( Log Out /  FIXES GENERAL - Fixed the incorrect number of requirements on the Journey Guide quest summary screen for Galactic Legends GENERAL - Fixed a crash that could occur when canceling in the middle of purchase. Did you get that? Kuiil, IG-11, and more The Mandalorian content coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Once you get him down to no protection, you can’t target him for a while, so you have to go to work on the other 501st allies – all the while Skywalker is regaining protection and will soon re-emerge to taunt, taking your attention away from the other members and repeating the cycle. We’ll begin with Palpatine, because these requirements are far more reasonable. So what do the developers do? So we can add (16) Jedi Knight Anakin, as well as two additional pilots (Ahsoka Tano is already needed for another tier and has a ship, so her ship seems like a no-brainer). So this kit fit with his character lore-wise, it introduced a powerful new ability but not one that broke the game, and has remained solid ever since while giving the character plenty of viability. Now make up that they can be removed even if they’re undispellable. Unfortunately we have several, but I’ll use General Skywalker here. Basically they just used a different word so that they’re not actually bound by what that other word means. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. My other toons are Gear 8. But the developers don’t really care about their playerbase anyway, so it makes sense. This is all by CG’s design, as they’ve pretty much backed themselves into a corner and therefore must keep one-upping characters, but they’re getting less and less creative at doing so. We’ll have to see it in action to say for sure, but the power creep has now reached insane levels, as this kit basically looks almost unbeatable. This site may not look like much, but it's got it where it counts. Utility: Utility is rated based on the sum of utilities provided by abilities a hero possesses. And this is all working with the bare minimum requirements. So aside from the insane requirements to unlock him and the overpowered kit, I don’t think the reasoning and thinking behind this design is all that good either. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ), the minimum amount of characters that you will need to star and gear for this event so far is 44!!! Literally, in their Q&A about this character, the developers likened him to a raid boss and said that’s what they were going for. But Fracture also took Thrawn out of things for a period of time, essentially allowing you to strategically eliminate the threat of one enemy for a while, but while reducing Thrawn’s output during that time too. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Evasion rate is also included. General Skywalker event difficulty readiness tool. The Requirements are Absurd Here are the minimum requirements needed to even attempt the event, all seven stars: (1) Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter (40,000+ Galactic Power (GP)), (2) a Galactic Republic Capital Ship (40,000 Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Those are the minimum requirements to even attempt this event, but also note that in order to level up the ships to be at a high-enough galactic power, you have to level up the pilots. But then on Wednesday, the kit for General Skywalker was officially announced. But looking at the kit that was revealed for General Skywalker, I’ll be honest: this is probably the most broken kit the game has ever seen. Values for Bastila Shan and We’ll have to find out, but typically, going into an event with the minimum power level will require tons of tries. General Skywalker uses an additional ability during his turn.Whenever General Skywalker critically hits an enemy during his turn, increase their cooldowns by 1 (excluding raid bosses), which can't be resisted.If he is critically hit, General Skywalker dispels all debuffs on himself. This attack ignores Defense. Change ), Star Wars Resistance: “Into the Unknown” review, People on the internet would do well to listen to Freddie Prinze Jr.’s informational rant about Star Wars, Follow Star Wars Thoughts on WordPress.com. Dooku is ok, and I guess Sith Marauder might be too. But there’s more, because if all his allies are defeated, you can’t critically hit General Skywalker and he’ll be gaining +35% turn meter after every enemy turn. Ok, so let’s just take the tally of all of this for a minute. To unlock Emperor Palpatine you need 5 rebels, and there are still 5 requirements yet to be announced, so that means that you’ll need at least 19 different characters in order to unlock him.

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