Explain why the author might have chosen a different cultural context for Cole's healing rather than a setting in Minnesota with other Americans, and use specific examples of how he uses cultural traditions as symbols and in plot development. This essay will discuss the issue of King Duncan's murder in William Who or what is most responsible for Cole’s transformation?           'Til The Old Man's Shoe does appear. Animals and the forces of nature strongly influence Cole's experience of healing during his time on the island. Question 5: What does the phrase “to touch the Spirit Bear” mean? Remarks on symbolism and themes evolve from a variety of encounters in nature. Macbeth is seen to be the one that is Explore how Cole's personal growth was connected to that of three other characters, and how their relationship both helped and impeded healing and forgiveness. I'm sorry, I do not understand your question as asked. Everyone is in the process and this includes their victim. The Question and Answer section for Touching Spirit Bear is a great and support this with examples. These are the best essay questions on Touching the Spirit Bear when you want to prove a point to readers. Please check your question and rephrase. In almost every religion and civilization women's status was not equal to that of a man's. “There is one way to help him,” Cole blurted, but his voice was drowned out as Edwin revved the engine to steer the boat out away from the rocks. A good answer will explore both the literal and figurative meanings of this phrase. However, all good answers will connect the literal and figurative meanings together in a coherent argument. Cole is angry. In the last chapter, Cole and Peter learn that life is in many ways a circle. Nevertheless, the novel provides plenty of examples of how the traditional system also is a failure, and the best essays will develop criteria for when Circle Justice could be most successful (i.e. This is an alternative prison and it is meant to heal instead of it being a punishment. Windy Morgan Touching Spirit Bear Cole Matthews is not an uncommon young man that one would find in today’s society. The tickle lies just past the toe, The action of Cole’s Spirit Bear encounter continues. Support your answer with specific examples. This unique blending mirrors the mélange present in African Diaspora culture in general and in a whole range of music – jazz, blues, gospel, mambo, and reggae, to name a few. This is evidenced in the Circle Justice meetings when Cole said, “Or you’ll what?” “Beat me?” …..” “You’re still lying!” he shouted. This brings me to question the motive and origin of the Ghost. War of the Worlds ‘It’s what you believe. He is taking charge of his feelings and learning to connect with nature, he is facing his inner struggles head on, and he is learning to forgive.      The idea of finding one's path by way of myth or, Touching Spirit Bear In this essay, the student should choose three prominent symbols (including, among many, the Spirit Bear, the seagull, the bird nest, the thunderstorm, the wolf, the beaver, the freezing pond, the ancestor rock, etc.) When writing the essay, the student should pick three The three main influences to (175) He then beats up Peter, so he has to talk to the Circle of Justice. Remarks on symbolism and themes evolve from a variety of encounters in nature. Although he might be a very angry and impatient, he is also honest, strong, reflective and hardworking person by the end of the book. Now that Cole has returned to the island, he is beginning to change for the better. actually killed King Duncan, however, on closer inspection, there are In fact, religions are a big part of the reason of this oppression due to the religion's reinforcement and justification of patriarchal conditions. In this week's selected readings from different, Conceptual cross-traffic between religious, scientific, and sociocultural principles spurred a Modernist revolution characterized by its focus upon restoring individual autonomy, emancipation from structure, and self-expressionism. Macbeth's decision are Lady Macbeth, Macbeth and the Witches. They will also explore the crucial symbol of the bird nest and the thunderstorm. Wang, Bella ed. Question 6: Touching the Spirit Bear is an interpretation of what? Writing Prompts Personal Memoir: The ingredients of a cake Continue the Narrative: A Justice Circle Write a Procedure: Surviving a Bear Attack Persuasive Essay: The Northern Pipeline (with close reading from ABC News) Persuasive Essay: What I've Learned by Cole Matthews. For this question to be answered, the student has to take a step back and study the techniques used by the author to develop a plot. The key to an ideal response is first to explain the symbolic message found behind them. Touching Spirit Bear Changes “‘It doesn’t matter what other people think or believe,’ Cole said. Comment on the conditions that would make Circle Justice a viable alternative to the traditional justice system as well as some of the drawbacks of Circle Justice, using examples from the text. and explain their symbolism. What does it mean to "touch the Spirit Bear"? After Cole learns the value of life, he wants to make up for every mistake he had done in the past and looked to improve. Murray. As the reader reads the novel it is filled with many important lessons He’s right” (Page 130). resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Useful examples would include the at.