"Please take care of me. You mean the world's most boring game? Eh, keep an eye out for any paparazzi. Daffy insists he'll get her before Bugs and prepares to jump off a high-dive board, only to be blinded by Bugs, causing the duck to belly flop into the pool, drenching Starlett. He was a good man. Mmm. I'll send you a postcard from our honeymoon! I also would have accepted "shazam. Wanna play a round of golf? Unh! Sinking in the pool, Daffy encounters Starlett's bodyguard, who gives the duck another punch, sending him straight into the pool wall. Ha. Ow! I think you should give Me a great big Glass of ginger ale 'cause I'm getting sick of going backand forth. But if you think you're gonna swoop in and steal the love of my life, whose name escapes me at the moment, then you are wrong. Ugh. CGI Short No thanks, grandpa. It's America's past time. Ugh. You're ruining my concentration. Well, all you had to do was ask. Ok, I'm ready to get down now. Daffy, what where you're going. Later, Bugs drops baby Daffy in front of Daffy's uncle's door. Wow, I'm flying. Seeing this, he picks Daffy up and shows the duckling to his wife as Bugs boards a limo next to Starlett. Seeing the respective massagers for him and Bugs, Daffy switches them based on their names but ends up being roughly handled by a man named Joe as Bugs is gracefully massaged by a woman nicknamed Leslie. Bugs and Daffy take a vacation at a spa and resort where high jinks ensue, mainly revolving around a girl Daffy's attracted to. Are you crazy? Bugs also squeezes his nose removing more water from his ears. Mind if I join you? Oh! Why don't you relax? Ahh! Aah! (They tunnel their way.) After a brief moment of confusion, Daffy activates the parasail and flies as he tries once more to hit on Starlett. He'll set fire to the street with his tiny mousy feet to the mariachi beat Queso Bandito do not leave your cheese unattended cheddar, monterey Jack, or blended I will sneak inside of your pueblo relieve you of all your manchego careful not to take a siesta you will have no cheese for fiesta Always chased by the federales but they ate too many tamales they can't catch me if they try hell outrun them every time Queso Bandito Aha! You say potato, I say-- well, I say potato, too. With Jeff Bergman, Jeff Bennett, Bob Bergen, Grey Griffin. What's sand doing in the middle of a golf course? She's mine! Daffy about to run off after pushing Bugs in the pool. Daffy's uncle is seen working on a satellite. I'll tell you right after the boat turns around. It's doing nothin' with new age music playing in the background. Ow! Surfing, scuba diving, sky diving, alligator wrestling, cliff jumping. While para-sailing, Daffy almost gets hit by the boat. Daffy says that he never knew that man in his life. Ooh! Ow! Great shot. And I cook, too. It's not sanitary. La da da dee da dee dee dee doo la da da da la da da da dee Mm, good looking and great with kids? Blah! I should have started with a platform. Daffy watching both Bugs and Starlett play golf. At a spa, Bugs and Daffy lounge around with cucumbers in their eyes while in towels. Edit . Ugh! Put me on the beach! Episode guide Bugs: It's nostalgic. When a remark from Daffy angers Bugs, Bugs swings a club into the golf cart, shooting it into a water hazard. Daffy says he watched all of Starlett's movies. Do you mind? I'm following the directions. Sorry, doc, you'll have to speak up. Oh, no. Mine! Porky Pig In the first scene of the bodyguard, you can see "LOVE" ton his left fist. Where's all your stuff? Uhh. Ohh! You say potato, I say pot-ah-to. Oh, stop. I'll tell you right after the boat turns around. Down in juarez, Mexico in a small adobe house rosalita Gonzalez gave birth to a handsome little mouse the whole town came to celebrate the baby being born but when they got back home they found that all the cheese was gone you will only hear the breeze when he comes to steal your cheese Queso Bandito Aha! Never buy a GPS from a vending machine. Daffy didn't read the rules of the Mineral Pool. Ow! In this episode, it is revealed that Daffy has an unnamed uncle who lives in a trailer park. Yoo-hoo. Starlett Johanson is a beautiful red-headed starlet celebrity who is a reference to the real actress Scarlett Johanson. Maybe a beauty day is just what I need. This is your idea of a fun vacation activity? #Arts & Entertainment #TV Shows #casa de calma #the looney tunes show s1e7. Hey, isn't that your Uncle? Ow! You think you're gonna impress what's her name with sand castles? No thanks, grandpa. I'm like a plane. 1 editor. Mind if I join you? Bugs asking if he should let that one slide. Well, you haven't seen the last of-- - I'll send you a postcard from our honeymoon. I mean, really, who says that? It's a vacation. It's like some kind of trap. Joe for short. I found him. I want Leslie. Into reverse triple gainer. I seem to have lost my partner. You dumb famous actress! Uhh! Daffy throws the golf ball and runs off with Bugs. The correct answer was "please. I think you should give Me a great big Glass of ginger ale 'cause I'm getting sick of going backand forth. Daffy says that he's Startlett's biggest fan. More lounging around? Thanks to Bugs turning the boat around repeatedly, Daffy becomes sick and briskly tells Starlett to pay attention to him in a way that angers her bodyguard, who gets on a jetski, walks on the rope holding Daffy to the boat, and punches Daffy before returning to shielding Starlett from the sun. Hurry up and concentrate. Ooh! uc. You think you're gonna get her? The Butler's Butler did it, huh? There, Daffy plans on doing all sorts of activity, but all Bugs plans on doing is reading until he spots Starlett Johansson. I'm cured! I'm gonna soak in these minerals until I'm so young and cute, what's-her-face will have no choice but to fall in love with me. There's so many risky activities that require skills I don't have, I don't know where to start. Yeech! It's the sport of kings. The Mineral Pool's sign with a small warning. What's that? Ow! Eh, I think we're lost, doc. In his second attempt to win Starlett over, Daffy spots Bugs in the pool with Starlett and thinks he's trying to steal Starlett from him. Aw, ain't he precious? What about your shot? Daffy glares at Starlett's bodyguard, before going up to the diving board again. Ow! That makes me a triple threat. Uhh! Beauty day? I'll send you a postcard from our honeymoon! It's doing nothin' with new age music playing in the background. Uhh! I've got everything I need right here-- Mary Higgins Clark and my SPF 30. Uhh! You gonna eat your salad? Ohh. I've got everything I need right here-- Mary Higgins Clark and my SPF 30. Ha! Everybody knows you always start with the high dive. Queso Bandito Is that what we need right now? Wah! You want a pet clown? It's not hot enough. You know what I think you should do? Casa de Calma. Eureka! You need a month just for your eyebrows.

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