Know what this is about? Kmuse: At least being arrested is better than being killed. I’d been giving this season side eye, but I might try it afterall. Hmmm. Kdrama Jen: This has the potential to get very confusing as we try to keep all of the different Tan’ers and 8th Princes straight. Except… he isn’t there in his old body. Episodes Eternal Love. And that is the last thing I’ll say about it. At least this time we don’t have a big talking head in a cloud overhead–at least not yet. They showed a brief scene with Lian Cheng in a horrible wig that implied they’d made it to the future alive and would find each other. Kmuse: I am confused by trying to remember the specifics of season one and how all this time travel, multi-soul bodies, way too many people involved in the romantic triangles business is going to pan out. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. Duh! They have altered certain events so we aren’t just replaying the same story. Kmuse: I felt it fit the setting of the story and the characters. S2, Ep2. This better be the last time Lian Cheng! Kdrama Jen: I know we are trying to be positive, here, but… Hey, Lian Cheng, ya think you could maybe just mention to Xiao Tan/Tan’er that a different version of you back-hugged her? After the deities Bai Qian and Ye Hua meet and fall in love, their romance stands the test of three lifetimes — each an epic in its own right. Kmuse: I like that we get two Lian Chengs! Which… he totally does. I also have never seen any Chinese drama focus ofnmental illness too. Drama Geek: The first season saw Lian Cheng constantly perplexed because of Tan’er’s dual personalities. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. However, I agree that forced kisses can often be used negatively and give a false sense of what is romantic. Luckily The Eternal Love 1+2 aren't super long dramas (27 and 30 eps, around 35 mins each), so it's a quick watch. Since we’re being positive, I will say that the leads didn’t lose any of their sizzle and are heating up the screen right away. 0. But it almost feels like we’re going to forget that part, for now. Lian Cheng ends up in the present, but this Qu Xiao Tan isn’t the one who went back to the past, but the one who existed before that happened. Things don’t go well because he really didn’t take the time to get to know her before all this happens and she just thinks he wants to get her in bed. 8. Drama Geek: Xiao Tan is being hunted by those magical peeps (and rapists, apparently) so Lian Cheng has to save her. When the world is ravaged by a cataclysmic event, Gus — part deer, part boy — joins a band of humans and animal-children hybrids in search of answers. We have the past Lian Cheng who hasn’t met Tan’er (or Xiao Tan in her body) and then the future Lian Cheng who has short hair and knows all the glowing orb crap. Season: ... Rate. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. First, let me assure you that Lian Cheng’s eyeliner is still on point, Xiao Tan is as spunky as ever, and THE BED makes an appearance. When we last saw our couple Xiao Tan had been sucked into a black vortex and pulled Mo Lian Cheng in after her. A group of down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up life in small-town Indiana as they rally behind a teen fighting to bring her girlfriend to prom. Drama Geek: In the original timeline she is chased down a dark alley and ends up in an old house where the bed is, and it somehow transports her. He then makes her wash his shirt by hand and we get some sexy tank top time. Kmuse: I can’t stop laughing whenever they end up snuggling. Drama Geek: Everyone knows that if you fall off a cliff in a drama you will survive and probably end up in a different time period, or at least heal and be able to come back to seek revenge on whoever caused you to fall off said cliff. Which just totally upset the whole original timeline. This time around that changes and instead of agreeing to the political marriage (to save Tan’er’s life) he declares that he would rather die than betray her. The Eternal Love is back with a second season and we’ve decided that another positive recap is in order. They fell in the water and they then time traveled. She doesn’t know about Lian Cheng yet, or any of their steamy encounters. 1. Students from across the US audition for a spot in the August Wilson Monologue Competition, culminating in a riveting final round on a Broadway stage.

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