked him. He was born in Melbourne and lives in Canberra. He was named Male Disability Athlete of the Year by the. He was going into Sydney as the defending champion but he did not meet the requirements to be classified as an F56 shot put athlete. [2] He has been involved with the International Paralympic Committee as a member of the International Paralympic Committee Athlete Commission. The first thing I want to do is iron out his career timeline, which has spanned continents and war zones, and includes stints at major networks in Britain, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. But the very things that make Q&A vulnerable to scandal – a panel of ideological opponents arguing on live TV; the increasingly vitriolic tone of Twitter – are intrinsic to its nobler aspirations.

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