A few weeks ago photos of a huge alligator, purportedly in Lake Sam Rayburn, began popping up on social media. “So you have to let this bait get stinky and rot and marinate out in the sun without getting insects in it to break it down.”. Cobbosseecontee Lake, Maine [5,540 acres], 34. Fishing Cowgirl 193 Fishing Cowgirl 193 I Love Bass Fishing! Watauga Lake, Tennessee [6,430 acres], 96. Box 448| Natchitoches, LA 71458 | (318) 352-3618. Burt/Mullett lakes, Michigan [17,120 acres and 16,630 acres, respectively], 46. Gator Country owner Gary Saurage shared this photo which shows the startling size of the alligator compared to a 15 foot long boat. It happened just after the Runaway Scrape of 1836, as amid heavy, steady rains, hordes of Texas families fled for their lives towards the safety of American Louisiana through boot-sucking mud and across rivers, bayous and bays, just  ahead of Santa Anna, who was then on a roll after Goliad and the Alamo and eager to rid the state of all but the most demonstrably loyal of Anglo settlers. Also, people, for the love of God, don’t pick up baby alligators. Video: Backhoe hauls up 'giant' alligator gar that may break East Texas record. But for Roger Rivers and his daughter, Christina, winning the lottery means being lucky enough to get drawn for two alligator tags and having the opportunity to concoct an odiferous bait cocktail of chicken, wild hog and nutria guts — all in an attempt to get down and dirty with a couple of monster gators on the northern end of Toledo Bend. “Christina came up there and put some finishing shots in him, and thank God the battle was over.”. That’s probably one of the reasons it has remained so productive. Leech Lake, Minnesota [103,000 acres], 47. Of course not. Give ‘em a wide berth: the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends 30 feet. Causes of alligator attacks #1 is trying to pick up or catch an alligator #2 Swimming in an area thick with gators #3 Retrieving lost golf balls. Ph: (318) 256-3495, Copyright © 2020, The Sabine Index. “When we figured out what was going on, the alligator jerked Kaleb away from him. Sturgeon Bay (Lake Michigan), Wisconsin [from Little Sturgeon Bay to Fish Creek], 3. {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}. But even with all those gators, Louisiana also has no documented alligator fatalities. Toliver was part of a recent celebration when the TBLA awarded trophy bass replicas to a record 81 anglers who caught and released alive a bass weighing at least 10 pounds. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The 9th Annual Toledo Bend Classic was hosted last Saturday and Sunday at the Toledo Bend Reservoir, which borders Texas and Louisiana, and is where team Gar Commanders brought in the 7-foot-11-inch, 258-pound alligator gar. Days later, after the battle, the men killed a cow and used the meat to catch and kill the alligator, whose carcass Harris saw: We passed the bayou without any trouble or accident, except the loss of my sunbonnet. “When we kill one like this, me and my family skin it out, take the meat and distribute it out through the community,” he said. Candlewood Lake, Connecticut [5,420 acres], 25. https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/a-family-fights-off-an-angry-alligator-keeping-state-fatality-free/. The Sabine Index | P.O. Many, LA 71449 Quote; Share this post. Though their hides are tough, humans also eat alligator gar, according to Dave Buckmeier, research biologist for the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center in Mountain Home. The gator headed into the water when they approached, so Rivers positioned Christina with a .22 Ruger rifle, then battled the beast up to surface for the kill shot. And the stench it creates when the seal is finally opened — well, one can only imagine. Jeff Procell, Ryan Procell, and Steven Pilkington recently claimed this alligator while out on Toledo Bend. Toledo Bend Reservoir Report post; Posted August 18, 2009. “I have a special cover for my bait. When we named St. Clair No. Colton Rhame, a No Limit member, said he wasn't expecting the attention and was just intending to congratulate Laramy Barber, Josh Gibs, Hunter Graham and Zach Royce on their "once in a lifetime giant fish. Kentucky/Barkley lakes, Tennessee/Kentucky [160,309 acres and 58,000 acres,­ respectively], 13. Patrick Bonin Alligator, News Breaker Roger Rivers and his daughter Christina pose with the big gator they killed on Sept. 20 north of Toledo Bend, which also measured 14-1. That changed on Friday, and it happened in nearby Orange during the early morning hours. Consistently a premier stop for ardent and recreational anglers alike, Toledo Bend Reservoir is about to get catapulted into the stratosphere when “Bassmaster” Magazine announces on Thursday the fishery has been selected the No. Recent heavy rainfall and floods in Texas may actually cause a population spike among Texas’ alligator gar population. Now I'm a bike person, Create your own LEGO sale with $10 off $50 at Amazon, You can now use your Kohl's coupons on face masks, Amazon is giving away $10 if you buy something on the Amazon app. The second gator — which needed four arrows to finish off — was a near carbon copy of the first, and also stretched the tape to 14-1. Pilkington tells the Index that they caught it with a 14 aught hook with chicken on the end. Only in Florida, where, at times, even CSI: Miami seems like a reality show…). “It was not in their power to save Mr. King,” Harris related. Low 41F. Squaw Creek Reservoir, Texas [3,275 acres], 87. The county seat of Anahuac bills itself as the Alligator Capital of Texas and is home to the annual Texas Gatorfest.). RELATED: Fishermen accidentally caught this 14-pound 'sea monster' lobster. American Alligator - Alligator mississippiensis The alligators of Toledo Bend seem to prefer the most beautiful spots on the lake... quiet, somewhat remote, infrequently visited, and lush with other wildlife and plant life... aside from being a bit antisocial, they do have great taste for location! “It’s one of my favorites, so I hate it when it isn’t on the schedule.”