óow blanket, the multiple animal dances, and the carving of the totem pole. He rushes the bear and approaches it closely. He changes into an honest, hardworking, reflective and trustworthy person. “I can help him!” (Page 202) He apologized to Peter and shows that he feels sorry for all the problems he had caused to his life. The circle then sends him to an island. Animals and nature greatly impact the experience of Cole in healing while he was still on the island. The Gunslinger Brothers Harriet 's include a sister, Catharine Beecher, was an educator and author, as well as brothers who became ministers whose names are Charles Beecher, Edward Beecher, tradition to keep his boat from hitting known sinkers. The act of physically touching the Spirit Bear can be interpreted many ways, as long as it is well defended. However, the best answers will link the three symbols together and show how they evolved in meaning over time to Cole, demonstrating a deeper level of analysis. Good essays will comment on the graphic and disturbing details contained within this episode, including Cole's eating of worms, a mouse, and his own vomit. They are supposed to rehabilitate the person instead of punishing him. We need you to be detailed. Explain the circular nature of both characters' development and how each one is able to forgive the other. An ideal answer is going to initially define the terms in the question and certain examples have to be used to show the mood and suspense from flashbacks. His anger forced him to break into a story and he was given Circle Justice as an intervention instead of being sent to jail. I didn’t get the sense that there was any emotions displayed between these two characters. other influences in Macbeth's decision. The best answers will explore further how placing us in Cole's mindset across different points in time helps us understand Circle Justice, native rituals, and other key aspects of the novel. Eleanor and Theodora (Theo) are invited by Dr. Montageau to Hill House, and Luke is there to supervise them. It can serve as a symbol of forgiveness in enemies, the connection between man and nature, and the search for healing and life meaning. "Touching Spirit Bear Essay Questions". This guide includes comprehensive study of the novel, and covers many standards through in-depth reading and analysis of the novel, and leaves stud Cole has not had a life I would call “easy” or “fair.” He had parents that as Cole stated, “all my parents do is drink.” (p27) His father beat him profusely. Enveloped in thick fog, Billy uses a rhyme from the time when people sailed without modern aides such as charts or lights: The Circle Justice in the book is based on a kind of justice done by cultures of Native Americans for a thousand years. Question 4: Did Cole have a perception of Circle Justice? Exceptional answers will explore the unresolved tensions between characters remaining at the end of the novel to complicate the notion that Cole's healing was completely finished by the end. Cole does not seem to have any control of the unforgettable emotion, anger. By Ben Mikaelsen, Touching Spirit Bear. The main cause of his anger is his own angry and alcoholic, As a result, he has learned to forgive, tell the truth, and has also realized all the mistakes and discomfort he caused to people, especially Peter, and decides to do his best to make up for it. A Christmas Carol In your essay you must prove that Cole is dynamic and explain what prompts the change in his character by providing three examples from the novel that show changes in Cole’s character. A good answer will first detail the entire process of the Spirit Bear's attack on Cole and how this not only physically wounded him, but also psychologically humbled him. A great essay will contrast the attitudes and perspectives of Peter and his parents before and after Cole's own transformation, leading up to the pair's ultimate reconciliation.           When the Knitting Pins you is abreast, “You’re usually too drunk to know your own name!” Cole knew these words guaranteed, List of books Touching Spirit Bear study guide contains a biography of Ben Mikaelsen, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Your answer should be supported with specific answers. The author emphasizes the connectedness of those who cause harm to others. Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth'. Touching Spirit Bear Character Analysis – Cole The disagreements during the circles, both as seen through Cole's flashbacks and after the failure of Cole's first banishment, could be great starting points for reflections on the weaknesses of a process that involves raw emotions and human judgment.           Behind the Pins you must steer Question 8: What kind of approach can be done to analyze the Circle Justice? Not affiliated with Harvard College. The Other Side of the Sky In Cole's case, Circle Justice seems to allow for a complete personal transformation over the course of the novel.

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