I can’t eat soy due to a thyroid issue. Stir in curry paste, soy and fish sauces into the broth and simmer 5 minutes. Made this! Once the potatoes are cooked, it’s simply a matter of assembling everything in a bowl, topping with the sauce and digging in! Any idea to how to replace nutritional yeast? It’s very easy to make in just a few minutes on the stovetop. Will be making it a lot! It uses brown rice flour to thicken the gravy. And the baked fries, it’s a toss up but when they all come together is when the magic happens. Such as biscuits? But you can try this one as well! These bowls are great for meal prep, healthy, filling and packed with nutrition. OK, maybe more than a hint, but it still wouldn't make a Tiger Cry. Design by Purr. Can’t wait to make this again. That is so great to hear Cindy! Thanks! Prepare: 10 minutes Hi! LEVEL: easy I recommend it to anyone. So glad I was of help to bring some Canada down to Brazil for you It’s one of my favourite dishes ever and it is surprisingly easy, isn’t it?! Add coconut milk and lime juice. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was looking for an easy dragon bowl recipe and I’m glad you posted this. ★☆ Toss with your favourite salad greens then add some chopped nuts, seeds and any other toppings of your choice. So much work, right? Now I need to find the Naam fettuccini recipe. Vancouver's oldest vegetarian and vegan restaurant! Organic local Blueberries are blended with French walnut oil to make a sweet and tangy dressing- filled with healthy antioxidants! Nom nom NAAM. All you need to do is whisk them together in saucepan until thick and creamy. Hi! Call us at 604-738-7151. I made brown rice for hubs and son, and a mix of sweet and russet potatoes for my girl and I. © 2020 The Buddhist Chef. And don't worry, though they may be blue, the berries in this dressing will make your whole family smile. BOOM goes your taste buds! To bring this meal together even faster, make the avocado-cilantro sauce earlier in the day. Excellent all the way around! I’d suggest getting the potatoes in the oven and preparing the other veggies and making the sauce while they bake. Super easy and delicious. This dish is FANTASTIC! Wow. Your email address will not be published. ©2020 Running on Real Food. These healthy vegan dragon bowls with miso gravy are inspired by a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver called The Naam. Visit us at 2724 West 4th avenue. Do you have any suggestions for a substitute? This recipe doesn’t call for brown rice. We made it extra concentrated so that you can use it as a marinade OR add some coconut milk or broth to make a yummy curry sauce! I wasn’t sure where to find Naam miso gravy here in Winnipeg, so made my own. Heat the tock to a simmer and add the minced lemongrass, ginger and garlic; simmer 15 minutes. We can’t get enough. Do you have a specific brand that you use for tempeh? Open for daily take-out. Be creative! Here is a tasty curry sauce direct from our cooks. I usually use lemon tahini dressing on my dragon bowls, so this was a welcomed change. Similar to the original with the addition of fresh jalapeño, this fiery friend makes a poppin' side-kick. Can I use extra virgin olive oil? Made your version and have to say it’s pretty damn great. A little taste of home… And it was delicious!! The potato and everything else…so good. Cook: 15 minutes This is the best bowl ever! Welcome to Running on Real Food! I had to adapt some ingredients but it was still a lovely dish. Roast the Potatoes. Total: 25 minutes Thank you so much for sharing this. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and read more about me here. The tempeh can be substituted with tofu or beans etc and the dragon sauce can be made on it’s own and serve as a sauce for just about anything.

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