. Shasta Lake, California [30,000 acres], 52. I treat alligators like I treat a running chainsaw. “Some people don’t think they exist. In Texas, alligator gar primarily reside in East and South Texas, but also occupy a stretch of the Red River, according to a map provided by the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center. but several large water systems such as the Choke Canyon Reservoir and portions of the Trinity River have thousands of alligator gars. 1 bass fishing lake in the country. Broadcast journalist & on-air personality - Rayburn Broadcasting Company - KJAS 107.3 FM in Jasper, TX and KFAH 99.1 FM in Pineland, TX. Additional Louisiana venues making the top 100 list were Lake Bistineau (No. Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana [260,000 acres, but only 30 percent is fishable], 99. The gator apparently emerged from nowhere and chomped down on the boy’s arm. Pickwick Lake, Alabama/Mississippi/Tennessee [43,100 acres], 37. Rivers got in the boat and readied the gator for Christina’s kill shot, which she planned to deliver this time with her bow and a Muzzy fixed broadhead. Unlike the popular “Swamp People” show on History, they were on the bank close to the waters edge instead of a boat. Some lakes moved up, some moved down. “Who knows what the coming year holds, but when we hit 81, that number surprised me,” Toliver said. Stay up to date with the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoor news from the Lone Star State and beyond! the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends 30 feet. Alexandria Chain of Lakes, Minnesota [417 acres to 2,520 acres, depending on the lake], 36. Unlike the popular “Swamp People” show on History, they were on the bank close to the waters edge instead of a boat. But I know they’re there. John Toliver has lived on Toledo since 2008 when he retired from the U.S. Forest Service and wanted a quiet, serene place to fill the remainder of his time. Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota [14,528 acres], 21. As expected there was no action all week long, and on Saturday Rivers put fresh bait on the hooks. With two arrows in him, the big gator launched into a continuous roll that wound all of the lead wire and part of the main line around his midsection and two front legs. By contrast, Florida has suffered 22 fatal attacks between 1948 and 2013, when the state saw celebrated a record five-year-run with no gator-related deaths. Full-grown alligator gars only have two predators, according to Dave Buckmeier, research biologist for the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center in Mountain Home: alligators, which are known to eat the gars, and humans. Thanks to the No. “Then she put the medicine where the pain was, and the second shot put the hurt on him pretty good — enough to where he didn’t go back down.”. There was a problem saving your notification. Pilkington tells the Index that they caught it with a 14 aught hook with chicken on the end. Mississippi River Pools 4-10, Iowa/Wisconsin/Minnesota [Hager City, Wis., to Harpers Ferry, Iowa], 53. That was nine years ago, and we’ve thankfully stayed fatality-free since then, though Sunday’s incident was as close a call as I can remember. Thompkins’ chainsaw analogy is a good one, but remember, these chainsaws can also come running after you at 35 mph for short bursts. “I look for a tree limb that’s going to give, that’s real springy. Fishing Cowgirl 193 Below, we see one apparently using a red-eared turtle for a chin-rest and another basking close to a trail…. Everyone signed off on it.”. The countryside around Brazos Bend, like as in every direction around Houston, is exploding in housing developments. Yes, yes they can. “I know he’s there — ain’t no doubt about it. An approaching human should cause these alligators to retreat into the water. The gator whacked King with its tail and dragged him under, even as the other men in the party fired their rifles desperately and to no avail at the gator. Sure enough, when they checked the lines on the afternoon of opening day, a big ol’ gator had pulled the bait down on the last hook of the day and was sitting on the bank underneath a tree. The only thing I was holding him by was the arrow stuck in his head. We’ve had multiple guys say their goal in life is to fish the Top 100. Eddins said most likely the current high water level of Rayburn disturbed this alligator’s home. Save for one historical anecdote I’ll get to later, no Texan has ever been killed by an alligator. Then I put a tarp over it, because you don’t want any flies or ants to get it. He lets his recipe of chicken, hog guts and nutria parts ferment for about four days before creating soccer-ball-sized bait balls that he dangles about 16 inches above the water. Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri [54,000 acres], 33. Lake O’ the Arbuckles, Oklahoma [2,350 acres], 76. Brownlee Reservoir, Idaho/Oregon [15,000 acres], 60. There are acres and acres that will never be fished,” he said. Human behavior and population patterns are to blame, as Houston Chronicle outdoors writer Shannon Thompkins realized on a trip to Brazos Bend State Park, perhaps the best spot in the state for wild gator viewing, a Jurassic-looking habitat of palmetto-spiked woods interspersed with muddy lakes and streams. Sunday morning his persistence paid off — on the exact same tree he caught the first 14-footer. Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota [132,000 acres], 11. On his second trip across the waterway, horror struck from the cold, brown waters: King’s wife screamed as a large gator beelined for her husband. We put in next to a bridge, and WHACKE... Maurepas Swamp WMA deer season open as flood waters recede, First buck with crossbow a winner for Chandler, UNDERWATER video of speckled trout hitting lures, New made in USA.

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