LB: Limit break. Commonly paired with QE and a cruiser frontline to stack her Reload buff with QE and Leander Kai’s. [37] Wichita joined the screen for Canberra; the squadron was joined by the badly damaged cruiser Houston. Note also that all images in this guide either have a link below them or embedded inside of them. She reached San Pedro in California on 15 December. Let's join forces and fight for the future of the world! Both ships took part in the Battle of Kula Gulf, where the USS Helena sunk, and survivors from the Helena's crew were transferred to the Honolulu. Aulick has a higher reload at level 100 (at 178), the trio have different, The Rare trio of Thatcher, Radford, and Jenkins are a downplayed example, since there's a fair bit more variance in their stats. Albacore only hit her with one torpedo that caused damage that should have been easily survivable. At the end of February, Wichita returned to Norfolk via Philadelphia, where she participated in further training through May. However, one difference is that your AA guns will deal anywhere from 5% to 100% of their damage at random; that last constant is the average of 0.05 and 1. Muzzle velocity was 2,600 ft/s (790 m/s); against aerial targets, the guns had a ceiling of 37,200 ft (11,300 m) at 85 degrees. It's so great to meet you, Commander! The flagship suffers the most damage from enemy planes, barrages, and stray torpedoes. The first is that there simply aren’t very many good ones. Wichita again screened for the carriers, which sank or damaged several Japanese carriers. Then retire them, since they are useless at LB2. Do look forward to it~. Eh? SR: Saratoga- This ship fires a salvo of explosive ammo every 10 seconds and boosts the damage of all other escort ships by 15% for 8 seconds on each air strike. You moron! From now on I will be living with Commander. She was first assigned to convoy escort duty on the Murmansk Run in early 1942, and supported amphibious landings during Operation Torch in November 1942. In World War II with the treaties no longer valid, the 16" liner was removed and the threaded tip was cut off to restore it to 18" bore for the purpose of testing 18" super-heavy AP shells, the heaviest ever to be fired from a naval gun (albeit never actually mounted on a ship). Hello, my name is Cleveland! Yaay! However, Pennsylvania is kinder, starting out protective of both her sister and the other members of the fleet, and is also not as interested in combat as Tennessee. That same stage was given to players in the mail so they too can give any shipgirl a legion of San Diego back up dancers when put on the front of it. Easily the most popular of the three Atlanta sisters both in-gamenote as the game's resident Tier-Induced Scrappy/Lethal Joke Characterand in real lifenote got 18 battle stars during World War II, second only to Enterprise'.. [5], On 4 May, Wichita returned to Majuro for a month of training. Does the Commander always like to gaze at people's feet? Their cruisers favor guns above torpedo and have a variety of powerful anti-air options, while their aircraft carriers have high offensive air power. Yeah? The personification of the destroyer USS Laffey. Upgrades Full Barrage I→II / All Weapon Efficiency +5%, Every 12 (8) times the main gun is fired, trigger Full Barrage - Wichita I (II), Awarded and unlocked in construction when.

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